25 Awesome Mason Jar Creations and printables

Hi there everyone…hope you are all having a great day!  Well I have been noticing more and more every day how much I use the incredible little Mason Jar!  I see them on my walls lined with supplies…in my cabinets holding spices…pastas…beans…cotton balls…in the fridge…the 1/2 gallon size is so perfect for iced coffee and tea and it fits like a charm…so I decided to take another look around the blogosphere to see if there was anything new going on with these special little pieces of glass.  You may have seen some of them but I hope that there are a few you haven’t and it might just give you an idea!  WOW…I was thinking of my Grandmother while looking at all of these things and laughing…she would be so shocked and amazed that they weren’t just for preserving eggplant and tomatoes anymore!
I think the perfect place to start is with some graphics!  

is the place to go when one wants to create…many of the graphics we do are an assemblage of her amazing images…this one is perfect just the way it is!  Just “save as” and use over and over again for tags…labels and more!  We will be creating some fun items for you with these so stay tuned!
Here’s a pair of Aqua Beauties!
And some hand black and whites!  “save as” and CREATE!!!
Three ideas in one!
Get the How to for these great Mason Jar Centerpieces from
So simple…so pretty!
Oh the drama created by…
What a brilliant gift…don’t you think…I am sure you can think of tons of things to put in there that someone would adore!
courtesy of Anthropologie
Mason Jar Wall Planter by
 presents this cool chandelier!

Leave it to Martha
to come up with this great idea…Plant-Marker Protector 
This chandy is so cool!
Better Homes and Gardens did a great job!


a subtle reverly created a beautiful mood with this gorgeous mason 
jar lighting creation..

Oh so pretty in BLUE!!! Get the how to do make your jars blue from…Apartment Therapy 
Now I am a lover of these…so many possibilities…shapes…colors…sizes…check it out!
How about this awesome little pincushion…I know that it is far away…but wouldn’t they make adorable stocking stuffers for friends! Check out more of Susanne’s Creations
New Old School taught me something here…check it out…it’s one of those why didn’t I think of that moments!
Well here is another one that I never saw and never really thought about…hmmm…could be the thing that fills that empty spot on a mantle…different sizes…heights…oh the possibilities!  Nice idea Yankee
Pretty cool Elise!
What a fun way to light anyone’s path…
It’s always great to have one!
I so want to make one of these little terrariums…oh me with the black thumbs…I think I can even have this one survive!  Looks like so much fun and it can be personalized so easily…I will let you know when I decide to give it a try : )
Thanks Craft!
The answer to tons of storage that you can SEE!!!
The Painted Hive…adds some awesome labels and it is sheer perfection…get the how to!
Then this is one of my favs and I love this illustration…The It Girl Project created a yummy treat that looks fabulous!
Really interesting items and the uses for these little old faithfuls is unlimited!  Hope you enjoyed this little montage…there are so many other projects out there so keep on exploring!


  1. I think the painted Mason jars are my favourite although I do quite fancy the sewing kit in a jar too. There some great ideas in this post Andrea. Inspiration is a wonderful thing.
    blowing you a kiss across the miles in the wind…..get ready to catch it X

  2. I have a mason change jar! Ha! These other ideas are much prettier, though! Thanks for sharing! ♥

  3. I have made the sewing kit – something simple to do with the kids and it makes a great gift for family and friends. I still have mine, and still use it. Loved this!

  4. Oh I’m so in love with mason jars right now! Great and lovely ideas! Traci

  5. Oh, I love this post!!!!! What cute idea’s for our mason jars! Hugs, Penny

  6. I LOVE visiting you, Andrea!! Such a beautiful blog, I think I could get lost in here for days and not want to leave! I love all the mason jar projects!! I’ve used some and others I will use now. What a pleasure to visit you!
    Hugs and Blessings,

  7. I Love Mason jars! I used to can a lot, I don’t anymore……..but I have found great use for the jars!!
    Connie from Sadieloohoo

  8. Lots of fun ideas, Andrea…thanks for sharing them. I just love mason jars! =D

  9. So many great ideas! I love mason jars because they are so pretty to look at as well as useful.

  10. This is so nice !!!…love mason jars !!!…i have three of them…..love ria….xxx…

  11. I already had some Mason jars but on Saturday I bought 9 old blue quart jars..the older ones that are rounded at the top..shiny clean and never used at a yard sale for the amazing price of $7.00..That was for all of them not just one..I am trying to decide what to do with them..This post with all these great ideas has now confused me even more..Thanks a lot Andrea..lol..Actually I am kind of leaning toward make them into hanging lights for the kitchen..Hugs

  12. Oh, how I love mason jars!! Such lovely ideas!! I love collecting the blue ones, so pretty!! ox Heather

  13. Another greeeaaat round-up! Love some of these ideas, but I’m a soft sell for Mason jars. Who doesn’t love a good ol’ Mason jar, right?

  14. I love these ideas, but what do you do when you open the jar to get something, and that small insert piece pops out?

  15. The most awesome roundup ever! I am pinning this immediately. Thank you! xo

  16. these are so awesome! love the white lanterns:)


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