Impossibilities Do Come True…

Good Morning to all of my friends…it is Monday morning and it is time for my “Impossibilities” reveal…it may not be Mt. Everest but it was surely a challenge for me! Organization is NOT my middle name!  Just ask anyone in my family!
Make sure you scroll to the bottom for tomorrows big news that includes all of you!

I guess you can say that it all started with some jars… 
Cases and Cases of Ball Jars rolled in the house…

I truly mean cases and cases…
and more cases…




They look very pretty now all lined up in rows…filled with all kind of goodies in their bright cheery colors but it was a very difficult task…sorting and sorting and sorting in other words (organizing) as I said before…not my strong suit!
Oh yes…the room was freshly painted with a pretty pale gray and shelves were built…I can’t take credit for that one!  Take a bow “Junkin Joe”
with every jar I filled…

every box that I stacked…

each basket that I lined with pretties…
every dish piled…I was getting to see the supplies that I had and truly getting a bit more organized with every move…
 with each spool and 

bottle of shiny glitter placed on the shelves…I started feel a bit more in control of my little domain…
at every angle I could locate little treasures with my eyes…

standing back a bit (there is more…and I must get a wide angle lens soon : ) I was able to see things at a glance…

if I need beads…no problem finding them…

how about some pretty butterflies or birds…they are peeking out saying good morning…

can’t find the twine? Not any more…oh I need a box…don’t have to search any longer…

a calming feeling knowing that a man hunt does not have to commence when I need something…a feeling that I am not use to but am loving…

being able to spot things at a glance is simply fabulous and the rest of the family can lend a hand because they can see what I am talking about…great right!

For this chapter my ducks are in a row…this project has enabled me to become much more organized and hopefully help me in my daily business!  There is more to be accomplished but for now…what I thought was totally Impossible has come full circle!  

For more fun and more fabulous reveals…check out my fellow friends…they have some amazing “Impossibles” that today are “Possibles“…ENJOY…just give a click on each and it will take you their reveal…I also want to thank my friend Kari from Thistlewood for dreaming about this project and making it come true… I also want to thank my new friends Karah, Stacey, Kelly and Linda for blessing me with their friendship and support…sending all 5 of you a special (hug) now… go have fun…

image image image image

We are celebrating tomorrow with a big Linky Party…hope to see you their with all of your INCREDIBLE “IMPOSSIBLES”  I have to say I am more excited about seeing everyone’s that I can possible tell you! Even if you did not tell us about your Impossible and you have one…link up…we all want to see!!!

For all of you that have created your “Impossible” please grab your button on my side bar!
Till tomorrow…Sending (((HUGS)))…Meatless Monday will be coming at some point this week…we can just pretend it is Monday!
The Count down Begins!!! Tomorrow Morning at 7:00 AM Eastern Standard Time the Linky Party Begins!…So I hope to see you all then…Can’t wait to see what you have done!!!!…


  1. Oh my goodness girl – it looks like a big shelf full of yummy candy! Stunning!!! I am absolutely blown AWAY by the amount of supplies you have too.

    What a beautiful job you did! Please link this up at Knick of Time Tuesday this week (the party opens tonight).

    Angie @ Knick of Time

  2. it’s lovely how you organized your stuff! 😀


  3. CONGRATULATIONS! This shows it can be done and with some help, too, your new shelves are filled with prettiness. Triumph!

  4. You did an amazing job!!!!!! WOW! All of your hard work paid off big time :).

    ~Mrs. Delightful

  5. This is soooo beautiful Andrea!!!! I bet it is so fun to be in that space. What an awesome job you did, it is absolutely gorgeous! It was so great to be a part of this challenge with you, I’m so happy to be blog friends!!!

  6. I love just looking at the rainbow of colors! And I can see how much time and effort this had to take to get all the colors separated – beautiful! What a fantastic inventory you have, it’s just like walking into a candy shop – only no calories! Wishing you a fantastic, productive week!

  7. Holy cow!!! I’ve never seen so much stuff in someones home. It looks like a store. It looks amazing though. Putting everything in jars was a fabulous idea. I’m in awe of your stash. Quite impressive.

  8. Wow!!!!! Eye candy!! Looks to be “pretty” perfect to me! Just fabulous! Love all your goodies! Big Cograts on the organization! I know it feels so much better! I think it’s a little too late for me for the “impossible”. Perhaps next time!
    Tracy G.

  9. Love it!!! Functional and very beautiful, too. –Even more to convince me that ‘in my next house’ (ha), I’m going to put in several pantries/walk-in closets for great storage of all sorts of things.

    I’ll be posting my library later today or tonight… See you at the party tomorrow!

  10. Oh Andrea, how wonderfully colorful and organized and delicious it all looks! You must feel like a kid in a candy store — because that’s what your craft room looks like with all those colorfully filled ball jars. Excellent job well done!


  11. WOW!WOW!WOW! This is a NO calorie CANDY SHOP!!!
    I LOVE IT! WAY to go!

  12. What a fun looking “pantry”! way to go, Andrea! This is the type of organizing plan that is destined to stay that way! ♥

  13. Now I need to go out and buy cases of mason jars too – love the fun colors! You must love going in there now. And Junkin Joe needs a round of applause for painting and shelving! I think I can hear those little birdies singing in their jars!

  14. Andrea,

    You are so incredible! I think your space makes me want to open those jars and create….create and then create some more. Beautiful space….beautiful photography….beautiful creativity breathed into life!

    I think the thing I am most excited about is that I have such a wonderful new friend in blogland! My hat is off to you!

  15. When you are surrounded by so much color…it would be impossible not to be creative! Way to go! Far out! (As we used to say in the 70’s) =D

  16. I feel a weight lifted off by just looking at it!!! Im SO Thrilled for you and Especially Proud of you!! You DID IT!!! You need so much stress off you of and this is a start!! 🙂
    BIG HUGS my LOVE!!!

  17. I feel a weight lifted off by just looking at it!!! Im SO Thrilled for you and Especially Proud of you!! You DID IT!!! You need so much stress off you of and this is a start!! 🙂
    BIG HUGS my LOVE!!!

  18. I feel a weight lifted off by just looking at it!!! Im SO Thrilled for you and Especially Proud of you!! You DID IT!!! You need so much stress off you of and this is a start!! 🙂
    BIG HUGS my LOVE!!!

  19. I feel a weight lifted off by just looking at it!!! Im SO Thrilled for you and Especially Proud of you!! You DID IT!!! You need so much stress off you of and this is a start!! 🙂
    BIG HUGS my LOVE!!!

  20. I feel a weight lifted off by just looking at it!!! Im SO Thrilled for you and Especially Proud of you!! You DID IT!!! You need so much stress off you of and this is a start!! 🙂
    BIG HUGS my LOVE!!!

  21. Wow….such beauty in your studio!!! i love it…what a wonderful way to be creative! Oh how I would love a few of those sweet jars around here. You have inspired me once again my friend! xoxoxo Happy Monday.

  22. This looks amazing! I could just stare at those shelves all day. So pretty. I have an update on my impossible. Hopefully there’s even more by tomorrow’s party. Fingers crossed!

  23. Its like the most beautiful candy store! Wonderful project… perfectly organized! I am a new follower!

  24. ahhhhhhhhhh! that’s my kinda candy store! andrea, you did an awesome job…love all the goodies in jars and love your photos too! it’s been a blessing doing this challenge with you…BIG HUGS!!!

  25. OMG! You rock, girl! I can’t begin to tell you how awesome your space looks. All that organized colour makes me giddy! I also noticed rolls of Bakers Twine on your shelves. Do you sell that in your etsy shop? If so, I’m ordering some ASAP! Congratulations on acheiving your goal, Andrea! Much love, Lisa

  26. Oh my it looks like a CANDY STORE… That I need to go and Visit… Beautiful Job!!!

  27. What an amazing achievement – it must have taken hours.
    I’d seriously love to do a bit of shopping at your ‘store’
    Congratulations, I’ll be linking up tomorrow !

  28. Oh wow, it looks like Santa’s workshop, where he keeps all of the ‘pretty’ things for the good children. I can honestly just stand there and stare all day! Wonderful job…

  29. Wow great job! I’ve been working on my sewing room organization it’s coming along slowly!

  30. So many goodies! My eyes are watering… I want a studio like that too!

  31. Wow, Andrea! I just got that bonus package you sent me full of pretties…I am so touched. Thank you for thinking of me. I am going to use some old sheet music on a couple of the dress forms and maybe add wings or something steampunk. I’ll save the others for when Madi comes to visit and we can make them together. Some of the flowers are going on my Vintage wedding card garland for Amber’s wedding. Bless you and lots of hugs!

  32. Oh my goodness, this is amazing! It looks like a candy store 🙂 You have so many beautiful crafting goodies!

  33. Oh my goodness! I didn’t know it was possible to have that many craft supplies! Awesome job!

  34. What a pretty bunch of pictures! All those beautiful candy colors lined up! Love it!

  35. That is amazing!! =)
    It’s a dream land in there!!!! I get fuzzy feelings from just looking at how organized and intentional the placement is. I can’t even imagine how awesome it would feel to actually see it in person, but great pictures! It’s gotten me pretty close to imagining hehe

    awesome job!!!!

  36. Oh my goodness–that looks so great. I would go nuts creating if I had all that!

  37. Wow, that is a crafter’s dream! Wonderful work.

  38. That is simply amazing. I can’t get over your organization.

  39. It looks so sweet, like a candy store. I know this is going to sound really stupid. But exactly what do you do with all that stuff? So you make things and sell or do you sell just all those little goodies? I’m at a loss as to what you really do. 🙁

  40. O M G!! I love it! The only problem is I would never use it! I would just look at it and love that! I like stuff. I do like when I get a wild hair I can actually do something, it makes me feel justified that I buy it all 😉 Enjoy your new work space it is beautiful!!
    Hugs, Lisa
    BTW I LOVE to sort and organize, just call me next time you want to do that lol, my mom does! hehe

  41. Oh my word I want to come to your house, I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE all those jars!
    All the supplies and beautiful products. You have my head reeling.
    I am still looking for a new cabinet and might do more jars just like you.
    Thank you for the eye candy
    I have my post ready for tomorrow and am thrilled to share.

  42. Hi Andrea~~ Just found you through the recommendation of Lisa at Sweet Talk Shop. I am so impressed by your organization. WOW!!! And you know what?? It is organized and it looks pretty. Great job. Looking forward to more inspiration.
    Have a great night

  43. Oh all those pretty jars! It just makes me want to craft. I bet this will help your business inventory immensely. Congratulations it looks great.

  44. Oh my…lots of fun stuff to create with! It makes one feel calmer (at least it does me!) to KNOW where something can be found. Your solution is pretty & practical. Thanks for visiting my blog! My “Follower” button is on the left side column near the bottom. Happy February 🙂

  45. Amazing! Outstanding! Now I know what my next challenge will be! What do you do with all of those supplies?

  46. That is so beautiful! I’m sure it is really well organised too, but what is the best, for me, is the sheer beauty of it. I’d be inspired to craft just sitting in that room.
    Well done!

  47. WOW! That looks Awesome.
    With all them bright colors reminds me of candy in a candy store.
    Doesn’t it just give you a great feeling to be able to stand back and take a look at what a person can get accomplished if we just set our mind to it.

  48. WOW- I love the results. A, it looks like a completely merchandised store. B, all those colors and textures and patterns look so good together it just screams creativity. C, Having that amount of storage space is just mind-blowing!

  49. This is awesome. Green with envy that my supplies don’t look like this. I would love for you to join my weekly fri-monday linky. I am also hosting a Valentine contest, please stop by sometime and strut your stuff.

  50. Oh my goodness!! That looks good enough to EAT!!! I would stand there all day sighing with delight!

  51. Unbelievably beautiful!!

  52. Andrea,
    It’s like a candy store…of crafts!
    Love it. (Pinned it.)
    Thank you so much for co-hosting the Challenge!

    ~ Dana at Cooking at Cafe D
    (We’ll, hopefully finish our Jimmy John’s Kitchen tonight!)

  53. Holy Cow! What beauty!! Now I need to know what you’re doing with the pretty little dishes….I have a big stack of those with no project in mind.

    Linda at Fingers in the Dirt

  54. This is my DREAM. Whenever I see something this organized, I just want to HUG it. Huge congratulations to you for tackling this project. I am incredibly envious of your organization skills (yes, skills!). All of the colors make me so happy. Simply beautiful.

  55. You really should open a shop. Only just discovered your blog, so will have to spend a bit of time finding my away around – just had to say ‘WOW’ straight away tho!

  56. That is some serious organizing going on in there! It looks beautiful!! I know you are loving it. Thanks for hosting the challenge!

  57. Yummy! Not only is it organized, but it’s also beautiful!

  58. Oh my goodness this is gorgeous and looks so yummy!
    Thanks for linking!

  59. wow. I use old nappy-soaker plastic ‘bottles’ – they’re plentiful in my house and make me more organised – but – they’re nowhere near as pretty to loo at. Lucky you – well worth the effort!

  60. So much fun! This makes me want to use buttons! Have a wonderful night!

  61. That just looks incredible! Great job!


  62. Ok,

    This is absolutely gorgeous. Like “are you kidding me???” gorgeous. How/why do you have so much beautiful crafting stuff? I feel like I should write a letter to JoAnn’s and Michael’s warning them of a potential competitor who is about to open shop.

    I love everything about that magical little room you have there and I’d love to come and visit. Every day.


  63. Great job..I am so jealous!!

  64. You have a lot of crafting supplies! They are all such yummy colors, they look like candy. I was looking at the photo of them all lined up and I was suddenly dreaming of candy! Do you do that when you look at them in real life?
    I can see that your challenge included a great deal of work, congratulations for accomplishing it.
    Hugs, Cindy

  65. I want to live in that room… Hiyatoots 😀

  66. I want to live in that room (Hiyatoots!)

  67. Goodness me Andrea, THANK YOU SO much for that sweet lil note about my bathroom! I am SO glad you stopped by, I LOVE new blog friends!!! Especially ones that will let me come shopping in their craft room! LOL Seriously tho I have never ever seen any one person have that many craft supplies! I am dying here, I even made my hubs come look {he humored me} Anyway WOW I love it, I have been starting to put some of my supplies in the vintage blue ball jars.. buying a few at a time, because they ain’t cheap! And I don’t have anywhere near what you do…
    Anyway I am excited to get to know you!!!
    Big Big Hugs!!

  68. Wow! It looks fantastic … I bet the crafting inspiration is endless when you walk in there!

  69. Are you KIDDING me? Excuse me while I go grab a mop to clean up the drool. 🙂 I don’t even have words for how awesome this looks!

  70. WOW!! That is gorgeous! I think that’s exactly what heaven looks like!! In fact, I’m pretty sure!;) Atleast, that’s what I hope my heaven looks like because that is amazing! Great job!!!!!

    Katie @ Little Becky Homecky

  71. oh this is my dream, but in sprinkles, I have a small wall nothing like yours though. So pretty.

  72. I need to come play at your house !

  73. Oh my stars girls I’ve not seen that many mason jars since I canned years and years ago. Now I wish I’d saved all the jars. LOVE LOVE LOVE what you have done with them. Just too clever. Came here from Wow Us Wednesdays. So glad I did. You have a delightful blog. I just love everything I see so I just signed up to follow.


  74. what an awesome job! it all looks so pretty!

  75. That is gorgeous!!! I’m inspired!

  76. You must have the patience of a saint! Well done though – I can only hope to be that organized one day! Coming over from Transformation Thursday and following you. Can’t believe I haven’t been all this time my CSSTeam friend!


  77. Wow, you have inspired me to clean up my studio!! I would just want to go and sit and look at it all day! ; )

  78. WOW! So jealous of all the space you have and all your amazing supplies! Great job with the organization!


  79. It’s beautiful. Now I know what I want to do with the 100 extra canning jars that I don’t actually use for canning.I’m wondering why you have plates in your studio, but I am pretty new here. I really love the look and I long to be organized!!

  80. Andrea I have never seen so much beauty in one spot before!! You did a beautiful job I am so impressed with your organized studio! You have motivated me to organize my storage closet thank you sweet pea!!

  81. Wow! Just wow! This is incredible! It’s pretty and functional and just amazing! Great job!!

  82. Holy Smokes!!! Now that’s what I call ORGANIZED! Ooh girl, you sure did have “some patience” to put all that together!!! But it looks FABULOUS – and I’m a self-proclaimed NEAT FREAK, so this gets an A++++ in my book! And in addition, all of the stuff within is just OH SO LOVELY! I’m eyeing your supplies and such! lol Great job!!!


  83. This looks so cute and perfectly organized!! We’re so glad you linked up to “Strut Your Stuff Saturday” We loved having you! Please come back next Saturday and share more of your great ideas! -The Sisters

  84. Wow. Wow. Oh my Wow.

    That is incredible. I have to say I’d never get anything done because I’d be too busy starring at all my jars (maybe petting them when I was alone). Amazing work

  85. OMG! I loved looking at all your goodies! I will have to check out your store, please tell me you have a store and that is not just your own personal supply. You know I will be crushed if I don’t find a store link, lol. Thanks for the tour and your space looks amazing!

  86. Your store is lovely, the cake plates are gorgeous, to die for! I just had to come back and tell you now I am really jealous! This really is your craft room and these really are your supplies to make things with! OMG! I thought you were selling these items, but you are using them to make beautiful items for your shop. Just looking at your stuff is inspiring!

  87. Andrea, you just upped the sale of Ball jars! Beautifully organized!
    Looks like you’ve got plenty of work ahead.

  88. Wow..I does look like it is a candy store (fat free candy at that)… What lovely set up you have done.. now you can easily find what you need.. love it..

  89. wow – what an amazing display! everything is so pretty! glad i popped over! xoxo, tracie

  90. I’m speechless. And that’s really sayin’ somethin’. Can I come over and play in your craft room?

  91. Wow! So pretty and purposeful! I love it!

  92. This is incredible! I’ve never seen anything like it! I would be like a kid in a candy store! 🙂

  93. Absolutely love it! Very inspiring!

  94. Oh wow…that is all so pretty. I am not sure I would get any work done as I would just sit there and marvel at the beauty of all those goodies.

  95. I am in total awe…at your hard work…at the sheer volume of craft supplies you have…at all the fun stuff we could make together!

  96. Andrea my darling you have so many lovelies! I love that you have everything so perfectly organized too. All of those jars!!!!What an undertaking. But what a joy to see it all completed and with perfect accessibility too. Well done my friend. xo P.S Thank you for participating in the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop Linky Party and for your bloggy friendship 🙂

  97. What a beautiful display. The colors are lovely.

  98. Holy gorgeous craft room Batman! I am in awe! I feel like a little girl in a candy store just looking at your beautiful jars! Thanks for sharing!

  99. What a wonderful craft area. I love the mason jar look. It does feel good to get yourself a little more organized. Thanks for motivating me to do the same.

  100. This is amazing and just so beautiful! I love how you’ve used the simple jars for your storage.
    Be a sweetie,

  101. OMG your craft room is definitely a piece of crafty heaven on earth. It is beyond beautiful.

  102. Beautiful and inspiring! I just need the shelving and the time!
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN

  103. What a beautiful view! I don’t think any of us can really comprehend all the hard work that went into sorting and filling each of those glistening glass jars. I absolutely adore the idea of having all your supplies in sight and organized – ready for all the crafting possibilities. What fun! Congratulations on your accomplishment!
    – Christene Houston {Retreat Sponsor for Write Your Book in a Weekend Retreats}

  104. DROOL!!!

  105. What an inspiring visual delight!!

    Thank you so much for being a part of “A Little Birdie Told Me…” at Rook No. 17!

    Even as the party continues to grow, I’m glad I still have the opportunity to visit all the amazing projects and soak up the inspiration that is shared each week!

    Hope you’ll join the fun this week too– the party is in full swing!

    Best, Jenn

  106. You are a girl after my own heart!!! I have been dreaming of my own craft room and how I might set it up…..I think you have infiltrated my dreams!!! I LOVE IT!!! When I get my room can you come and help me organize it???? I just can’t get over how yummy this all looks (less fattening, too!)!!! Oh, to actually be able to find what I am looking for….This has absolutely inspired me and how can you NOT be happy just looking around this room??? INCREDIBLE!!

  107. ths looks like a candy store, it makes me happy just looking at it…..another reason i wish and dream for my own craft room

  108. oh my word!
    it looks fantastic! 🙂

  109. I am very jealous of your gorgeous wall of organization. Just looking at it must be inspirational, it is so pretty! I am featuring it today at Creations by Kara.

  110. Oh MY Goodness… it is spectacular! Amazing! Incredible! And I want to jump into the pictures and play with all those lovely things! Way to go!!!!

  111. Holy craftness! This is like the most amazing thing ever. All your hard work paid off. Eye candy at its finest!

  112. That must have been so much work–but it’s so lovely! Good job!

  113. It’s artwork! I would LOVE too have a space like this. Inspired!

  114. This is amazing and inspiring!

  115. I”m jealous! I’m featuring this today at because it was the most viewed link last week at my party!!!!

  116. Wow that is beyond amazing!!! You have such wonderful supplies, I am glad your organized yourself so you can find them! I bet you will be able to make many more wonderful things now that you can see what you’ve got! I thought I had a big stash, you put me to shame!

  117. Featuring YOU this morning over on my blog! Thank you so much for sharing at last week’s {wow} me wednesday party!

    Ginger @

  118. This post was full of eye candy. Too bad I cant have any of it. My mom actually has more crafty stuff then that, but it’s a little bit of everything. There’s no way I could organize it into something pretty like this.

  119. What a feast for a creative eye! I also use dozens of jars in my craft room but girl, you have WAY MORE STUFF then I do! I’ll post about my studio redo and it will be evident. Gorgeous colors, trims and so much to see. I am almost, but not quite, speechless. Beautifully done!

  120. What a feast for the eyes and i love the organization!!! Kudos to you!! ^_^

  121. What a beautiful site! I wondered across your site from a Pinterest picture and I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your hard work!

  122. Lovely – found your site from a Pinterest picture and I’ll be following your talent from now on. There is hope for the hopeless crafter

  123. Seriously…this is UNBELIEVABLE!’s just so amazing to look at!
    ~Tonia @The

  124. Whoa. I mean WHOA!!!!!! Good gracious this is breathtaking and beautiful! Good gracious woman this is organization with a big time capital O! I wanted to stare at each photo for 1/2 hour each. How wonderful! I have nowhere NEAR this kind of crafty stash. Just amazing. What a fun post!

  125. WOW.

  126. I know it’s wrong..but it looks so yummie.. I could eat that!

  127. Terry Peters says:

    WOW!!! Just like everyone else, that’s about all I can think at the moment!! How many mason jars did you end up using? I’ve already started using jars in my craft room, but they’re not all mason jars. I have found the blue mason jars at WalMart for only $1.87 each. I can’t have all blue at that price, but if I know about how many you used, I can gauge what I have here to organize and how many jars I might need!!! Your room makes me very jealous but some day, one day mine will e even half as pretty and organized as yours,,,

  128. Impossibilities Do Come True… – The Cottage Market

  129. Oh my heavens, I am sooooo jealous of all that shelf space!! And I love seeing all the fun items and colors from them through the jars. I’ll be right over to drool!

  130. I first I thought it was candy lol OMG I’m sooo jelly!!


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