What’s Cooking…Scrumptious Sweet Pumpkin Desserts

There is a crisp in the air…so it’s oven season for sure now…here are some ideas because it is time for
What’s Cooking…

We have explored some delicious pumpkin recipes a few weeks back but today it’s all about the 
Sweet Side of Pumpkin!
 Now this is the way to start a SUNDAY MORNING!!!
Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls
created by
Pumpkin Crumb Cake
Another way to start the day!
Here’s a scrumptious treat INDEED!!!
Here’s a beauty for a Vegan Treat
Banana Rum Vegan Cheesecake with Maple Rum Sauce
How about some yummy looking
Pumpkin Bars?
Here is a fabulous spin on a traditional Italian Dessert…
Mini Pumpkin Tiramisu
Kids will FLIP over these!
Snickerdoodle Pumpkin Ice Cream Sandwiches
a pumkin & a princess
has some fabulous looking
Oh the
Pumpkin Whoopie Pies!
This one is not for the kids but I do have to say it looks simply scrumptious…I am sure you can make them kid friendly!
Pumpkin Cheesecaketini!!!

Are these gorgeous or what!
Pumpkin Meringue Tartelettes 
by the one and only
Well all of the above are incredible treats and may I say they are packing a few calories to say the least : )  So here is a brilliant creation by the fabulous
Yummy Mummy…
get this…
a 55 calorie
with options for kids and vegans!
Check it out!
 Wow right!!!! This one has NO GUILT!!!
going to go have mine NOW!

Which one are you going to try?  Whatever your choice I know one thing…it is going to be DELICIOUS!!!! Pumpkin is an amazing fruit that contains MANY health benefits…if you would like you can find out more

Experience the perfect pumpkin…if you are looking for more great recipes…check out my other pumpkin post

 Bon Appetit!!!


  1. I am hungry now !!…have a nice sunday darling…love Ria…xxx..

  2. Oh my holyness!! I want it all. Ready made and delivered NOW !!

  3. As always Andrea, you did an amazing job at finding an array of treats! I instantly checked out Yummy Mummy and found the latte recipe to be super simple (yay :) … not previously visited her blog before but I’m thrilled to have it as a new blog read … thanks so much for sharing. Hope your weekend has been great. Robin

  4. Thanks for these links…I am a pumpkin ‘ho.

  5. thanks for sharing these! I think I hear one of those lattes calling me…

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