Junkin Joe’s Vintage and Thrifty Finds! Tons of Features! Linky Party! All WELCOME!

Hi there everyone…it’s Friday and yes…it is time for
 so come on in…check out the new finds…enjoy the features and then it is time to PARTY!!!

 Let’s start with JJ’s finds this week!

His budget:  $5.00
Spent:  $5.35 
(that’s ok…he scored for $5.35 : )
 For those of you that wonder why the budget…well sometimes what comes in doesn’t go out and it piles…oh WOW it piles…so this keeps everything in control…but as I said before…he is never to leave pretty china behind : )
Check these out…awesome…
 guess what…they are made of METAL!!!
check out the detail…

tons of little leaves and flowers…

I know there are purists out there but these babies are getting shabbied white and going in my kitchen!

Do you know what this is?

I know it is a little weathered…but it gives it character…

so do you know what it is?

It is a vintage egg poacher and I kind of collect them…you see…I was trying to find the “perfect” poach…a story for another time…so when JJ saw this he immediately picked it up…it might not be making breakfast but I do believe I might pop a decorative egg in there and it will be perfect for Easter!!!

No kidding…$1.00!!! and I have 3 people born in August that would love this!

 It is sooooo pretty…
comes with a matching saucer and…
matching cake plate!!!
As if the August tea cup wasn’t enough…this pinkalicious Royal Albert pretty came home…
it may not be vintage…
but she is gorgeous…
and I love her…don’t worry my friends…her destiny is not a collection of mosaic tiles…just a beautiful cup of pear ginger tea!!!
$5 WELL spent!!!! Don’t you think?
Now let is see what you have been up to!  Guess what…this was our biggest party yet!  33 entries…I know…pales in comparison to many but this is such a niche party…we are THRILLED and LOVE you all!!!
WARNING:  Longest Post ever…but there is a party below!!!
get’s straight A’s with this find!
Fabulous Find…WOW!!!! Look at the condition! See more at her fun and friendly blog!
Oh what a beauty found by
She needs advice…can you help her?
has some awesome treasures this week!
What a PANE
that Kelly from 
Eclectically Vintage is!!! No no no…just kidding
she totally SCORED and what a PANE it was!!!

has a great find this week and I for one can’t wait to see what she creates with it!

went to an Estate Sale and came up with some amazing finds!
WOW! This is my fav…I have the same one handed down from to a third generation and I love it!

Talk about a FIND…and it was on
Craigs List…check out
Marias Antoinette and her 
Marie Antoinette find…fit for a queen!
Now let’s eat some cake : )

Now I think you will all enjoy my friend Malia’s little trip…oh so much to see…you will love it!
Take a visit over to  
Yesterday on Tuesday
and enjoy!

Free is good!!!
Brown Shutters House
Love this one a BUSHEL!

20 North Ora
has some sew wonderful finds and more!

Dear Emmeline
creates a gorgeous transformation!

Speaking of transformations…
check out my Island girl Karah
over at
the space between

And something else that is free and wonderful!
Ms. Redo is back to blogging!

A quest for Vintage Lights…
Check out the finds of
The Atomic Moxie !!!

Tatter and Fry 
 has some incredible vintage pieces!
Would you like yours on the rocks?

It’s Still Life
 has some incredible finds…
hop on over and see how this beauty gets fancy…

Woman in Real Life
Thrify T’s

Here is a great before and after from
 and her pumpkins too!

 Well Angie from the Knick of Time works her
vintage transformation MAGIC once again!
Check out this post…you will love it!

and she has some awesome vintage finds!

What would you do???

On the thrifty side…
shows how to make a Blingee Button!

Here’s a thrifty recipe for a Gluten Free Pumpkin treat from

shares some Vintage Photos!

Craft or Clutter?

A little DIY to build a vintage rack from

This is an extensive extremely informative post by
Creating a Vanity Top…WOW!
Last but not least
Check out Penny’s
Shabby Chic Halloween Room!!!
Vampires are welcome!
WOW that was a long post!!!!  I have been here since 2:30 am! lol!!!!
Believe it or not…It is now time to party!!!


  1. Wow, you had so many fabulous links last week! Can’t wait to visit some of them. And as usual, JJ outdid himself, love the pink china pieces and yes in this instance it was approved by the committee to go over budget but only slightly, so good job JJ! I would paint the switch plates, too, and I bet they’re going to look gorgeous! Hugs ~ Mary

  2. and he does it again !!! Well done Joe, I am loving that light switch plate. Go on Andrea you HAVE to paint it white and put it into your kitchen ! The Royal Albery Country Roses cup and saucer retails for around $100 because I collect the original version of it for my Mum. Joe picked up a bargain with that one. The egg poacher is fab too. You could pop a little nest in it for Easter.
    Nice job this week Joe ! 🙂

  3. Love the switch plates that Joe found! I know they’ll look awesome painted white! ♥

  4. man…oodles of great projects and finds! pretty teacup sets with the dessert plate are very hard to find! thanks for the feature!

  5. Woo Hoo!! THANK YOU for the mention … so many great thrifty finds. That vintage egg poacher is too cool … and that plate covers … I’ve never seen anything like them. So neat! Happy weekend to you all!! 🙂

  6. Oh my goodness Andrea!! I love love your treasures for today!! The vintage egg poacher is soo neat! AND I LOVE those tea cups….soooo pretty! 🙂 Hope you have a fabulous Friday and a great weekend!! xox HUGS!! Holly

  7. You found some great stuff this week, my favorite is the switch covers! Thank you for featuring my spooky bedroom! Hugs, Penny

  8. weeeeeeeeeeeeeepa thanks so much I’m excited to be mentioned with those other awesome finds I love love love the switch plates and would totally paint them too have a lovely weekend

  9. Love your blog and thank you for hosting the party. Wow, to my surprise while reading it I see my bushel basket! Thanks for mentioning me. You have a great weekend:)

  10. OHHHHHH! That pink teacup is so pretty I would have taken it home if I had seen it for sale too.
    take care, Darlene

  11. thanks so much for the feature Andrea! All the features are fabulous! Have a happy weekend xox

  12. Love the egg poacher! That is what I thought it was for! Happy to be linking up! Have a great weekend! xo Heather

  13. So many amazing finds! I really love so many of them, especially your egg poacher. Now that’s a very cool little piece 🙂

  14. Thanks for mentioning my Banner Button. Did you see the post I wrote about your banner? Thanks, Katharine

  15. I absolutely LOVE those switchplates! (Yes, it’s the little things that make me happy!) Seriously…LOVE. Did I mention I love them??? 🙂 (Thanks for hosting!)

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