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Good Morning my friends!  Are you hungry? Well I highly suggest that you eat something before your read the contents below : ) or sever hunger pains may be induced!  I am just totally amazed sometimes how many recipes are out there…how many little touches that make a regular dish spectacular…I applaud all of these incredible cooks/chefs for their Pizzaz!!!  
Okay…let’s start another chapter of 
What’s Cookin!

Since it is Sunday…how about some breakfast! 
Is this not gorgeous!  We are all entitled to a bit of a splurge right? Plus this contains REAL FRUIT!!! This recipe is fabulous and it is the creation of:
 This is sure to bring everyone at the table a BIG smile!  

 If this one is a bit too rich…one of my favorite chefs out their
has the answer with this gorgeous French Toast with Stewed Berries…how about this for a Valentine’s Breakfast! WOW! Get the recipe now on her fabulous blog!

How sweet would this look on the table! Applause!!!
 Here is a great recipe and a perfect Sunday treat for the whole family…it also helps you use your left overs…check it out
Country Momma Cooks
stop by her wonderful blog…you will leave hungy!
 sooooooo yummy…something to splurge with!
Ok… we also have a lighter choice…As I was searching through tons of different recipes I came across this great blog…
I saw this yummy healthy breakfast pizza that I think you all might enjoy!  Add your little spin to it…make it your own and Mangia!  It’s so pretty…absolutely scrumptious and good for you…hope you give it a try!  Just in case you can’t get tomatoes…try some sundried tomatoes…or some Italian plums drained and sliced…there is always a way!
and it always tastes better with fresh free range eggs…just love happy chickens! 
Now here is one that I am totally in love with…anything with mushrooms makes me happy!

I know this dish take a little bit of time but it is just so worth every minute!  Also…if you don’t have shitake’s…substitute with your favorite kind like Portobello’s…Cremini’s…any mushroom will make an incredible dish!
is here again with a recipe that is near and dear to my heart…
this is a dish that my Grand Ma and Mother would make and I certainly do all the time…my Grand Ma would always say that spaghetti was better the second time around!

Spaghetti Pie
 This is a heavenly little treat for any meal…serve with a wonderful salad…a glass of wine and you have an absolute delight!  Marina…thank you for your gorgeous photos and your delightful meals…keep them coming!!!
Feel like a touch of sweet now!  Well I have found some delicious treats that I think you are going to love to taste and to look at…they are total eye candy and guess what…they are PINK !
I thought it would be fun to find some desserts that would be perfect for Valentine’s Day so you might be able to plan for them!
Check these two beauties out…

First we have these incredible Rose Water Cupcakes by
Let me tell you one thing…once you stop by this blog you are NOT going to want to leave…trust me!
Don’t these look like little pink clouds…they are absolutely Heavenly! Hope you give them a try!
The vintage beauty just brings out the elegance of this perfectly pink confection
Speaking of Perfectly Pink…how about this sensational
Life is Great
To die for!
 I really hope you enjoyed today’s picks and hope you may try one or two or all of them!  I would love to hear how you enjoy them also so please fill me in!

My Tip for today is…
When you are baking and using a spatula…coat it with a little butter or canola oil…it makes removing the batter so much easier!
I hope you all have a delicious day and I will see you tomorrow for the 
Impossibilities Challenge Reveals!  
I am looking forward to what we are going to see from all of my friends!!!  Then on Tuesday…set your calendar…we are having a Big Linky Party where everyone can share!

I am going to try to sneak in a little Meatless Monday Snack before the Impossibilities (I hope : )
Till then…tons of

Bon Appetit!!!


  1. Good morning!!
    I usually don’t like mushrooms, but that Roasted Mushroom Risotto looks REALLY appetizing, I may just start trying it out hehehe.

    Looking at all this food makes me happy. Food is such a gift =)

  2. Andrea,
    You sure know how to open appetites!!!!! Everything looks so scrumptious!!! Thanks for the inspirations!

  3. Ok! Can you keep a secret, Andrea? Of course you can! Thanks to you, I am now serving going to serve those delicious little french toast heart cutout lovelies for V’Day breakfast! My hubby will be so impressed! Much love…as always! Lisa

  4. I am so hungrey right now I can’t stand it! That stuffed french toast looks amazing. I am definately going to have to make that! Thanks for your hunger inspiring post.:)

  5. Looking forward to seeing your Impossibilities challenges reveal tomorrow. Those yummy tasty photo’s have made me hungry all of a sudden ! lol

  6. Hi Andrea! Oh my goodness, thank you sooo much for featuring my little cupcakes amongst the other scrumptious goodies! I have to say that french toast above is YUMO!!! I will have to try that out sometime!!! 🙂


  7. OH, wow! I’m definitely hungry now! And the richer it is the better! =)

  8. delicious looking food

  9. ok my friend…now I am super hungry but way to lazy to get down to the kitchen to whip up something pretty. It has been a lazy Sunday…now the rest of my family is sick so I have been trying to be a little mouse all day and tiptoe around as they need lots of rest. Happy new week to you.

  10. Andrea, I just ate dinner and now I’m hungry for Spaghetti Pie and oh those donuts for a Midnight snack!! LOL

  11. You made all this by yourself? I feel like grabbing all from here. Thanks for sharing, i love discovering new recipes. Wishing you a great week 🙂

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