Stocking Stuffers for Little Girls…Etsy Style

Hi everyone…how goes it today…hope everyone has an excellent start to their week…I know it is before Thanksgiving but thought it would be fun to have a week dedicated to 
Stocking Stuffers for all ages (stay tuned…in another week we will be focusing on your furry and feathered friends!)
Not to worrywe will still be celebrating
Junkin Joe on Friday and there will be some printables coming your way also…so check back during the day…there will be double posts this week : )
After you take a peek at these…hop on over to my friends
Gina from
and Lisa from
The Pennington Point
for more STOCKING FUN!
Let’s start with
Handmade Stocking Stuffers
for little girls!
from the Wonderful World of Etsy!
You will find incredible gifts and Support the Handmade Movement all in one!

Part Two is now live…so when you finish here…hop on over

 Twelve Great Etsy Boutiques and TONS of Options!

What little girl wouldn’t want one of these fabulous 
Crayon Rolls in their stocking this year!
offers a huge variety of patterns and styles…truly a perfect gift!
How about this adorable little felt hair clip for the precious tiny little girls in your life…I don’t think it gets CUTER than this
Little Turtle!
Now how about the little girl that is about 8 and wants to be all grown up with her jewelry but still adores all things cute…one of these affordable necklaces will bridge the gap for sure…they also make a perfect inexpensive gift for that long list of friends!
Kawaii Cabochon Pendant Necklace
Ok…I have to admit I wish mine were little because I want to play with these…I just think they are so adorable and precious!
Not only is this a gift that is too cute…it is the gift of expanding  your little ones imagination!
Woodland Friends Finger Puppet Set
there is a fabulous array of sets in this shop and you are going to want EVERYONE of them! : )
Does your little girl have an American Girl?  If she does…this is a shop for you…Check out this little accessory set that Samantha, Addy Kirsten, Caroline and Abbot would LOVE and there are other choices for the rest of the girls on this shop!
American Girl Doll Size Peioneer Early American School food:
Pail, Primer, Apple, Cookie, Slate and Faux chalk…how adorable is this…
Every little girl just starting Pre-K or Elementary School would love a colorful…fun…bright and cheery bracelet for sure!
has a large selection of these affordable and adorable creations!
Speaking of affordable and adorable…how about this little girls 
Cupcake Purse!
You can wrap it all pretty and it will slide right into that stocking…when your precious little girl opens it…you are sure to get a HUGE HAPPY SMILE!
created by
oh what a selection this shop has!
If you are feeling creative yourself and would love to make a gift that will keep on giving…take a click over to
You will find a treasure chest of Felt Patterns like these…
 I am sure that any little one would love these little treats in their stocking and they will give them hours and hours of creative fun! Check out the other patterns…you will smile for sure.
Paper Dolls will never go out of style! Even in a digital world…I think the Paper Doll has the allure it has always had for all ages.  At Uncommon Nonsense 
there is a large selection that are so affordable.
I feel in love with this one…
Greta and her Great Danes
aren’t the precious!
These sweet…soft and simply gorgeous little baby hair flowers will look precious in your baby girls hair but I think they are a perfect gift for any Mom because she is going to adore these and love putting them in her little angels hair.
from Italy presents
Baby Hair Flower Clips 
Oh this is the perfect little git to be popping out of that stocking…Colorful! Whimsical! Adorable!!!
A Magic Wand
This shop also has these fabulously brilliant and fun headbands for the those little girls that are in elementary school…so cute…so colorful…I know they would love them!
 The girl Gnomes want to play!
They all come tucked in an adorable little carrying bag and will travel and keep your little one company for hours and hours!
Over at 
there is a large selection of little felt fun!
Check out this 
Little Bag Full Of Gnomes
They even have a little kit to make your own…
Take a trip over to these shops that are brimming with imagination.  I enjoyed searching around for some special little stuffers and I hope you enjoy your visits and maybe find the perfect little gift for that special little girl!
Check back in a little bit for a selection of Tutorials for you to create some special stuffers for the little girls in your life!
If you are dying to see More ideas…well…I can fix that…check out
today…Gina has more selections that I know you will love
and for some FREE stocking stuffer ideas…check out
Lisa has some great ideas for you!
See you later for my part 2!
Remember…Junkin Joe will return on Friday!


  1. Beautiful ideas! I wonder if Santa can bring some of those hair clips for my stocking *wink*

  2. Oh my goodness….every one of these is so adorable I can’t stand it! I want that felt cookie making set. Great ideas….now I am wishing my girls were little again! Lisa~

  3. I always wanted a little I remember why..cause their stuff is so adorable!!


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