A Lite Frozen Treat that Is Tasty, Healthy, Lite and EASY

Well the New Year is here and we all like to start out with good intentions…so I thought sharing this little treat might just make you smile!

It is a frozen, creamy treat that takes all of 3 minutes to make (no kidding)… it is delicious and get this…low in calories(approximately 60 calories a serving)…why? It is all frozen fruit kissed with a touch of juice!

 Doesn’t it look creamy and dreamy!
What you are going to need to make 3 servings is:
1 cup of frozen pineapple tidbits (I use Trader Joe‘s)
1 cup of frozen strawberry slices
1/3 cup of pineapple orange juice
That is it!
3 minutes…3 ingredient…3 servings!
To make more…just add more of your favorite fruit…you just can’t go wrong…mango goes wonderfully with this combination and maybe a sprinkle of coconut.
 The trick to this thick and yummy blend of fruits?…
 a Food Processor!  All you do is place the ingredients into your food processor on the grind setting and let it go for 3 minutes and to be honest sometimes even less…scoop and serve!

You are not going to believe how delicious this is.  You can use the same basic recipe with ANY fruit combinations you lovebecome a mad scientist in the kitchen and master your own concoction!!! This is so simple that you might take the 3 minutes of time and spoil yourself (I do and that never happens : )
Hope you give this one a try…all of the taste and non of the guilt!  Better than any creamy sherbetKids will love it and the whole family will be happy. It is quick enough to make ANYTIME…so enjoy a

A little reminder…tomorrow is 

hope to see you there! : ) 




  1. How refreshing! I’ve bookmarked it, and I can’t wait to try it. Happy new Year!


  2. These sound and look great! Thanks for sharing, xox

  3. andrea…..this looks amazing! Do you have any idea how many calories it has?

    Have a blessed and wonderful day my friend!

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