25 Yummy Cottage Market Recipes

Really hope your Holiday was picture perfect and with 2013 right around the corner…just thought we would take a look at the year

in recipes at 
The Cottage Market
Let’s take a peek at a few of them and I have all ready started planning some new ones for you in the new year…I will be bringing you Vegetarian Comfort Foods!
One thing I found so funny while compiling this post is ALL the different styles of pictures…I think there are more here than the average movie stars hair-do‘s it’s crazy…2013 I think we are going to go with a cohesive blend! : )
With New Years Eve right around the corner…here is a recipe that is easy…delicious and great on the budget…
The whole family and all your friends will adore these!

Speaking of pancakes and parties…here is a sure fire treat for all!
Once again with 2013 celebrations coming soon…here is a quick little finger food combo that is a little bit sweet and a little bit savory…a great snack and a fabulous party food!
Ah…here is another treat this Holiday Season and my personal favorite…great finger food for sure!
Another fabulous snack is
 every one will be happy!  You can even make them into nuggets and they will go far at a gathering!  Add some dipping sauces and YUM!

Ah now for a quick and easy breakfast this weekend…when isn’t a good time for Nutella!
 Here is a picture perfect treat for a New Years Even Breakfast table…it will be snatched up in a minute!
If you are looking for some hot and yummy soups…we have those too!  Here‘s one that is perfect during these chilly Winter Months…hearty…healthy and yummy!
Need a sandwich to go with the soup…
How about an
Easy Portobello Mushroom & Roasted Tomato Slider! 
Now here is one of my favorite sandwiches ever and I give you the complete details with this post…
substitute your favorite veggies and grill them up…put your own spin on it and let me tell you…it is FABULOUS!
Another one of my favorite Sandwich Treats is the
It is so good for you it’s scary!!!! 

Maybe a little International touch is what you need on the dinner plate…if so…you have to try 
 you are going to love it!

Now here is a sample of Salvadorian cuisine…when my dear friend Keren from FPTFY
told me about her favorite food from her country…I had to give it a try and WOW was she right…LOVE these and they freeze like a charm! 
What would it be without a little bit of Italian...
this is literally a staple in my family and has been forever…
The Perfect love story of
it’s a perfect blend!
If you are looking for a true taste of Italy…you have to experience this recipe that is straight from my friend Orsetta from Italy…oh so yummy!
Now if you would like to make some homemade condiments…we have those too!
 How about the easiest of all recipe…
these are so yummy and made in the blink of an eye…eat them out of the jar or treat your sandwich with some crunch!

 Now Pesto is something that can be used in so many ways…on pasta…as a dip…mixed with Greek Yogurt or sour cream for a sandwich spread…to flavor a soup or stew and the list goes on..here is a simple recipe for
put this on your list of things to make!!!
There is also a recipe included in this post for a great pasta sauce!

Here is a pesto that UNFORTUNATELY is very seasonal…there is a short period of time in the late Spring when Garlic Scapes are Plentiful…well when that time comes…you MUST make this heavenly blend…if you love garlic…you are going to do flips for this…Use it for EVERYTHING…top fresh mozzarella with it…add it to sauce…stews…soup…sandwich spreads…pasta or sometimes (don‘t tell anyone) I just take a spoonful or get a piece of crusty bread and spread it on…GARLIC HEAVEN!!!!
If you need a little bit of sweetness…we have that too!
Sweet & Simle
they are a crowd pleaser and so easy to eat! 
 Here’s another sweet finger food dessert!
Here’s a great dessert to ring in the New Year In…once again…easy finger food…two bites of heaven!
Peanut Butter & Jelly…not for Lunch Boxes any more!
Now here is a dessert with all the taste and NONE of the guilt!
Here’s a sweet treat that makes you shout WHOOPIE!!!
Let’s finish this post with 
Grannies Carrot Cake 
a fabulous treat with a story to tell!
There are more recipes…but these are a few that I think you will really enjoy!  BON APPETIT my friends and have a wonderful day!




  1. I just had a big dinner but your post has left me hungry! YUM! Hope you and your family had a wonderful, peaceful Christmas! Thank you for the gift of your friendship! xoxo

  2. ahhh so much yummy in one place. thank you xoxoxo

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