Junkin Joe Vintage and Thrifty Finds…Features and Linky Party

Greetings!  So great to see you for the last 
 before the Christmas!  Come on inside for some great finds…features and of course it is also Party Time…

Please take a moment out of you day and reflect.  Remember all the angels that have been called to heaven too soon from gunfire all over the world…let them know that you have them in your heart.

Yep…JJ is still on his budget…but went over by a dollar this time! 

Interesting lot but my favorite was the set of old giant books!
 A GIANT Read!  Measuring 2 feet by 3 feet!
all the ghost are there…
    spooky and fun…
 a great treat and a wonderful way to enjoy…
 the best part is … it ends happy : ) and then this volume came in too…
 Oh how I wish there wasn’t a rip on the cover : ( but it is still precious…
is a great story to be holding a GIANT BOOK…
 and this little guy just makes it even more special…
hope St. Nick will soon be with you all!
 Then this little vintage 1980’s watch was in there and guess what…faux leather and it works!!! 
 It’s a cutie…
 The only thing…I don’t wear a watch : ) LOL!!!!
 JJ brought a little bit of pink home…
 lovely roses…
 a lovely little container.
 a little bit of Christmas came home…

topped with a little tweetie bird…

a spout ready to pour…
 a holiday cup of tea!
Now…let’s see some features from last weeks party!
 Oh do I love this first feature!  A fresh Holiday Wreath decked out with gorgeous flowers and cottage goodness!
Has a little bit of Summer in it…why…because it hangs in
Australia where the weather is warm!
This beauty was created by my dear friend
Melanie…a wonderful flower artist!!! And there is yet another one to see
on her new gorgeous blog!!! She got a total redo from Keren at Free Pretty Things For You and it looks marvelous! Check it out…you are going to love it.
 here’s a sneak peek…check out all the other gorgeous pictures!
 oh there is so much more!!!  I am just so proud of all that she has accomplished the first year in Florist school…can you imagine what she will create next year!  Can’t wait…hugs…
Christmas Memories…and a game of tag
drop by and get the details! : )
just does it again with her awesome finds…so many amazing ones…this is just the beginning…
Seconhand Brikabrak, Loved again:  Part 25 
Remembering the Days at Aqeela’s House
 there is more!!!
celebrates the holidays with this gorgeous
deer silhouette pillow…a thrifty creation!
 has some candle fun!
Get the How to!

has something really Yummy!!!
Sallies Greatest Pear Crisp

has some adorable treats to see

Over at 
there are some gorgeous hand made ornaments!
Take a peek! 
Now over at
 there is some Holiday Fun!
LOVE this



Over at Three Dawg Lady Designs
it’s time to meet Lucy

and her little snowmen…

Kats Almost Purrfect World 
 has some Christmas Images for you!

Distressed Donna Down Home

shows us some gorgeous vintage ornaments and so much more!

you have to see her wonderful Christmas window also! : ) Take a visit over!

Oh that
Artsy Va Va
Check out her Mixed Media Christmas Collage!
Her technique ROCKS! 


A Happy Gram
has made the cutest garland of vintage goodies!
SO adorable…have a peek! 

La Maison Jolie
(don’t you just adore that name!)
has created something that is just precious
take a peek at her lovely blog…you will be happy you did!


The Vintage Farmhouse
would love you to hop over and take her gorgeous 
Cottage Home Tour!
Well worth the visit! You will love it! 

Ms. Redo
has created her adorable Front Porch!
Take a visit to see the rest make sure to bring a treat for the pup 🙂

A Little Bit of Everything 
has a little bit of a vintage Christmas collection to show you! So wonderful!
Have fun!

 Now it is time to see what has been happening over at
Twigg Studios
Some Fabric Woodland animal ornaments…so pretty and so much more…take a peek…it’s tons of fun!

Now it is time to Party!
We would like to wish you a very Merry Merry and Happy Holidays…we love seeing you each and every week and we wish you nothing but happiness!


Party Time! 





  1. Thank you so much for featuring my mixed media collage! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!!

  2. How cute is that watch!?!! Love all the features too! SO many cute things and good ideas!! Just wanted to pop in and say I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday and Merry Christmas!! Give your pups kisses too!! 🙂 🙂 Sending Christmas hugs! xo Holly

  3. Ah, thanks for the feature, sweetness! Wish you and JJ could stop by, we’d have hot cocoa and you could pet Casper and feed him treats! Love you, Mary!

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Junkin Joe Vintage and Thrifty Finds…Features and A Linky Party Everyone Welcome!

Hey there friends…it’s Friday and 18 days before Christmas!  EEESH!  Well if you need a moment to relax…have a cup of something hot and yummy…come on in and see what‘s happening with the new adventures of
come on in…much more to see along with features and a Linky party!

Yes…JJ is still on a $5 a week budget! So let’s see what he snatched up this week (there was no change this week…he went over by $.50!) 
  Well I am not a fan of onions…unless they are blue…
Mrs. Salt is looking darling…
Mr. Pepper is looking smashing…
  they really are a perfect pair…
a couple that is a bit spicy!  They are Blue Onion pattern and a great vintage find!
So pretty…

love the detail…they are just a very sweet pair…

milk glass is a real classic…just like pearls… it goes with everything!

Attention all vintage enthusiasts…

JJ could not pass this up but did not know what it was?
He certainly knew it was silver not only by it’s looks but with the name Rogers on the back…it was a given!

I love pantina…but not sure about this one? What do you think…polish or not…that is one question

the other question…what is this??? inquiring minds want to know 🙂
So what do you think??? How did he do!!!
Now it is time to see what everyone has been up to!

Over at 
we will see some wonderful Vintage Decorating…
plus she has a new baby on the way…now that is a gift that can’t be beat!!! 
shares some beautiful vintage teacups…
take a peek and enjoy a cup! 
somebody has snow!
Holly over at
is lighting the way with her fabulous candles!
A perfect gift!
 check out her amazing garland too!
Has a wonderful redo!
check it out! 

shares some awesome Holiday finds!

Over at 
there is a ton of fun
happening…you have to check out her finds…they are amazing!

shows us what she created from a vintage find!
So much FUN!

Oh Miss

French Blue
and Peachy Pink
shares some gorgeous vintage lace and a FABULOUS new vintage look on her blog!!!

Remember the day at Aqeela’s House

wraps a pretty present…check out her gorgeous vintage paper and much much more…

Over at 

there are some vintage Free Christmas tags! 
has a vintage find and an amazing red…
here is the before…hop on over to see the after! 

 Hop on over to 

and build some snowmen!

 Some really fabulous finds over at

Check them all out!

It’s all about the GREEN

over at
come on over to get the how to!
It was FREE!!! 

Baby It’s Cold Outside
over at 
Vintage fun!

has such an adorable little project for us…just too cute1

puts some major pizzaz into this awesome shade!
check it out…it’s great and oh the possibilities!!!

has a fabulously easy and thrifty creations!
Recycle Magazine Christmas Trees!
Come and see the Before and After!

Over at 
Many creations are happening!
Check out one of my favorites…
Snowy Pinecone Wreath!
So shabbalicious!!!
Now let’s take a peek at what our friend
Anne is up to over at
It’s Shutterific!
You have to see the how to …what a wonderful and thrifty idea as usual…Anne rocked this project!
So there you have it my friends!!!
Some awesome finds…creations and more!
Can’t wait to see what you have next week…
BIG ANNOUNCEMENT for next weeks party…
Everything HOLIDAY is welcome…so let’s see your trees…houses…rooms…decorations…ornaments…finds…treasures
your vintage…your everything!!!!! I want everyone to join in!  We
know that this is a limited party but let’s branch out for the
Holiday Season!!!!
Hope to see you all there next week!
Now…Let’s Party!
    can’t wait to see!!!    



  1. I think I have something to share for next time. Still trying to get caught-up around here.

    I love the S&P shakers. 😀 They are too cute!

    By the way, I think your little silver pan might be a crumb pan. A servant would brush crumbs from the dinner table into the pan!


  2. Thank you my sweet friend for featuring my shutter project! You are the best!!!

    Have a happy weekend xox

  3. So nice to see my snowman blow mold featured this week – thanks so much!!!

  4. Are you kidding me?!?! that salt and pepper is really beautiful, great job, Joe! Always loving some milk glass, just classic. I don’t know what the silver piece is but if it has to be polished … hmm. Haha, you brought it home, Joe, you’ll have to do the polishing!!! Andrea, you’ve got some fabulous features this week, can’t wait to visit them! Hugs ~ Mary

  5. Thankyou so much for featuring my Pinecone wreath Andrea have a great weekend xxx

  6. Great finds as usual by JJ! Thanks for featuring my lampshade! Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Awesome finds! I want to go shopping with Joe 🙂
    The silver item looks like a vintage crumb catcher to me. The butlers would scrape the crumbs off the table and into the catcher.

  8. Awesome finds! I want to go Junkin’ with Joe! 🙂
    It looks like a vintage crumb catcher to me. In the old days, the butler would discreetly swipe away the crumbs into the catcher during a meal service and after the meal.

  9. Thanks for featuring my snowman. Have a great weekend! You made my morning.

  10. Thanks for the features sweet friend!! Hope you have a wonderful cheery weekend!! 🙂 xoxx HUGS! Holly

  11. Thanks for featuring me again. I just ordered something for your Cottage Market (finally!!!). Now I’m eyeing the bunting frame for myself. 🙂

  12. Such beautiful finds!! Love the milk glass candle holders!! Wishing you a lovely weekend! xo Heather

  13. Thank you so much for the feature. You always feature suck great finds!

  14. Great picks Joe..The silver pan is indeed a crumb catcher..There would have been a little brush with it for sweeping the crumbs from the table into the pan..

  15. Thank you for hosting! And what great finds for such a small amount of money!
    Aqeela xx

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