Yo-Yo Valentine

 Hi there my friends, how is everyone this morning?
I am parking my blog over at the 
today…drop by and get the how to for this cute little Valentine Yo-Yo and enjoy the endless pages of fabulous images…backgrounds…diy’s…crafts and more!  I am so excited to be a contributor for Karen’s DIY Blog and now her Craft Blog!  Hope to see you there. In


case you missed it…check out last nights graphic of the day that was created with fabulous graphics from the Graphics Fairy!
See you later this evening for a NEW graphic of the day!




  1. What sweet yo-yo’s. Look forward to seeing your projects on the Graphic Fairy! have a great day.

  2. so very cute, andrea!

  3. Oh my goodness, these are ADORABLE! Thank you for sharing…it’s such a unique idea!

  4. Adorable Andrea!!! Thanks for sharing such sweetness! xo Heather

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