Days of the Week Clothespin Tutorial & Free Print-Out

Morning everyone…Happy Wednesday!  Well today I have a really quick….easy and fun little project for you…A clothespin set for the days of the week.  They are great little organizers that you can use to clip together things or even hang a small line to hang notes on and of course you can put magnets on the back and attach them to a message board or the good ole fridge.
Guess what…I have also attached the graphics so you can make your own.  Most clothespins come in two sizes so there are two sizes available and if need be…they can always be trimmed!  I thought that they would be fun in the composition like pattern… a different color for each day. On your free print-out there is also a set of blanks in case you just want to write in your own little titles such as notes…etc.  Hope you have fun with them!  Here’s a little tutorial…
Days of the Week Clothespin Project
all you need is…

your print-out sheet with the days on it…a scissors…clothespins and modge podge or your favorite glue…
cut out your graphics…
brush on a nice even medium coat of glue
and place your print on the clothespins…press down over the whole clothespin so everything is nice and smooth…let dry…trim if needed.  Then give them all a coat of modge podge for protection…
allow to dry and then they are ready to use!  I used a mini composition book to display the pins…they make great gifts that way packaged in a cute cello bag…great for teachers…friends…students…just about anyone including Dad!  Hope you enjoy this little project and hope you enjoy your little print-out to create them with ease!
Till tomorrow…
remember after you download to print at 100%

3 5/15 x 3/8 in

Click here to Download

2 7/8 x 3/8 in

Click here to Download

*Please note: Be Sure to download Original size*

Once you have click on the links follow these steps:

1. Hover over the image with your cursor
2. A tool bar will appear, the first option to choose is FILE
3. Hover over File and Click Download Original file and your done! 🙂


  1. Super cute project! I always love when someone else shares printables! Great project Andrea!

  2. Cute idea, Thanks for sharing!

    ~Mrs. Delightful

  3. These are cute, Andrea! Thanks! Thanks for the printing explanations, too. I get sooo confused with such things! I think if I worked with images every day, I’d get the hang of it but since I don’t, I go round and round with images and printers! ♥

  4. Those are so cute! Thanks for sharing!

  5. How cute are those! Love!

  6. Oh my goodness!!! That’s so cute, and so easy to make! 😀
    Thanks for the download!

  7. This is such a wonderful idea!!! You’re so talented and creative!!! Thank you so much for sharing and giving us step by step instructions! Hugs, Jennifer ♥

  8. I love this idea! Thank-you for sharing the template too!

  9. Leave it to you to help me get organized…while looking super cute! Hugs, Lisa

  10. LOVE this! Perfect for my kids, they will love this:)
    Thanks for the images…..I could use some lessons with graphics and templates:)

  11. Such a fun and creative idea-I will have to think of a gift to make with these for someone special

  12. So excited about my package being sent. A friendly reminder to send me your addy so I can get yours in the mail, too. Bug hugs! Love, Lisa

  13. Andrea,
    These are adorable – thanks for sharing.

  14. These are darling…I could so use them for school. thank you so much!!! Hugs and love being sent your way. xoxoxoo

  15. Great idea, Andrea…thanks so much for sharing and for the printables. I love clothespins…find lots of creative uses for them…these are perfect! Great Post:-)

  16. Great idea Andrea! These would be great in a little organization center. I love the teacher gift idea too. Awesome!!

  17. Love the comp book theme! I made these for shower prizes last fall. I was so bummed because I really wanted them to be magnetic, but all the magnets I found were either too week or too wide for the clothes pins!

  18. What a cute tutorial. I love the idea of using a composition book theme.

  19. Very creative!!! Thanks so much for linking up today!!

  20. These are great Andrea!!! Thank you so much for sharing.

  21. I love this post! I found you on Tip Junkie! I would like to invite you to share this post with our readers for Fun Stuff Fridays.

  22. So cute! I am so glad I came across your blog. I am your newest follower and I would appreciate it if you followed me back at my blog! I am also doing a giveaway for free software!! You should come check it out at

  23. Wow, any teacher would love a set. What a great twist to put the days of the week on them. Uber cute organization!

  24. I love these! Im going to have to print them out when my daughter starts learning her days of the week!

    Thank you for linking up to Financial Friday.. you were featured! Check it out tomorrow 🙂

  25. Super cute! I posted a link to this on my blog…thru my pinterest board.
    Jennifer @ The Craft Barn
    P.S. – Stop by my blog & enter my giveaway!!

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