30 Sensational Smoothie Recipes

Looking for Sensational Smoothie Recipes…
well look no further…I have a virtual smoothie

buffet for you… So GRAB your Greek Yogurt and Fruit and get ready! There is tons of healthy YUMMINESS happening here! I know I find the magical smoothie a great friend when a pick-me-up is in order…a touch of healthy sweetness is needed…to get tons of nutrients into someone you love that doesn’t always want to partake in the fruity or veggie side of life and of course as a sensational smoothie treat!  You will find all kinds of deliciousness here and I am sure you will find more than a few that you will adore!!!  So get those blenders out and get them ready to BLEND!
brings us a taste of American with this scrumptious
Apple Pie Smoothie
Oh that Martha…she can’t be like everyone else…she has to put a signature spin on just about everything and she sure did with this
imaginative creation
Now to be honest with you…when I think of 
Paula Deen
the word SMOOTHIE doesn’t come to mind instantly unless it requires butter : )  but Miss Paula has been concocting some magic fruit potions lately that are tasty and healthy…let’s start with her 
then there is the
Then she adds some Ginger for brightness with this gorgeous
then there is my favorite of her Smoothie Collection…
Applause and Apaws for Miss Paula’s New Creations!!!
Now here is something tasty and oh so pretty that leaves you feeling like your insides just got a spa treatment…any time I see the words…coconut milk…you have my attention!
 The Gracious Pantry
she has a ton of Smoothie variety on her fab blog…check it out!
 This is one of those creations that you just might be able to sneak a touch of spinach to those that resist!!!
also has this fabulous
Ok…not exactly the healthiest of smoothies…but SOOOOO much fun and it is awesome for me because being a vegetarian the regular s’mores are off the eating table because marshmallow is not vegetarian…but this fabulous recipe is topped with FLUFF and it is veggie!  NO KIDS won’t come running if the get a peek at this
S’more Smoothie
created by
created this way healthy and very delicious unique blend…
Beetroot Smoothie…a bit sweet and a bit savory!
presents a beautiful blend that creates a spectacular pop of color and taste
Blueberry Peach Smoothie
Here’s yet another BEAUTY from
Straight A Smoothie
and that is the mark this one gets!!!!
 when you are reading the ingredients and you see the tsp of apple cider vinegar and say to yourself…naaaaa…not going to use that... PLEASE do…it brightens everything up...just like a Spring Day!
has a real treat with this yummy cup of goodness
   Strawberry Cheesecake Smoothies
Creates a smoothie that is creamy and rich and healthy!  It has one of my favorite ingredients in the word…The Avocado!
California Avocado Smoothie  
Now this one is fabulous!!!! It reminds me of a smoothie that I had in Panera about a year ago…but this one has none of the guilt!
What is awesome about this post is that
give you multiple recipes with the same ingredients!  You must check this out…
Sweet Honeydew Smoothies
is blending up a touch of the tropics!
Mango Pineapple Smoothie
is serving up a perfect Sunday Breakfast with
a Raspberry Smoothie and a Cinnamon Sugar Biscuit!
makes a SPLASH with this yummy
Chocolate Banana Soy Smoothie
gives us so NEW ways to enjoy our oatmeal with these
Make-Ahead Oatmeal Smoothies
Don’t you love something you can make ahead and have ready to go…just place these beauties in mason jars…screw on the lid and they are ready and waiting to be sipped through a straw by whoever is hungry at the time…LOVE IT!!!
Get this…they can even be frozen!
Now for a little bid of Low Fat Decadence from
Low Fat Cookies & Cream
brings a bit of childhood to your taste buds…you know those yummy frozen orange creamsicles on the ice cream trucks…well this tastes just like them…oh how I loved the Good Humor Man!
Orange PushUp Smoothie
Add some color to your life with this delicious
Blueberry Green Smoothie…blended by
adds a rainbow of creamy goodness to your life with
Healthy Protein Smoothies 
has a wonderful healthy blend and you won’t even know that it is good for you because it tastes that good!
Skinny Ms. Melon Breeze Smoothie 
a Minty Fresh blend that will make you smile
Mint Melon Peach Smoothie   
is whisking up a marvelous mouthful of yummy fruity goodness with these incredible
Strawberry Pineapple Smoothies 
It ain’t easy being green …well it is when you drink a
green smoothie
whipped up by
Oh here is a blend that Bugs Bunny would hop HIGH for!
Carrot Smoothie
Now we end this list with a trip to Italy…come with me as we travel to…
yes…it is in Italian but you can translate it but you can see what the ingredients are and I suggest you try this one…come one…banana‘s and biscotti…a WINNING combination for sure!
 Smoothie alla banana con biscotti
Bon Appetito!
     now that’s a smoothie with STYLE!!!!
So…which one is it going to be? Hope you enjoy one of these blends of happiness!!!
In case you missed yesterday‘s second post…
you can see it here
check it out…it has an update! 
See you tomorrow! 




  1. I am now on smoothie overload! We just love smoothies in our house, I will have to show the kids some of these pics and let them pick the next smoothie to go in the blender.

  2. WOW! What delicious smoothies! I can hardly wait to try these! Hubby and I both love them and they make a perfect lunch!
    Thanks so much!
    ♥ Jil

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