2012: A Year in Crafting

 Well my friends…it is time to take a look towards 2013 and a whole new world of crafting and art projects but first…let’s take a little look back at 2012 and a year of crafting and a few highlights…

here is one of my favorite projects…it is soooooo easy…but so much fun and it uses one of the greatest crafting products of the year…washi tape…

Another fun project with washi tape was my
It’s fun…easy…quick and cute!

Another fun product of 2012 was the Fabric Tape but why spend a lot of money when you can take your own fabric and make your own.  It is so much less expensive and just think about the endless variety you can create with this
Now you all know that my husband loves to do some junking…and he brings home many stray pieces of china…so here is a fun…fast…useful little project that you can make for yourself or family and friends and once again…think of all the different patterns there are and all the possibilities with this
If you love the look of expensive earrings but you don’t have the budget for them…well then try these ez p
Speaking of Anthropologie Inspired how about these little cuties…yes there is a tiny bit of sewing involved but let me tell you…if I can sew them…ANYONE can! : )
Here is a creation that looks fabulous and is just so easy you won’t believe it…
if you would like a little bit of a different spin on the same concept necklace…take a peek at this version…

Hmmmmm…wondering what to do with that pretty tin you don’t want to recycle and for once you don’t want to apply a layer of paint on it?  Well that is the way I felt about this little pretty tin of mine…so here is what I did and you can find out what I used it for
Another easy project that you can tailor to what you have available in your crafting stash is

Another source of inspiration came from the Pottery Barn and of course it was escalated by the beautiful crystal containers that our own Junkin Joe came home with…
Crystal Candles…A Pottery Barn Knock Off!
 Ah…then there was a little Mother’s Day Project…
 A pretty rabbit hopped into the act also…
 not only can you get the how to for this cutie…you can get the how to for the yummy treats that he brought with him all in the same post!
Chocolate Oreos 
I have been so lucky to have become one of the
contributors…it is such a honor…so be sure to take a peek at her DIY BLOG and check out the projects there… you will find creations like…
The Ball Jar Chalkboard
   and many more and many more to come! Hop on over to her blogs and have fun!

The Cottage Market was in the Pink this year also with this fun

For another BLAST of Color…try the Kate Spade inspired…

 There’s more fun projects…if you would like to see them…just click here

Looking forward to many new crafting and art projects in 2013 and we will be adding some Children’s Art Appreciation Creations also!
Also…I would LOVE to hear what you would like to see in the way of crafting projects…I am all ears and you know where you can find me…in case you don’t I am all ears at
See you tomorrow for
The Best of Junkin Joe…REVIEWS and a PARTY!!!
All are welcome! : )  




  1. I bow to your awesome craftiness thank you for sharing at the hop xo

  2. Great projects from a great lady..Hugs!

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