The Dog Ate My Blog Post

Well…not exactly!  I can joke a little bit about it now but yesterday morning…very early my little doggie Pops little face and head started to blow up…I mean PUFFING OUT and then lumps and bumps…just a horrible site…so thank God our Vet is opened early and off he went.  The Vet said that it must have been an insect bite. We had them tested for food allergies and we have been following a strict regiment excluding all of the foods they are allergic to so most probably that was not it.  You see this happened before after having a new treat…but was not at all as severe. 
To make a long story short…he got a shot and within minutes he looked pretty normal.  Fast Forward an hour…he blew up AGAIN only this time he instantly grew an edema…scared us and we flew back…he got a HIGH test shot and we had to give him cold compresses to the effected area and a gentle massage.  
Well he puffed out again like a giant blow fish and we went back and the Vet said that all of his vitals were good and that the substance that is in him cycles and it will take a few days to get out of his system.  So the long and short of it…the blog post that I was going to compose yesterday for this morning did not come to be!
I thought I would share this story because you never know it might happen to your little ones and if something you read here just might help one little pup I wanted you to know about it…I am going to show you how bad it was…
  ok…the little one on your left is Pops…father of Basil on the right :) aren’t they cuties!  Well I know that a cell phone picture makes things look worse… but check this out…
 he looks like a puffy moth eaten stuffed animal (but still cute :)…do you see how distorted the side of his face is…he even got a terrible bout of dryness as you can see his little dandruff on his blankieit is scary….now this is him an hour after the shot…

a huge improvement!!!  However now he has some lumps again but does not look any where near as bad as the first nasty picture.
For those of you that think your pup might have allegies…here are a few websites that you will find helpful…also if this happens to your dog…DON‘T stop to research…just get them to the VET immediately…thank God it did not effect his breathing but it could… so please be safe!
These are great resources for you even if you suspect that there is an allergy lurking.  
Pops wishes you a wonderful day and he also sends you a little advice…when you buy a treat for your pup…read the labels just like you would read them for your children : )  All natural is truly a great thing!  He also told me that I should share some of our recipes so stay tuned!
In the end we do believe that Pops problem was a spider bite…we are surrounded by trees here and the Vet feels as though that is what happened…I will give you a little update with tomorrows post…but be sure to come back this evening for your graphic of the day!
Hopefully tomorrow’s post won’t get eaten if you know what I mean!
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  1. aww! poor puppy! I imagine he didnt feel so great either. hope what ever it is doesnt come back!
    hope you have a great week

  2. So glad he’s better. Nothing worse than a sick baby.

  3. That is so scary, I don’t know how you got through the day, you must have been so worried for your poor baby. I hope that old swelling mess goes away, I hope it’s already gone this morning! Casper sends his greatest loves and concerns, and so do I, even my husband because he read this too. Great Big Hugs to You ~ Mary

  4. One of our dogs is allergic to all forms of beef. We were lucky and found out which allergen was causing his hair loss and general malaise. We, too, must be very careful. For quite awhile I was cooking chicken and rice with a complex vitamin/mineral component, but we were worried what might happen if we experienced a loss of power (we’re in a hurricane zone) and couldn’t cook or freeze his food. Finally we found one dry dog food with no beef or “meat meal” and we are grateful. The best of luck with sweet Pops!

  5. A spider bite !?! How fortunate Pops is that you were able to react so quickly to his symptoms and I’m certain you’ll keep an even more vigilant watch over him until the venom cycles out of his system. Being puffy and swollen may also make him sore and achy so he probably doesn’t want to be held and hugged which I know is torture for you, but Beaver and I send many virtual hugs his way. I hope he hasn’t felt sick along with the swelling but I suspect he has. Robin

  6. Aw poor Mr. Pops! I’m glad he’s doing and feeling much better! What a scare! Jerry and I are sending lots of hugs your way!!! :) xox Holly

  7. Poor puppy, good thing you got him to the vet so quick. Hoping for a speedy recovery.

  8. Oh poor doggie !!!…so sad for him…i am glad he is better now……he looks not good on that picture!!… from me…xxx..

  9. oh, my, –i’m glad he’s feeling better, poor thing! i hope that spider is outside–they freak me out!

  10. OMG! I would have screamed if my cat or dog had that stuff on his face. Actually I think that is what happened to our hamster. Poor little thing! I’m glad that Pops is doing better. Btw, what was he called before he was a Father? lol

  11. This just makes me SO SAD!!!! Look at his little face!!!
    Praying that he gets over this like RIGHT NOW!!!!

  12. This just makes me SO SAD!!!! Look at his little face!!!
    Praying that he gets over this like RIGHT NOW!!!!

  13. This just makes me SO SAD!!!! Look at his little face!!!
    Praying that he gets over this like RIGHT NOW!!!!

  14. This just makes me SO SAD!!!! Look at his little face!!!
    Praying that he gets over this like RIGHT NOW!!!!

  15. This just makes me SO SAD!!!! Look at his little face!!!
    Praying that he gets over this like RIGHT NOW!!!!

  16. OMG that poor baby! I feel so bad for all of you. I have a cat with allergies and TOTALLY understand how scary and terrible to watch them suffer.
    I can’t believe a spider bite caused all this…I hope they can give you something to have in case it happens again.
    Hugs to you all.

  17. Goodness – poor little thing! Hope this doesn’t happen to him again :-0

  18. OMG Andrea..I am so far behind in reading..I just found this post..Poor Pops!!! Please give him hugs for me..and Basil too just so he doesn’t get hope he is all better now..Hugs!

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