Thankful for my Friends Thursday

Good Morning everyone…how goes it today.  I am hoping for a little sunlight so my pictures are a bit nicer : ) I have been a little embarrassed the last few days.  Well I would like to wish you all a 
Happy Thankful for my Friends (I like that better than followers : ) 
This is the day of the week that I have a little giveaway to celebrate my wonderful friends that come and visit me each day and leave such sweet and kind comments!  You are all so inspiring and I am honored and thankful to have you as my friends!  For those of you that are new…click on the little button on the left hand side that says Thankful Thursdays or at the bottom of the post.  In short I take all the comments left throughout the week and assign them a number and then it is put in the random drawing and a winner is chosen!  The winner receives a little gift from me!
Today’s winner is:

Congrats!  You have won the Chandy Tile Coasters 
and the winner of the
Mustache Paperweight is…
simply knowns as 

so ladies…send my your mailing address to: and I will get your little gifts out to you!!! 

Now let’s see what we have for next weeks winner!  A little Shabby Chic Valentines Gift that you can use all year round
A 12 piece clothespin set that I hope you will enjoy…


They will come with pretty twine so you can set up a little clothesline if you would like and another little surprise will be tucked in there for you too!  Good Luck…every comment is used as an entry…remember the comment can be left any time during the whole week not just on this post!  So tell me what you think 🙂

Next Thursday I am adding a little extra win to an additional friend…I have a big crush on ALL thing Trader Joe’s (vegetarian that is : ) So I have purchased some little favorites to share with you (I have NO affiliation with them AT ALL…just that I love them!)
So next week there will be a runner up and they get to try these Yummies…
they are really yummy and for you coffee lovers they are fabulous…little tasty crunchies that you can carry in your bag!!!

Ok…here’s wishing you all a picture perfect day!  Enjoy and remember to give a hug to those around you…each day is a gift and I for one and thrilled that I get to spend some time with you every day!

Tomorrow will bring another Adventure of
What did he find this week?
click here to see his finds from previous weeks

click on the button for more details

Till Tomorrow…tons of


  1. Hi Andrea,
    Lovely little clothespegs! Thanks for the chance to enter and I agree – thankful for the follwers is a great sentiment and one I share!

  2. Lovely give-a-ways. Congrats to Wendy & Colleen!

  3. Those clothes pins are adorable, Andrea! I can think of so many ways I’d use them…hang photos, to embellish gifts, to pretty up napkin rings…excited to see what Joe’s been up to this week! Much love, Lisa

  4. Congratulations to the ladies who won your adorable giveaways! LOVE those coasters. The glittered clothespins are equally fantastic!

  5. Congrats to wendy and Coleen!

    Hope you have a great day, Andrea! I’m battling the winter blues- big time!

  6. Congrats to the winners!! I love the clothes pins 😉
    Hugs, Lisa

  7. Such pretty giveaways!! I would love a chance to win the next ones! Those clothes pins are just ADORABLE! <3 Hugs~

  8. congrats to Wendy! =)

    aww those clothespins are so adorable! I always thought pinning up Polaroids and other things on twine was so whimsical and pretty =) You have such adorable and useful giveaways!

    Looking forward to what Joe finds tomorrow!!

  9. Those are just the sweetest! Wouldn’t they be cute to hang some baby clothes in a nursery? Glad Junkin Joe doesn’t live near me or I’d never get anything! LOL

  10. Those clothes pins are adorable!! How you dress them up so pretty!! Love them!!

  11. You are so sweet, your kindness and generosity makes me feel all smiley. Hugs! Thank you for your bloggy friendship and participation at Katherines Corner xo P.S> Congrats to Wendy too

  12. Them clothes pins are just darn right cute.
    Those would be adorable with magnet on back and put on refrigerator, etc.
    Looking forward to what’s in store for us tomorrow on Mr. Junkin Joe’s finds.

  13. Hope you have had a great week ! I am hoping Junkin Joe finds some lace treasures on his junkin journeys ! lol x

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