30 Fabulous Farmhouse Sinks

I have had a lot of requests to do a little picture feature on

Farmhouse sinks!  That is what we have for viewing fare this Saturday morning.  There is such an incredible variety out there and they add so much charm to a kitchen…bathroom…laundry room and more…I have one on my “dream” list…always fun to dream!  Oh the veggies you can wash in one of these beauties.  So if you are looking for that perfect sink for your home or you just want to check out what is out there and enjoy…this post is for you!

Let’s take a “pinteresting” look at
The FarmHouse Sink!
That little guy is probably thinking is it bath time??? and his friend is hiding!  : )
I bet there is a French Bread Shop next to this home!
I wonder if the doggies come with this sink?
(If the Villa in Tuscany comes with sink…sign me up!)
and ONE for good luck!
Now this is COTTAGE! 
There you have it…a little sampling of the popular Farmhouse Sink! Now that you are all washed up…you can start your day!  
There might be another post coming today…so check back tonight!




  1. I wish I had such beautiful sinks! Mine are awfully utilitarian.

  2. Wow, Andrea. That’s what I said when I saw each picture. Wow. They’re all so beautiful, I couldn’t pick a favorite. Just goes to show you that a farmhouse sink fits into the most expensive, modern style kitchen down to the cottage style kitchen. I do prefer the cottage style, with dogs, please! Great job!

  3. oh I want this style so badly! But for me it means new counter tops too…$$$$$ new to win the lottery or somthin….:)

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  5. I just had a mild heart attack from all this gorgeousness!!

  6. Every single one of those is fantastic.

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