Down the Rabbit Hole Holiday Gift Guide for Pets

Morning my friends…today our trip down the Rabbit Hole brings us to a wonderful world of Pet Gifts!  I know here at our home, they are part of our family and hearts…maybe there is something special here that you might treat them with…some awesome stuff.

My heart is deeply saddened by the horrific happenings in Connecticut yesterday morning.  My thought and prayers go out to the families of the children…the teachers and everyone who’s lives have been altered forever.  I don’t have the words to express my emotions…please hug your loved ones a bit tighter today.  I do know that heaven is overflowing with angels that got their wings too soon.

Let’s start with some fun toys!
What doggie wouldn’t want one of these…
They are awesome little durable toys that will take a real beating from your pooch!  The were actually awarded…
 There are tons of design choices…one that your pup will love I am sure!  No…this is not a paid post…just a great recommendation
Check out
Check out this new Eco PLAY Bone…its fabulous…durable…comes in 5 patterns and your dog will love it!  Looks really cool too!
Check out 
for a whole array of presents for pet!
Now here is an excellent choice for and doggie…they will have hours of chewing refreshment.  This is a hydro fetch…you soak the toy in a liquid and it is slowly released as your pup chews…it’s awesome and you can reuse over and over and over again and so affordable!
they even have a Hydro Saucer!
 Check them out…great fun for both of you!
Gotta Love this name
Well they have some exciting toys and accessories for you dog!
Just love this Toy…
Splash Loopie
snatch one of these for Fido and save it for the Summer Time Fun or Bath Time!!!
Now what pup wouldn’t want to find this adorable Santa Hedgehog in their stocking!  There is nothing more fun that playing with Mr. Hedgie…my doxies think he is awesome!
for tons of ideas and great toys!
This shop is also one that
so you are making your dog happy and helping dogs in need!
That is a WIN WIN!!!! 
Now here is a smart toy to challenge your dog and give him/her hours of fun!  Yes…you are making them work for their treats…but giving them much amusement doing it!  You can even control the difficulty level…this is awesome!
another great gift from
These are so cute and there is a large selection of them at
where it is all about Organic!!!
Check out this rope toy…come on…doesn’t get much cuter!
Your dog will have hours of fun playing with you.
Love these!  There are many fun toys on this site…enjoy!
 while you are there…check out the Petite‘s…
meet Lucy…
and her friends are as adorable!
How about some BLING for your pup…the cool thing is is that it is a gift for you…why?  because it is an air-freshening rubber bone with aroma’s like green apple…beat the funky breath lol!!!
It comes in different colors…your dog looks cool and a sweet aroma is your bonus!
while you are over there…check out
these adorable chewbies…
Now…hop on over to 
for one of the coolest toys in town!
let your pup be the first on the block to play with this exciting toy!
Then there are Buddy Links from
Love these…check it out…your doggie will FLIP!
How much fun is this…
for your pup!
check it out…
Now how about some toys for kitty!
carries these amazing Pounce Recycled Cat Toys!
How adorable is this…this time kitty gets the upper hand! lol!
 while you are there…check out this grooming brush…your cat will thank you with a million purrs…
 You kitties are going to love this one!
Smart Cat Peek a Prize Toy Box
 while you are there…check out some of the other fabulous cat toys…there are TONS!
How about 
Spot Kitty Fast Track!
Awesome hours of fun!
If your kitty is CURIOUS and which one isn’t…this is such a fun and interactive toy…check it out at
 and while you are there…check out some of these other awesome toys like…
Swiss Mountain Cat Scratcher!
What Kitty doesn’t love MICE!!!!
 Check out these cuties over at 
Oh this Catnip Critter over at 
is precious! 
There is such a wonderful world of toys out there for our little friends…These sites that I have shared are FILLED with tons of goodies …all of high quality and safe for your pets.
One suggestion…if you buy stuffies…make sure those eye and noses are on there tight or remove them and stitch them on…you don’t want your little guy to swallow them!
Time for some STUFF!!!!
This is an awesome item to carry with you while you travel or simply visit Grandma!
A Traveling Silcone Travel Bowl
you will find it over at 
our RESCUE Donating FUN Shop!!!!
It folds down flat…AWESOME!!! 
Perfect for Dogs and Cats!
Now I love this product from 
Fabulous for Winter wear and tear! 
Harry Barker has a line of amazing products…here are just a few!
A huge line of excellent dog beds
check this one out…fit for a KING or Queen!
 and oh so many colors and sizes…
They even have these fabulous Roll beds that you can take room to room or wherever you are going!
I am going to do a big post on dog beds soon…everyone seems to love the pet bed post for DIY’s…so I will do an extensive ones that can be purchased that are of high quality! Coming SOON!
Check out the rest of the site for incredible gifts for your pup!
Now here’s a treat that your kitty will flip for!
The Canadian Cabin from
  oh and the kids can have tons of fun decorating it…
 and it is only $25!!!
They even have a Tee Pee
Does your dog have allergies?  Are you looking for a happy healthy treat made entirely of fruit that your dog will do cartwheels over…
well check out
Fruitables Organic Treats
over at our Rescue Supporting Shop
Ok…treats are loved by all of our pets…next week I will be doing an entire post on homemade treats for you pet
homemade treat gift ideas! 
Don’t miss it…your furry friend will thank you for it!
Also a bit about Pet Safety during this holiday season!
See you then!
There are so many terrific gift ideas out there…check some of them out…just keep SAFETY in mind before you purchase!
I wish I could share more with you…but I would have you here all day! Hope you enjoy these!
This post was approved by
Pops and Basil!
They said it was PAWFECT!




  1. That picture of Pops and Basil is seriously perfect! I love all of these gift ideas .. that little teepee is such a cute idea! Hope you are all enjoying the holiday season!! xo

  2. What a fun post! I’m glad I’m not the only one who spends almost as much time on the doggie gifts as the human ones! 😉 Take care and happy holidays, Andrea!

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