Junkin Joe Fabulous Finds…Features…Linky Party! Everyone is WELCOME

Hi there…come on in and join us for a New Year of Junkin Joe.

 Time for some Finds…Features and then a PARTY!
As far as Junkin…Joe has had a very “vintage” start to the 
New Year and yes…he is still on his tight budget!
I think this little gem is pretty cool and can “mix” things up!
I guess it is HAPPY HOUR at
Junkin Joe!

JJ saw this dusty flat box sitting on a shelf and had to peek inside and it was FILLED with vintage Bartending Mixology kit! Let’s see what is inside…

time to measure…
oh the damage to a bottle of wine that I could do with this too…but those that know how could make it look easy…
then there is this nifty little strainer…

each piece all shiny
 all ready to MIX things UP!!!!
I think this is a really cool find!
Then he picked up another little piece of vintage that is not so shiny…
 a vintage plane
Joe said he just loved looking at it…
and how detailed things were made back then…
he just wondered who it belonged to
it even had a little splinter of wood in it…curious to know what the last creation was???
He said that it also made him sad…how did such a majestic tool wind up with a $.99 price tag on it in a Good Will?  Joe said he will honor the gentleman that loved his craft and use this as a paperweight on his desk and smile upwards when he uses it!
Now let’s see what everyone else had to share last week!  
Take a trip over toe Marias Antoinette
for a grand Doll House Tour! 
  take a peek back at 2012  
shared a wonderful project with us
with Chicken Wire and Burlap…so cool!
takes a peek at 2012! 
has such a FABULOUS Vintage Find
 Craft Cards!  You must go take a peek…tons of fun!
shares her Vintage Ornament Wreaths!
shares a little UPCYCLING with us! 
Aren’t these ADORABLE!!!  Does it give you a bit of inspiration?
There’s more…take a peek…you will enjoy! 
shares some Awesome Pyrex!
 This Pyrex is from the 70’s…check it out along with some others!

has so AWESOME
Take a look at this beauty and there is more…check it out!
We close with 
and her Blizzard of 2012
Happy NEW YEAR from Junkin Joe…
Let’s Party like i‘ts 2013!!!!





  1. Yay! I love to link up at your parties, Andrea! I love your site, you’re so fun! You’re basically my blog hero. Have a wonderful day!

    XO, Amberly!

  2. Party on!!! Love the bar set…

    Great to see my Moon Deco on your post! Thanks!

  3. Happy New Year and thanks for hosting. Once again, Junkin’ Joe is a thrifty pro!!!

  4. Thank you so much for featuring me – I’m so excited, it’s my first feature ever! Now off to mix and mingle at the party!

  5. Looks like some fun treasures this week!! Lovely bar set! Happy Friday!! xo HUGS! Holly

  6. Such a fun party here today…just thinking what I may have to add to the fun!
    Your collections are wonderful..as always. I was just out and found a lovely red {which will be spray painted} alice in wonderland light fixture {I call it alice in wonderland because it looks so Mad-hatter tea partyish!} Someday I will share…it only cost me $5…it was a steal of a deal!
    Hope your day is going well…sending you oodles of love and joy for a great January weekend. xoxoxo

  7. Thank you so much for the feature! I have had so much fun this past year joining your parties…can’t wait to see what you do in 2013! Hugs, Penny

  8. Just had to pop in and wish you and Junkin Joe a Happy and Blessed New Year!
    Here is to many finds in 2013

  9. Happy New Year! It’s always so much fun to visit here!

  10. Happy new year, Andrea! That barware set is amazing…I LOVE the horn (?) handles. Have a great week!

  11. I passed up a vintage bar set one day, I shouldn’t have!!

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