A Year of FREE Digital Download Collages with New Ones in todays post! 50 of them!

 Hi there my friends!  Well it is the last day of 2012…hope you make it a great one!  We have been taking a look back at our year here at The Cottage Market and today…time to look back at the
year of digital collages and images and there will be a New Year’s announcement about these at the end of the post!

This post is going to make it so easy for you to snatch up these images…just click to enlarge…and then SAVE AS and viola…they are yours…instant download and it’s FREE!!!
Oh…may I warn you…there might be a few here that you never saw before!!!  These are all fabulous for so many different purposes…transferring to tea towels, tote bags, pillows, or anything you can think of…you can use them framed, on your blog for a bit of bling, and the list goes on…hope you find something you like in this little round up and you can always find more in the freebies section of the blog!
This list is random…take a peek at them all and snatch the ones you want to play with!


Wow!  There you have it for today…50 different images for you to create with and I sure hope you have fun with them all…
now for my little announcement…We are going to be creating a new blog to add to The Cottage Market family…this one is going to be all kinds of collages vintage…kid themed…holidays…modern…and all other things in between…we will still have our day of digital fun each week here at TCM…this is just an additional treat for everyone and there will be a new image every day!
 It will be starting a about 2 weeks…so stay tuned!!!
oh yes…if you have any requests or idea…let me know please!
Have a SAFE and HAPPY New Years Eve
and I will be here tomorrow to send you my New Years Wish for you and maybe a little something else you will enjoy!




  1. Een heel goed en vooral gezond 2013 !!!…….

    Bedankt voor je liefde en vriendschap van het afgelopen jaar……

    Ik ben zo blij met je !!……

    Liefs van mij….xxx..

    ★ ┊    ★ ┊┊   ★ ┊  ★ ┊    
    ┊   ┊ ☆   ☆┊ ┊     ★┊  
      ★ ┊    ★ ┊ ★ ┊ ★ ┊
    ┊   ┊ ☆   ☆┊    ★┊ ☆ ☆ 
    ☆┊   ☆   ★ ┊    ★ ┊┊ ☆   
    ┊   ┊ ☆   ☆┊    ★┊★┊ ★
    ☆┊ ☆   ★ ┊    ★ ┊ ☆

    A very good and healthy 2013 !!!……

    Thank you for your love and friendship over the past year……..

    I’m so happy with you !!……….

  2. Wow…what fun! The possibilities are endless.

    Sending you PEACE mixed with oodles of joy for 2013! Thank you for being such a blessing to me I have so enjoyed our visits this past year..xoxoxo

  3. Hi Andrea! Wow, what a wonderful collection you have here. I know I could use some to get my creative juices flowing! Congratulations on your new addition to your family of blogs!! That sounds like a lot of fun. Bless your sweet heart and have an awesome 2013!

  4. These are amazing Andrea! Thanks so much for sharing – I’ll be sharing this on my FB page!

    Wishing you and your family an amazing new year!

  5. Adorable; thank you for sharing!

  6. I am tweeting this right now! So awesome. Thank you for sharing.

  7. WOnderful selection! Thanks for the freebie. Wishing you a blessed year ahead- happy 2013!

  8. Woow…very nice!!! Thank you…:-)HAPPY New Year 2o13

  9. Thanks Andrea! Pinned and looking forward to your new venture!

  10. Oh how very very lovely. Thank you oodles sweet! :o)

  11. Wow! everything looks wonderful and wobbly!http://go4download.com/

  12. Thanks for the new images. I especially like the peacock with the french writing/card in the background.

  13. Wow! Thank you so very much! I love the peacock and all things French 🙂

  14. Wonderful selection! thank you for sharing!

  15. Merci beaucoup pour tous vos magnifiques partages!!!

  16. Brenda Schulteis says:

    Thank you so much. Theses are lovely!

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