20 Simple Spring Time Projects

 Spring is approaching with rapid speed…yay!  Looking for Simple Spring Time Projects to make you smile and to celebrate the upcoming season?  Well you just might find one that will make

you smile today!

Here is a little batch of fun diy’s…all different little ways you can put a dash of Spring into your home…plus have some fun.  More ideas will be coming soon…but maybe one of these or two…or three here are calling your name.
Branch OUT…and create this beautiful faux cherry blossom arrangement…pick your favorite vase and fill it up with these gorgeous blooms.
 Soft serve or traditional ice cream for you?  Well today I would like my cone filled with these delicious roses!  These pretties would look fabulous just about anywhere…just a little touch of sweetness and oh so easy to make.
Scoop up and serve some of these adorable cones throughout your home and share with your friends…the best thing is…no melting : )
Here is a project that is a bit out of the box…but soooo much fun!  This would be so great in the kids room…a studio…or just about anywhere…adjust the color scheme to your own and viola…who knew ping pong balls this side to them…bet there are tons of other unique projects waiting to be bounced around!
How about a family tree?  Martha actually shares some great templates to start tracing that genealogy in an artistic format…a project that the whole family can enjoy.
Speaking of the kids…how about starting the egg decorating early…my little suggestion for these cuties would be to use some wooden eggs…that way these precious little works of art can be enjoyed year to year.
Since we have the paper out…why not make some of these adorable tiny little envelopes…after they are made you can put special notes in them…maybe a little treat to celebrate the Springtime…the uses are endless and it is a great way to use the little scraps you have and to recycle magazines!
Doilies…great little lacy rounds of paper that are used for so many different things…versatile as the day is long…now…let’s check out how to customize them a bit more with your favorite colors…get the how to on dying these pretties.
How about a felt bouquet!  These are gorgeous and say SPRING!
Maybe picking a vase full of these beauties will now be on your project list.
In case you don’t have a vase that fits your new floral color scheme…create one in NO TIME at all!  All with some paint and a dollar store vase.
Here’s another great idea for creating a new vase that just screams SPRING TIME FRESHNESS… a little twist on dipped flower vases for you!
This fresh picked flower is easy…inexpensive and adorable! Create many… use them on a beautiful table setting…scatter them about with treats...perfect for a favor and the list goes on…
Cloches are one of my favorite things…here is a little bit of 
Need something eye poping for the front door…maybe over the mantle or just about anywhere…here is a breath of fresh air for sure…this Spring Moss Wreath will make you smile wherever you decide to hang it. 
Have you ever mastered the art of origami?  Well I totally admit that I can not read all of the instructions required to achieve the perfect form…so I am thinking that these little napkin cuties might be a project that I can hand…how adorable are these and the don’t have 127 steps : )
Black thumb like me?  Well even I am not afraid of experimenting with these little tiny plants in a tiny jar!  Worth a shot right?  They are cute and oh so sweet…these are also a great way to start the kids off into the wonderful world of gardening!  These say SPRING!
Maybe you have some FRESH fabric around…waiting to be planted someplace special?  Well here is a great idea for giving new life to an old chair…decoupage it with your favorite material!
Thought I would share this so in case you would love to make them before Easter you will have plenty of time…I LOVE these little beauties…they are fresh…fun…unique and have so many possibilities in style and flair.  Leave it do Design Sponge to dazzle us!
 I think I will be making more than one…
You can bring new life to your table in just about an hour with these pretty dip dyed placemats!
Looking for a centerpiece with tons of beauty and a bit of a modern twist?  Maybe you would enoy creating one of these Submerged Underwater flower centerpieces…they are fabulous!
Time for one more project?  How about 20…check out 20 extraordinary Easter Projects over at The 36th Avenue!
Tons to look at…so much to explore…enjoy and create!
Keep an eye out for more bunnies soon!

and a whole lot more of Springtime FUN!





  1. Such fun spring projects! x

  2. Tutti meravigliosi, un incanto di primavera!

  3. Great projects! Can’t decide which one to do first!!!

  4. Such sweet spring crafts! Can’t wait to start creating for the spring! Have a beautiful day Andrea! xo Heather

  5. So fun,I love them all.

  6. your round up are THE BEST!! You Hear me! THE BEST!!! 😀

  7. your round up are THE BEST!! You Hear me! THE BEST!!! 😀

  8. your round up are THE BEST!! You Hear me! THE BEST!!! 😀

  9. your round up are THE BEST!! You Hear me! THE BEST!!! 😀

  10. What a PRETTY collection! Such fun to look at! That ping pong ball lamp is adorable!!

  11. Love the felt flower bouquet. Very cute!


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