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I know you enjoyed last weeks first Cottage of the Week 
and I have a feeling that you are going to adore this weeks selection. This gorgeous blog is the wonderful creation of Lynn.  She is such a sweetheart and her home sure shows it.  I love to visit her blog just to smile…everything is so beautiful and WOW does she have an eye and a talent for detail as you will soon see. Lynn, her husband and her adorable dog Bailey live in a small home outside of Indianapolis and today she has invited us in to take a peek!  Let’s go visit…
Lynn‘s studio is one of my favorite places...
    her inspiration comes from so many places, each of which shows in her creations…
the garden is one of her favorite things and as you can see…she brings a touch of the outside in!
 The whimsical touches in this room just are so uplifting…those little shabby wings are so sweet and they just give you a bit of inner peace.
A few of Lynn’s favorite decorating tips are PAINT and repurpose vintage and thrifty finds…she is so right as you can see here and throughout her home.
 Yummy vintage supplies are even blessed with the perfect home. Check out the rest of her studio in stunning detail…so much inspiration and eye candy.

During the Holiday Season this home became even more of a Wonderland as you can see here…white…shabby but chic and twinkling lights create the perfect mood of joy and happiness.
 Okay…if you all know me…I had to sneak this decoration in here!  Meet Bailey…what a CUTIE!!!
 Lynn can even turn a simple item like chicken wire
into something glamorous!
 Another decorating tip is FABRIC! All working in perfect harmony.
 Slip covers…accents and moving some furniture around are part of Lynn’s routine to mix things up a bit…she also totally believes that you should use things that you have and give them a new face.
 Meet Harper…one of Lynn’s masterpieces…I think all of those fun classes she takes (quilting…card making…stained glass just to mention a few) shines through…you have to see the before!
 I have to tell you this is the first piece that I saw from Shabby Story and I immediately had to go check this out…
 what I found was a Garden of Paradise…
 a potting shed that could be someone’s mantle…

a porch that will astound you…you must take a peek at all of the outside wonders…you must…guaranteed to make you happy!
 You will find sewing tips here too…get the how to for this gorgeous ruffled tablecloth made from sheets…
get some hints on furniture redo’s!  By the way…I asked Lynn how she keeps everything so WHITE…she said she carries a can of paint with her : ) She also would love you all to know that one of her biggest inspirations is all of the blog world : )
and you will find fun creative projects like this one…get the how to!
One thing is for sure…when you visit Shabby Story you are going to be transported to a prettier world…Lynn’s love of roses…junking…traveling shine throughout every nook and cranny of her home!  So…go knock at her door…visitors are always welcome!
Lynn wishes you a very Shabby day!
And a HUGE thank you to Lynn and her hubby and of course Bailey for opening their doors to us…your love shows everywhere!
Thank you all for visiting The Cottage Market today and truly hope you are enjoying this new segment of the blog…remember to visit me over at 
where I share a lot of fun home decor ideas as an addition to The Cottage Market!  




  1. Love it all , especially that outdoor mantle. Her style is soft and mystical. Thanks for sharing another pretty home with us.

  2. I love Lynn’s gorgeous style. She and her husband always come up with the best ideas. I love how she brings her love for shabby and white outside in the garden. Thanks for sharing!


  3. Love her home! It is sooo pretty and full of charm!

  4. Ooooooo Simply lovely! I really like Shabby Story!!! Love Lynne’s style. ANd di you notice how Bailey fis right in? I think Lynne decorated to match Bailey! ;P

    Lovely post, and I missed last week’s first Cottage of the Week. I’ll have to go and check it out.


  5. My Heart Flutters with all the cottage prettiness!!!

  6. My Heart Flutters with all the cottage prettiness!!!

  7. My Heart Flutters with all the cottage prettiness!!!

  8. My Heart Flutters with all the cottage prettiness!!!

  9. Lynn is as sweet as her blog pictures. I have been following Lynn for awhile and love everything she does. She is so creative with chippy old treasures and transforming spaces. Thanks for sharing her beautiful home.

  10. I have been a fan for awhile. Lynn has that special gift of turning trash to treasure and her home reflects that. Her photos are gorgeous!

  11. Lynn always has so many great and creative ideas that she incorporates into her lovely home. It’s always a pleasure to visit her blog.
    Mary Alice

  12. Lynn’s garden mantel was the first creation I saw, also. I knew I’d love her style.
    I only wish I had a cottage to recreate some of her beautiful ideas. She has the magic touch, for sure.

  13. wonderful post. love her place.
    thanks and blessings

  14. Love this feature … I’ve enjoyed Lynn’s blog for quite some time. It’s always inspiring!

  15. One of favorite blogs to visit for cottage inspiration! Always so many pretty ideas on her blog…hope you are having a fantastic week. xoxo, tracie

  16. I’m a big fan of Lynn’s and you have done such a lovely feature!

  17. Lynn’s home is beautiful! I LOVE her style!

  18. I love Lynn’s house and am glad that through her I found your blog. I agree with her about all the inspiration from the blog world. I look forward to more Cottage of the Week.

  19. I think Lynn, and her home are just amazing! Her blog is one of my favorites.
    Great feature, can’t wait to see more.

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