Imagine the Impossibilities Challenge

Good Morning Friends!  Well we have a little change today…Meatless Monday will be back soon or maybe I will post a good recipe for you during the week…but today is all about Personal Challenges…you know the Impossible ones…the daunting tasks that we just seem to put off day in and day out!  

I was approached by a dear blogger friend of mine…Kari from Thistlewood Farm and she asked me if I would be interested in joining her on an “Imagine the Impossibilities” Challenge along with some other fabulous blogger friends…I took the challenge…

We are challenging each other to do something we thought we couldn’t do…something we thought was impossible…something that we needed help and advice and encouragement with!

I will be working on something that I have put off for a long time and just couldn’t get accomplished. So on Mondays I will be giving you updates on my progress and then on January 31…the finished project.  I hope you enjoy this little venture…I will tell you what my challenge is at the end of the post…first I know how much all of you love meeting new bloggers so let me introduce you to my friends and their challenges.  I will see you at the end of the introductions to fill you in on how you can join us!

Meet Kari 
Thistlewood Farm
her IMPOSSIBLE is Baking Homemade Bread! Read more about it on her blog today!
Friends…you are going to LOVE her blog and her!

Now say hi to Kelly
her Impossible is PURGING and organizing 16 years worth of stuff
You are going love this incredibly talented fellow Jersey Girl!

Time to say hello to 
her Impossible is Sewing a Purse
Stacey’s blog transports you to a Fairytale land of fun and beauty
Give a big Welcome to
her Impossible is making a gallery wall using only one screw in the wall
Karah’s blog is a place where Kindness lives…I know you will adore everything!

You are going to adore
her Impossible Challenge is painting a vaulted ceiling
A Jersey girl born and bred transplanted to Chicago…check her out…your going to have fun and learn more than you could have ever imagined about PAINT and more!
There you have it my friends!!!  
Now…would you like to know what my Challenge is?
Well I am going to be organizing my craft room and all of my Supplies for my Popalicioustoo Etsy Shop…I am talking MAJOR AMOUNTS of stuff!!! I can’t even begin to tell you how long I have needed to do this and now with a big shove from my friends…I am going to attempt my “IMPOSSIBLE”…

the CASES of Ball Jars are coming in…
and cases…

and cases…

piles and piles …bags and more bags or cabochons waiting for a home where they can be found every day! They do make a ball jar even prettier I will tell you that…

bags upon bags upon bags of wood wanting to break out of their bags and rest comfortably in baskets…and the list goes on so stay tuned as this UNORGANIZED person goes through the very difficult and frustrating task of organizing but it WILL have a happy ending I promise!

Join Us!
Take the “Imagine the Impossibilities” challenge
Post your “Impossible” in the comments section…
Grab and “Impossible” button from my sidebar
Follow along each week as we all post about our progress
Then JOIN all of us on January 31 for a GIANT linky party at all six blogs so we can all share our

What is YOUR “Impossible” ???????

I will see you all tomorrow…till then…TONS of 

Friends…just thought I would let you know that over at FreePrettyThingsForYou there is an fabulous tutorial on how to use the ribbons that I gave you on New Years…Check it out!!!!! : )


  1. My “impossible” is recipe organization! My recipes are tucked in dog-eared cookbooks and nearly impossible to find when I want a particular one. I will tackle this monstrous task this month and finally get them organized! Thanks for the shove!

  2. Very interesting blogs and tasks. I’ll comment again if I can narrow down the list of projects to finish in time. Great idea to share and motivate!

    Glad to hear Basil is doing much better, too.

  3. My impossible is painting the built-ins in the den – the previous owner painted all the (tons of) wood in the room … except the built-ins. They look so tired. I will take the plunge and paint them! Thanks for the motivation!!! Hugs ~ Mary

  4. Hoping my impossible ( although I don’t know if I really consider it impossible, giggle) will be possible this year. I want to be discovered, my blog my shop my website. It is my goal this year to be a success! To go to bed at night knowing I had a successful personal business day..Smooches and hugs and wishes that your impossible is always possible 🙂

  5. Great challenge! My impossible is drywalling a large square hole in my bathroom wall where I ripped out the medicine cabinet (over a year ago). As soon as I get back from vacation I will make it a goal and it GET IT DONE~ Thanks for the kick in the behind.

  6. Hello sweet friend! I love this post! You are so fabulous! My impossible is “making homemade bread.” Absolutely terrifying!

  7. What an awesome post Andrea! Great work with the picture collages. I can NOT wait to see your progress on the craft room. What a task! I am so looking forward to getting started on my gallery wall. Fun, fun!

  8. I posted about this exciting challenge on my blog!

  9. You go girlies! Thanks for the pretty photo collage Andrea!!!

  10. Sounds like fun! My impossible project is to upgrade our half bath. It has a builders grade mirror that I would like to frame out with molding, and old light fixtures that I would like to replace, along with needing new paint! This is just what I needed to motivate!

    Jessica @ Mom 4 Real

  11. I can’t wait to see your Craft Room all gussied up and ready to party! It’s a big job but you can do it!

    My challenge has me quivering a bit – 16 years worth of “stuff” to purge & organize! Ugh!!


  12. Thank you for those ribbons! and Now I know how to use them!!

  13. Oh what great Impossibles… 🙂 Can’t wait to see our Craft Room…

  14. Andrea,

    My new blog friend — thanks for the lovely feature! You may need to teach me how to create that awesome photo montage … and you know that I’ve downloaded that.

    And your challenge gives me shivers! Truly! Can’t wait to see the fabulous finished product!

  15. Wow, thanks for introducing so many neat bloggers! Can’t wait to visit & watch the progress of each!
    All the best to you Andrea during your organizing process! Inspirational!

  16. You always have the best blog links.and I am loving this challenge you are doing.
    Wow I can’t wait to see what you do.
    I do have some things I have challenging myself to do…I finished cleaning out closets,drawers, and spaces.
    I want to list the supplies I have in my craft room-itemized so I don’t purchase repeats and use things more.

  17. I think this is also a great way to really start fulfilling 2012 resolutions too. An impossible for me has always been just living in the present day, not worrying about tomorrow, the next week/month, or the next year. I feel like the stress of the future has led me away from the beauty of “today” and the present moment. I’m hoping to spend this month tackling this impossible head-on. It may not be a craftsy type of impossible, but this definitely encouraged me to face this impossible of mine.

    So great you all are doing this =)

  18. What a great challenge! I actually have a couple of things that I’m challenging myself to but my 2 major challenges take me well past January. I’m training to run a 5k for the first time in my life in March and you may have noticed my 366 days of pictures that I have been posting about. Best of luck with your craft room. I can’t wait to see your progress!

  19. Im on the edge of my seat to see that Craft room!! I know its going to be Fabulous!!
    Love you!!!

  20. opps!! Its Me KEREN LOL! I forgot i was logged in as Miss Sugar Pink!! 😀

  21. Do you mean that it’s time for me to stop procrastinating and ‘Just Do It !’ ……surely another few years won’t hurt ! lol
    I have a few things up my sleeve at the moment but my biggest challenge that is in the pipeworks at the moment is going back to school to learn floristry. I have my fingers and toes crossed that I get into my course. I love your challenge girls…brilliant ! Have fun x

  22. This is so great! I’ll take on photography! I totally am excited about improving!!! XO, Aimee

  23. What a Super Motivational challenge!My most daunting challenge right now is to make over my TINY OUTDATED UGLY kitchen with no extra money just using elbow grease creativity,frugality,paint and some old lumber from out in the garage and a whole lotta prayer!!! :)Im IN! Deidre~

  24. I’m fixin’ up my kitchen pantry 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration. What a great start to 2012! So glad to have found all you lovely ladies. Looking forward to following all of you this year!

    ~Jess @

  25. I am excited to have found you energetic women! Looking forward to following along and hoping to add a few of my own impossibilities! blessings ~ tanna

  26. Hi! found you at the nester’s home goal party for 2012-good luck with your goals too!I’m your newest follower- Stop on by to visit!!

  27. I am taking the challenge! Building our fireplace… I just posted some before pix and the start of our project

  28. Ok I’m in. My impossible is organizing my fabric stash! After moving around a ton over the past few years, I finally have a place to keep all this fabric we’ve been dragging around with us. It is a seriously gigantic amount, but there’s no excuse why it can’t be organized. This is just the shove in the right direction I’ve needed!

  29. I have most of my house is impossible. My new years goal was to “get my house in order”…. where to start. where the rubber hits the road… the kitchen. I plan on having every cubic inch Cleared, Culled & Cleaned My three C’s starting in the south corner which is the pantry and working around the entire room. Very mythodicaly and loosing about one out of ever seven items. we shall see. A bit of every thing. I love this kind of challange. I really want my craft room done, but that just seems to big at first… I will be gone for two weeks… A 25 year anniversary Cruise so I will be gone woo hoo!!! However I hope to get back with a drive and ennergy to start fresh and get on with life… How exciting!!

  30. My impossible is finishing (and starting) my Wedding scrapbook. Check out my before post here!

  31. My impossible is starting and finishing my wedding scrapbook. My before post is here:

  32. My impossible is decluttering my house after moving the week of Christmas over 2 YEARS AGO! Thanks for sharing yours! <3 from your newest follower and fellow {brand-new} blogger! Follow my blog :) and check out my impossibility!

  33. Andrea,
    I have had so much fun this month conquering my Impossibility and meeting new bloggers. Love your Ball jars….there’s nothing better than a bunch of shiny new jars filled with lovely things. Check out my progress at

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