25 Wonderful Walls of Plates DIY Projects

Plates… Plates… and more PLATES!  Dinner Plates … China Plates …Vintage Plates … Cake Plates … New Plates … Old Plates… PrettyPlates … Plain Plates and all the Plates in between can create the most Fabulous Wall of FUN!  So today we are going to take a look at some creations created with this simple design element.  

Let’s take a “pinteresting” look at the world of
Walls of Plates DIY Projects
 A pinspirational trip!
Here’s one of my favorites.  How creative is this.  
Fun and Fabulous!
Love the assortment of color and design in this one…so much drama is created and the wall becomes so you!
Now talk about a POP of Pink!!!!
  This whole display looks like it should be in a Museum…
This one has a traditional “Cottage” appeal
A combination of plates…odds and ends and a framed shadow box of favorite fabrics (great idea) creates a perfect backdrop for this cozy little spot.
Speaking of Cottage Style…here is an arrangement that is so pretty…so shabby…so chic!
A bit of gold and white brighten this space up in a second!
Here’s an array of a bit more primitive pieces of pottery that just accent the mood of the room perfectly…there is a style for everyone.
A cool POP of color in an instant!!!
Love this Bright and Beautiful Wall of Plates!
What an incredible collection of green.  Sure it took awhile to collect but so worth it in the end…stunning! (wish the light wasn’t in the way…I wanted to see the rest : )
Want to add a little finishing touch to a nursery…take a peek! Pink…blue…yellow…green…or the rainbow…it will look sensational!
Talk about DRAMA…I feel like Hemingway should be sitting at this desk…this great decorating accent really does work with 
Had to add this to the mix…When I saw this adorable cafe and how they used plate arrangements…thought it was great
Blue Toile…Blue Onion and all the other blues you can think of are on this wall…it is amazing and so is the collection!
Want a little bit of FUNKY FRESH…well take a look at the simple plates of color on this wall…Spring Fresh!
Speaking of a wall at a museum…check out this wall…I feel strongly that it should be facing the other way but that’s just me : )
So Creative!
Cottage array and no hanging…still packs a POP!
A little bit of zing!
Basic collection of white WORKS!!!
Check out this wall of white…even comes with a dog : )
Now here’s one with WOW factory…black and white rock!
And a touch of simple white elegance
No one said you had to hang them right side up?
Oh so shabby…but yet a fresh feel that just brightens this area!
You can even create a message of your own…maybe family names? Words of Inspiration? So many choices!
So there you have it!  A ton of pinspirationWonderful walls that are within everyone’s reach…you can use plates you have…restyle them with paint or vinyls…collect great vintage plates from the thrift shops and yard sales…or you can just go to a Home Goods and snatch up some fabulous inexpensive finds!  Hope you had fun!
See you tonight with The Image of The Day.
 By the way…I would LOVE to have some requests for the 
Image of the Day …ideas are WELCOME!




  1. Love the look and it is so nice to have plates out that you like, so you can enjoy them.
    I have done this on a wall in my dining room!
    ♥ Jil

  2. I swoon for these displays!

  3. OMG!!!!! This is the MOST FANTABULOUS post I have seen in awhile…anywhere!!!!! Thanks so much for putting it together & sharing it with us…I’m gonna go back & drool some more…

  4. OMG!!!!! This is the MOST FANTABULOUS post I have seen in awhile…anywhere!!!!! Thanks so much for putting it together & sharing it with us…I’m gonna go back & drool some more…

  5. so going to do this in my master bedroom that is decorated in a Chinese theme. I am going to call it ” The Great Wall Of China”

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