25 Cottage Touches

How goes it today for everyone?  Thought it would be fun to explore the cottage world a bit today…so I allowed myself a little trip through Pinterest lane and found some pretties for you.  Hope you enjoy
25 Cottage Touches!

I also wanted to tell you that in the upcoming weeks I will be doing many more episodes of A little help from my friends!  Look for more decorating tips…cooking creations…crafting sensations…my friends are pretty talented in this blogosphere world and I hope you will enjoy!
If you missed the first installment
check it out
Today’s post however is random!
These creamy dreamy stripes…pretty in pink and white flowers and a cushy comfy feel is what it is all about.
You can never go wrong with pink and blue in the cottage world…layers and layers of pretty linens…ruffles and quilts certainly make an impact.
White is always wonderful a simple vanity with the right accessories just pops!
Oh the power of bead board!  The little nook and the open shelving just gives off such a cozy cottage feel.
Now this kitchen just screams cottage ingenuity!  It is just amazing how so many different pieces can be tied together for a perfect cohesive look!
This kitchen captures the feelings of days gone by…when Grandma was cooking the tomato sauce at the stove and there were 20 people waiting to eat that scrumptious food…but with a clean and modern spin…all I know is I want that stove!!!
 Chippy is a good thing!
 A footed tub…bead board…vintage furniture and a touch of industrial steel blends together perfectly in this cottage bathroom!
Speaking of cottage bathrooms…this one is looking beautiful with all the right touches!
 Oh just one more footed tub…this one kicks the the cottage style up a few notches…I guess one would call this cottage chic…I call it gorgeous : )
This room makes me wish that my kids were teeny tiny once again! How sweet is this…the accessories are picture perfect and cottage sweet!
suggests you mix things up! In the cottage world..you basically can’t go wrong by combining many different patterns and designs as long as there is a common thread…this chair by Ralph Lauren shows on how true this is!
Once again…the special touches just make the room…the vintage style chair with the tiny stripes…a toile pillow and a vintage Japanese piece of artwork blended with flowers and a distressed wooden panel wall just seem to come together in harmony!
Here are some cottage touches that you can never go wrong with!
Cottage does not always have to mean vintage…here is a room that is totally cottage fresh! Loving the pretty colors and white wicker! Pops of color just give it so much energy…love it!
This room is a gorgeous combination of cottage style…makes me want to pick up a paintbrush and cover everything in white!
Of course there is plenty of time for frou frou in the Cottage style world…here is a room that shows you how.
Let us not forget the Beachy side of Cottage Style…
How perfect is this beachy flavored kitchen…the color just screams Jersey Shore : )
So beachy cottage fresh…you can almost feel the cool salty air breeze coming in this beautiful room…take note of all the wonderful details that make this room so wonderful.
Old world cottage is so beautiful.
Traditional Cottage sure is looking gorgeous here…a mix of vintage wallpaper…antique bed…shabbied furniture…pillow accents (again mix and match with a common color thread)…and interesting chandelier..white washed flooring all adding up to this seriously divine look.
Now this just defines cottage chic touches doesn’t it!  How yummy does this look!
White on white on white…these open shelves decorated with tons of white bowls and dishes is just so inviting…friendly and may I say fabulous!  A perfect cottage touch!
So if you are riding down a side road and you see an old chippy folding chair waiting for garbage pick-up…think for a second??? and those old jars that you are putting into recycle…do they have a second life?  Old tinny pieces that are looking really shabby…but are they??? A discarded piece of furniture…how would it look with a fresh coat of paint and a bit of distressing?  hmmm that kind of sums up many facets of cottage style…something to think about 🙂
Put your special touch on all that you do and I know it will be picture perfect!


  1. Andrea!! This post is like a breath of fresh air! Thanks for the eye candy ~ Heidi 🙂

  2. Andrea!! This post is like a breath of fresh air! Thanks for the eye candy ~ Heidi 🙂

  3. Andrea!! This post is like a breath of fresh air! Thanks for the eye candy ~ Heidi 🙂

  4. Andrea!! This post is like a breath of fresh air! Thanks for the eye candy ~ Heidi 🙂

  5. Andrea!! This post is like a breath of fresh air! Thanks for the eye candy ~ Heidi 🙂

  6. Love it all! So many ideas and of course I want to do them all 🙂 BTW I announced I’m taking a break from blogging, but I’ll still be around to visit my friends. Hugs ~ Mary

  7. Lovely, lovely inspiration! Thanks Andrea! I’m totally a cottage girl! ♥

  8. Wow this was an eye candy bonanza! I don’t know which one I love more. Thanks so much for stopping by. I appreciate the invite to your party. It would be great to join in.

  9. So much cottage prettiness! I especially love the beachy cottage rooms, especially the beachy kitchen. I also really like the kitchen with the green beadboard cabinetry & little seating nook. And the windows in the nursery are so cool – love them!

  10. So pretty! How neat is that white vintage stove!! xo Heather

  11. Oh Andrea!! What a beautiful post. I love everyone of these. Just makes me want to jump up and do something to my home right now. Oh, ok the feeling has passed.

    Thanks for the inspiration.


  12. such pretty inspiration!!

  13. ♥♥♥…………….Ria

  14. Any of these elements would look great in my cottage-style (sort of) house.

  15. This post is my favourite EVER !! lol You took the best for this post and made it into something wonderful !
    I love that stove as much as you do, I can just see Grandma stiring something yummy on the stovetop. I have a bath just like you have pictured, it is one of my fav things.
    Thankyou for the sweetest message Andrea, you are in my heart too and I am so very lucky to have you in there xoxoxoxo

  16. Yes, Andrea, it is fine for you to use all those pictures of my house on your blog.. I wish! If I had all my rooms looking like those pictures, I would never want to leave my house! Lot’s of inspiration and sighs of, “I love that.” There is something so comfortable about cottage style. And you can take and find a new life and a new beauty in other wise discarded items.
    Thanks for taking the time to put all these pretty pictures together for inspiration.

  17. Great decorating ideas, I love that bathroom! I’m following you now, check out my blog when you get a chance. http://www.king-designs.blogspot.com Barb

  18. So many beautiful ideas! Thank you for sharing such a great round-up!

  19. I had my sister paint my kitchen mustard yellow to go with my European accessories from Sweden. When I see the stuff with white and aqua I wish I had just painted it white. I’m not painting again but instead putting a bit of aqua with the white and soft pink in my bedroom. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures.

  20. LOVE this one, too, and I bookmarked it! Chippy….it’s a very good thing *done in my very best Martha Stewart voice*….


  21. Beautiful pictures! I’ve pinned a few of them. Love those doors!

  22. LOVE.LOVE.LOVE it all! So refreshing and sweet! Thanks for sharing Ü

  23. LOVE.LOVE.LOVE it all! So refreshing and sweet! Thanks for sharing Ü

  24. Beautiful inspirations! They made me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

  25. Krystal Lumpkin says:

    Okay I have to know where to buy the blue and pink bedding set ???? I have to have one so adorable

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