25 Gorgeous Gingerbread Houses

Wishing you a sweet weekend with visions of sugarplums 
or in this case some fabulous
Gingerbread Houses!
Today is is all about the eye candy!
So just pull up a comfy chair…grab a cup of something yummy and take a peek at some fun and imaginative creations!
  Hope they make you smile!

This is my favorite! I know it is little…but I just love it…can you imagine and entire table set with these on each cup!  TOOOOO cute! 
No…this could be my favorite too…OH I WANT THIS ONE!!!
A touch of the Swiss Alps
Simple and serene…

Simply Amazing

Simple and Sweet

Too Cute! The Kids would love this one!  Look at that little bird…think of all the other little animals you can make!
Oh what a fabulous piece this is!  Columns of Candy Canes!
I love it!

This is so sweet…so simple and you can take it to the heights with ideas!  I bet you there are some little ones that would love to decorate those ice cream cones!!!!

Pretty Awesome!

This almost reminds me of the Almost Home House!

So adorable!

Sweet Santa and Friends!!!

A tiny village of Gingerbread!


This is so fabulous!

Wow! Love the detailing!

Gingerbread by the sea!

Easy Peasy…So great for the kids!

Pez Mania!!!!

Here is a WOW WOW!!!

So cute!

Stories of fun


I LOVE the use of the cones!!!

Here is one that is SIMPLY AMAZING!!!!

I want this!!! I would keep it up ALL year because just looking at it makes me HAPPY!
I know that all my cottage loving friends will flip over this one!

 Oh…here’s a bonus house…

The White House Gingerbread House
for 2012
Looks like little Bo or should I say BIG Bo is the star!

 it even comes with a garden…
I would love to see all of them in one spot from all the Presidents! They are really works of art!

Well there you have it my friends…just a little tour of some fun
Holiday creations…hope you had a great time and here’s wishing you a sweet and awesome day!



  1. These are great. My favorite is teeny tiny one. I have a gingerbread board on Pinterest…adding to it now! Thanks,

  2. Thank you so much! These are all glorious! I’m going to have a look at making a graham cracker house this year. I know it’s cheating, but all my gingerbread gets made into bunny-shaped cookies. The little mug-sitter houses are so sweet. For other little gingerbread houses, the Dollar Tree does one that’s very small, for those that don’t have time for fiddling. I’m putting one on my British Christmas cake.

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