25 Headboard DIY’s

Wishes for a wonderful day!
Looking for a little re-decorating project?
Thinking about replacing that headboard to add a different look or style to a bedroom? Well if you answered yes to any of these questions or you are just curious about what others have been creating…check out…
 Everyone‘s talent and creativity amazes me!

Let’s check it out!
there is a very nice selection of headboard ideas…I really love this unique piece…oh the possibilities!
 Over at
you will find tons of fabulous ideas…
there is inspiration & innovation 
and a
DIY Rope Headboard  
no…not the one with Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts…
presents this stunning piece  
has some wonderful inspirations…
let’s check out a few!  
A feed-sack never looked so fabulous!  
 Two Ordinary window panels…viola! With your spin they will be picture perfect for your room!
Now here is one that is useful…fabulous and can be tailored to any style…check out the rest of the incredible ideas over at
where there are windows…you will find doors!
With a little bit of work and inspiration
presents a paneled look that is doable and affordable! 
creates a Cottage-Style Bedroom…let’s take a peek at the headboard…

Coastal Cottage-Style Shutter Headboard
Some FRESH ideas over at 
FreshHOME ideas…check out a few great headboard projects…
ah the picket fence!
Old is new again
 A ledge and you make it your own!
drop by
freshHOME ideas for some more FRESH ideas! 
Gina over at
 creates this beauty on the cheap!

presents this headboard and pallet bed…so worth the look!

Check out this one from our friend
Salvaged items can transform into an amazing thing!

creates something that I think is genius!  There are so many possibilities with this simply idea…WOW right!

Schue love
presents the 
in a Tutorial

Now here’s another version of the Tufted Board from
Doesn’t get much easier than this!
suggests…maybe a fireplace screen!
They also have this amazing idea…I love this one…using the window panels a bit differently really creates a wonderful look and oh so affordable!  Just picture this one with your own style…
Well there are tons and tons of other projects out there…but I hope that these inspire you to find which one is perfect for you!  I doesn’t matter if your budget is tight because there are so many that can be done for very little.  These also make you look at those things that we throw away or may I even say be on others recycle pile a bit differently!


  1. Wow, thanks for the reminder that this is a wonderful decorating space to transform. I love the headboards with any type of fabric involved. I love to look at my fabric stash whenever I can, wouldn’t it be nice to wake up to a beautiful fabric smiling right at you!

  2. All of these headboards are very clever but I do believe I love the window panel headboard the most. The added fabric is a great idea too! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  3. What a wonderful site, and thanks for following me. I never would have known you were out there in blog world. Now to follow you and wander around in your blog. Have a good day. xoxo

  4. So many great ideas here! Thank you Andrea!
    Erica 🙂

  5. We have a large thick foam piece that’s covered in flimsy fabric, and looove the comfort of leaning back against it… But the fabric seriously needs to go. I just haven’t mustered up the courage to take on the sewing project. I’ve never covered anything that has crisp, square, 3 dimensional corners. o_O

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