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Morning and here’s wishing you a fabulous weekend!  Before you go off and enjoy your day…hope you pour yourself a delicious cup of something yummy (I am partaking in my typical cup of black coffee but I love it) and sit back and take a peek at some wonderful blogs that have great things to offer!  My intent of this little review is to hopefully bring you something new that you will enjoy!   So pick up that cup and start clicking and most of all…ENJOY!!!
Well I do not profess to have a green  thumb so I need all the help I can get as I will be trying to create my little deck top garden (tried the full size one…I will have to say that the rabbits enjoyed those zucchini blossoms a lot : )  I found this wonderful blog called
It is filled with SOOOOO many great features I will be following the seeding project…they tell you everything there is to know! Just maybe I will finally be able to grow some great heirloom tomatoes!  Do you think I could get these…
from these…

I’ll give you an update in the Spring!  There are many many fabulous projects on this blog that I know you would enjoy like…
 This cool branch project…
oh the possibilities!  There are so many other projects including skin scrubs…bird feeders and so much more…get in touch with your green side and hop on over…I do believe you will have fun!
Miss Aimee at
has a great tutorial on how to make a simple scrap fabric banner and then with a click she will bring to tons of other creations…you will be seeing one made by me soon for sure!  I love the possibilities and you get to play with fabric!!!
 check it out and while you are there…catch up with her photography series it is simply incredible!
Well since we are on the subject of fabric for a moment…check out this adorable tutorial on how to make this precious ruffled bag by
once again I have to add…oh the possibilities!!!
 how cute is this…you will get the step by step on her blog and guess what?  NO SEWING…how cool is that…the power of the pinking sheer (isn’t that what my Mom and Grandma used) yep…sometimes things just stand the hands of time!!! ENJOY!!!! 

oh yes and 
Miss Jessica from

has been busy with a new fabric creations also…check out this sweet little creation…

baby fresh!

Now here is an awesome room redo for this week…it is not a room…but a loft and I am going to give you a little sneak peek and then you can hop on over to 
 and take a peek…
prepare to be amazed!  ENJOY!
 You also might want to read her story on her blog scare.  Just so happy that she is back up and running! : )

 While we are on the subject of home decor…you must check out what Linda at
 This mirror is awesome…you can learn the ins and outs on her blog!
 Then I just love this little furniture project from Karah over at
she tells the story on how she was inspired from a “pin” of this…

and created this little beauty…

 check out her blog for the details!
I just thought that this was so cute…it is a chore reward system that I have to say is really clever!  Take a peek from a page from

 This just might work : ) There are tons of more fun ideas on this blog… Have fun!
You know how much I LOVE paper doilies…they have so many creative uses and I saw one on this lovely blog that I had never seen so I had to share it with you…check it out from the pages of
 cool right?  Hop on over for the how to!

I got a comment from this really sweet lady so I had to go see her blog right away…it is so delightful and filled with such pretty projects and more!  She is even a Jersey Girl!  
This is a sneak peek of what you will find over at

Isn’t this just so pretty and elegant…the how to is on her blog and her newest project is simply adorable and I am sure it is tons of fun to make and give…
The Tea Lovers Bookmark…
 aren’t they adorable!  I am sure you will enjoy your visit!
 Well my friends…hope you enjoyed your little trips through the blogosphere!  There is so much out there and it is so hard to pick and choose because I love just about everything…but I hope you might have seen something you never saw before…gone where you never went before and found something that inspires you!  Basically I just hope you had fun and I wish you the 
See you tomorrow for
 What’s Cooking!
till then…tons of


  1. Thank you for sharing…such joys!
    Happy weekend my friend. xo

  2. Super cute. I’m in a blog surfing kind of mood today with my cup of coffee in hand. This post was just what I needed. Thanks.

  3. Love these!M. Can’t wait to start clicking around. I’m off to the book blog first!!

  4. Great site finds! You’re such an awesome (web) surfer chick! :)

  5. so peaceful =)

    did you change the banner of the blog?!? It looks nice =)

  6. That branch project is so fun!! My husband (who has a total green thumb) would love it.

    Hope you’re doing well, Andrea!


  7. Hello Andrea! You have a sweetest blog here! I have been perusing many of your posts and they are filled with lovely photos and so many great projects and ideas! I have enjoyed visiting with you this evening :)

    Kindly, Lorraine

  8. Hi Andrea! Great blogs to visit! What creativity! Hope you are are well my friend. I am to catch up on your life via your blog!

  9. Hi, Those all look like amazing ideas from lovely people. xoxo

  10. oh my word…SO MANY IDEAS TO BE INSPIRED! Thanks for including my little project. You are incredibly kind to me. And I love that there are many projects here that are new to me. You are a fabulous resource for some good inspiration. Thank you so much. Hugs my friend.

  11. These look great Andrea..going to explore them right now!!

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