Ideas for Breakfast and Brunch on Christmas or any time

Wow, it is Sunday…2 days left before Christmas…I don’t know how but it seems to sneak up on my each year.  This year is going to be a very quiet and low key…all about people… pets and of course good food…a lot to reflect on.
In case you don’t know what to serve the gang for Christmas breakfast or maybe brunch…I thought I would share some delicious options that just might be picture perfect on your families table.
Let’s see What‘s Cooking

  Let’s dig in!
are always welcome at ANY table!
Sweeten thing up with some

How about a
It’s always time for French Toast and here is a really simple one that you can have READY to go!
How about an Easy
Let’s get a little nutty with

Spice things up a little with

There is always room for

Yes…Vegetarians have an 

Fruit is always a perfect touch at any breakfast or brunch table
A casserole always makes things easier and here is a fabulous one
A little added sweetness with

For Adults
or skip the Rum and they are perfect for kids!
These would look fabulous on that Brunch Tables for sure
Try this…it is AMAZING!!!
There is always room for
 French Toast is always a favorite…but have you ever made
How about some 
a complete meal that is yummy
How about a new twist on an old favorite…
Now here is a great one to try and you can have everything done a head…
Now for all you vegetarians out there…if you just wish you could have a bit of sausage with those eggs…here is a great
veggie recipe by the one and only
Try this…you are going to love it...I do!
 And I leave you with my favorite
I can speak first hand…this will be GONE by the time you count to 3!
 Well there is a bit of a variety of some ideas for that Breakfast Brunch Table…not only for Christmas but for any time!
Hope you enjoy…
Bon Appetit!




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  2. Niceeeee Spread my friend!!!

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  4. Niceeeee Spread my friend!!!

  5. Niceeeee Spread my friend!!!

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