It’s a Cinch Fun Tutorial & Sweet Treat

Morning my friends.  Yes it is still Meatless Monday and there will be a sweet treat below for you that can be made in a cinch!!! However today’s post is all about filling you in on 
Mission: Possible…you might remember us as the Imagine the Impossibilities friends and our big celebration where 361 friends shared their creations (click here)  Well we’re back…cooking up new ideas that we hope our whole blogging community will have fun with!  We are so happy to be sharing them with you today!  
When I say we I mean my group of friends:
Mission: Possible
Is our new year long project and it starts with the first chapter...
It’s a Cinch – Your easy peasy tips and projects
Easy is what it is all about!  You know you have those projects that won’t take too long and just haven’t had the time to create them…well now’s the time!!!
We really hope you’ll join us on March 27th for our It’s a Cinch party!  More about the project at the end of this post!  
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Now resuming regular programming : )
Well my easy peasy project was something that I wanted to do for a bit…I wanted to create a very Cottage Chic Easter/Spring Rabbit but didn’t want it to be extremely…let’s say cute…I find it hard not to add tons of details to things refraining from that was a real challenge. I did however want it to have a real sweet Cottage feel and I sure hope I accomplished that.  So I created a pattern, based on a vintage bunny weather vane…added a few embellishments and was done in less than 2 hours…that’s in a cinch for me for sure!  Oh yes…there is a 10 minute cinch project within this larger one!  So here’s the how to!

 Spring Time Bunny

Let’s hop on and get the details…

we started with top of the line 1 inch pine …NO knots makes things go much quicker…traced the pattern and then Joe took it to the ban saw (I am banned from power tools…true story that I will share another time).  Then I sanded her till she was smooooooooooooth!!!

3 coats of white paint was applied…the process was expedited by blow drying her in between coats…

cottage blue was the base choice!  After the layers of paint were completely dry shabbying began (I don’t believe that is a word…but I know you know what I mean) all I did was do some heavy sanding on the edges… after she was distressed a bit….

she was accessorized by a bouquet of Spring flowers…all I did was take some of my favorite flowers…snip off their stem and glue them into a pretty arrangement…this took less than 10 minutes and this is something you can do with many items you all ready have…it is amazing what a litte bit of floral jewelry can do…think about it…you know you could do this and it only takes 10 minutes!!! maybe you have a little rabbit…or a big one…a bird…a bird house…the list goes on… that defines “in a cinch

Then I took a few long strands of pretty organza ribbon…tied a bow and added a flower in the center…placed the little finial on top and garnished it with the bow…

Then she was simply assembled by placing the dowel through the drilled hole and secured in the hole on the base…

then she was ready for her debut!  easy peasy…2 hours total (could be 10 minutes if you do this little technique with an existing piece:) …what do you think?

I know you have some projects that you want to do…please create and then come back here for the party on 
Tuesday March 27th
I for one and I am sure my bloggy friends can’t wait to see what you’ve got!!!

I know that this is like the longest post I have done…hope you are still with me because there is a little bit more : )
It is Meatless Monday but I don’t have a big recipe for you today…I thought since we are celebrating the new 
Mission:  Possible debut
We could celebrate another huge event and that is the
100th Birthday of the one and only
So in the tradition of It’s a Cinch I made some chocolate dipped oreos with some sprinkles…

How simple is this…all you need is Oreo’s…sprinkles and chocolate.  For these I used a pound bar of Trader Joe’s Milk Chocolate…I am also dipping another batch with TJ’s Dark chocolate…I simply chopped the entire bar up into little pieces and placed in a glass bowl…

then placed over a simmering pot of water…a make shift double boiler that works brilliantly and simply stirred till the chocolate was completely melted and silky smooth then I laid out a sheet of aluminum foil on the counter top…

then one by one…place these incredible cookies into the chocolate bath and completely cover them…let the excess chocolate drip into the bowl and then place on the foil…repeat…repeat…after every 4 I sprinkled the sprinkles on them…keep going till you are done…I got 24 cookies covered with the pound of chocolate.  Now it is very important to allow them to dry…this could take up to 2 hours depending on the temperature of the home.  Once they are dry…place on your plate and you are ready to party!!! These keep so well but I don’t think they will be around long at all.  These two batches are going to our Vet’s office…they have been so wonderful they deserve a treat! I am sure you have a great reason to make these!

Thank you OREO’s for 100 years of yummy goodness!!!

Yes my friends…this is the post that never ends!  
back to the future plans of Mission: Possible…
The last Tuesday in May we are headed to The Great Outdoors…In July it’s Crazy For Color…September…Door Decor and then in November…No $ Makeover!  
Then the grand plan we will be picking right up in January with another Impossibilities Party.  We thought a year was enough time to charge up for another grand project!  If you want to learn more about our last Impossibilities come and check it out as 361 linked up with us and celebrated…
We thank everyone out there for joining us and can’t wait to experience the ride with you again!

Till tomorrow my friends…
sending tons of


  1. I loooove the bunny Andrea, she is adorable ! She is a perfect Easter project and so are the choc dipped Oreos…….yummo ! Great post x

  2. Wow! Oreo looks great for her age!!! ;P

    I love the bunny tutorial…such a cute Easter decoration!

    Ricki Jill

  3. How nice, Love it 🙂 Thanks for sharing

  4. Great bunny Andrea…it came out super cute. And now I want chocolate covered oreos for breakfast. 🙂

  5. You had me at Oreo! They are a fave in this house! I am a twister, my kids eat them whole but any way you cut it, we love us some Oreos and these chocolate dipped ones are a must try!

    Love your flower bedecked bunny too – she’s the cat’s meow!

    Can’t wait to party!

  6. Love the “shabbied” bunny. Laughed out loud at the thought of you blow drying it between coats of paint! And those Oreo’s look super yummy and definitely are not part of my pre-swimsuit diet!



  7. Thanks for the morning inspiration…I love the bunny it’s perfect!

  8. You are so creative, and I love the tutorials to help me learn how to do things beautifully. Your bunny is just right for the season – love the tulle ribbon. Um, did someone say that Junkin’ Joe has a secret stash of milk chocolate? Joe? Joe????? Where’s the chocolate?!?! Hugs to Andrea, Mary

  9. Okay…what do I love more…the bunny or the treats? It’s a tie! So delicious! Much love, Lisa

  10. Okay…what do I love more…the bunny or the treats? It’s a tie! So delicious! Much love, Lisa

  11. Okay…what do I love more…the bunny or the treats? It’s a tie! So delicious! Much love, Lisa

  12. Okay…what do I love more…the bunny or the treats? It’s a tie! So delicious! Much love, Lisa

  13. Okay…what do I love more…the bunny or the treats? It’s a tie! So delicious! Much love, Lisa

  14. That bunny is so adorable! I also am not a cutesy person but you have did a great job with pretty and a fun project.

  15. The bunny is the cutest thing and those oreo cookies are wowowowow so cute and fun…gotta try this myself…I am a new follower and look forward to more posts…

  16. I Love that little bunny –how sweet! Is that wall paper in the background? It looks like Cath Kidston fabric or something. Can you tell me what it is? I love it!

  17. Beautiful project!

  18. Love the bunny! So sweet! New to your blog and love it! 🙂 xo Heather

  19. how cute is that bunny but boy oh boy do those oreos look good thanks for sharing come see me at

  20. Mmmmm, those chocolate-and-sprinkles-covered Oreas are some serious eye candy – literally! 🙂 And your bunny project is so sweet. I love the simple treatment you gave it with the white paint, flowers, and ribbon.

    Looking forward to the party – I better get working on an easy-peasy project!


  21. Such a pretty bunny! Spring decor makes me so happy 😉

  22. Andrea,
    I need to make about 50 of these 🙂 I love it. Can you send me the pattern in a PDF or word document? You are brilliant.


  23. The bunny is precious and the Oreos look yummy..I think my guys would like those for an Easter treat..

  24. I just love your bunny! The flowers around the neck are gorgeous. Would you be willing to link this up to my Springtime Link Party going on now? I’d love to have you! Thanks, Michelle

  25. That is a beautiful bunny. You did a great job on it.

    Love for you to share it at my Linky Party 🙂 –

  26. Wow I love your bunny and oreos! You are amazing as always!

  27. The bunny is adorable – so shabby chic! And the cookies look fabulous – they’re making me hungry.

  28. Oh I want a Bunny to embellish like that! She is just adorable!! Andrea, I am also in Love with all the fun going on in your Blog!!

    Huggs, Nancy

  29. Both the Oreos and country bunny are absolutely perfect. I’m featuring your bunny on tomorrow’s “A Little Birdie Told Me…” leading the pack of spring features!


  30. Love the bunny and where you got your pattern from! Thanks for sharing at Show & Share! Featuring this in tomorrow’s party! 🙂

  31. I featured your bunny today! Thanks again for linking up to my Springtime Holiday Link Party!

  32. OMG…those cookies! Dare I make those for our Easter get together??? There are a lot sweet tooths in my family! 🙂 I am looking forward to the Cinch Party next week. I accidentally came up with my project and it’s a cinch for sure. 🙂

  33. I LOVE your bunny!

  34. I absolutely love that bunny and will be making one for sure! Just found your blog and it is so cute and have become your latest follower.

  35. Could you tell me the beautiful fabric you used in the pictures behind the bunny? They are all so beautiful.

  36. Hey girl, I’m featuring your chocolate oreos today at Drab to Fab! Thanks for the great idea!

    Amy @ Sugar and Spice

  37. Hi there! Love this bunny! Can you tell me where you got the bunny pattern for this?? (or can anyone else??) Thank you so much!!

  38. such a charming bunny, andrea!! thanks for the oreo idea–they look delish:)

  39. Can anyone tell me where to get the bunny pattern?
    stephanie donelson photography at yahoo dot com


  40. Ohh the bunny looks beautiful! I love how you painted it white, and love all the flowers on it! Beautiful!

  41. Carole says:

    I made a similar rabbit years ago when I first started painting. So fun. Love yours. 🙂

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