25 Easy Decorating Tips

Are you looking for something easy and fun to do to a room in your

home…you know…just a little lift…well…here are 25 different ways you can check out and use as a bit of inspiration!  
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have fun!
Style at home has some fabulous quick and easy ideas…but the one that I really love is how they transform a simple, inexpensive white Ikea Tarva dresser into something so special.  Imagine this in your color scheme or your creative style…this pink ombre piece would look fabulous just about anywhere and in this little girls room its a perfectly pink fit!
By adding a simple shelf and the addition of stunning brackets…you create a focal point in less than a half an hour.  A great place to highlight a collection or favorite pieces…or you can use it as an organization shelf…a place to put mail …keys and such! With the addition of a piece of art…maybe a mirror…it’s gorgeous.
The shelf can be used in so many other places…check out this beauty…an instant end table that you can custom to any look or color…I love the fact that the space under is clear…this would work in so many places and once again…easy and inexpensive.
Perk up the entry to the front or side door in celebration of Spring…customize in your own colors and add a little pizzaz to the great outdoors. 
When you just need something and you don’t know what…how about a plant…it adds so much to a room…snatch up or make a perfect planter and if you are black thumbed like me…try a succulent …they look great and need such little care.
If you are more of the gardener type and can actually grow things without killing them…flowering plants add tons of character.
Now talk about fun and easy…simply add your favorite silverware with bonding glue to a metal knob…think of the possibilities…great for the most modern of kitchens to the most vintage of kitchens…possibilities are truly endless!
Why not a new lampshade??? Any color…any pattern…any style…changes things up in an instant...
 Or how about some interesting shades on hanging lights?
Maybe something as easy as adding a bit of paint to a chair or a metal table…maybe a little decoupage…just a little something to change things up for next to no cost!
A simple piece becomes so much more with a great paint job and how about adding a complimentary tray and then while you are at it…a chalkboard top…what does that equal? Awesome!
Country Living has so many incredible ideas…this is one of my favorites.  Can you believe these are cardboard tubes? You can get the entire diy
and have tons of fun with these…I picture a whole wall of them in a craft room holding fabulous fabrics…yarns…embellishments and so much more…I also think if you took a large one and filled it with cans that have been cleaned and covered and create compartments within a tube would be cool too.  Possibilities as always are endless and when you put your spin on it…it will be even better.
Great for kids rooms and just keeping things orderly…but it can be used to house interesting and decorative pieces…
Need a little pick me up that will only take minutes?  How about Industrial Chic Curtain tie-backs
Doesn’t get easier or less expensive than this...check it out!
Here’s something fun if you are just looking for a quirky change…it would be awesome in a child‘s room for sure!  It’s easy…fun… and could not be more inexpensive!
You are also going to adore this whimsical blog…so much fun!
Visit Wee Birdy 
and give this confetti wall a try!
A simple drawera bit of wood…some findings and viola…you have something awesome!
How about adding a runner to your table…instant change and carries a bit punch!  This one measures up ; )
This one is just for inspiration…there are just so many fun elements here that I think one might just jump out at you…fantastic for a porch… studio…teens room…this simple spells FUN to me!
 How about the easiest change in the world…may not always be the least expensive…but it can pack a real decorating punch…try a new bed cover! By the way…I covet this cover!
How simple is this!  I was wondering what to do with the Art of Michelangelo with the entire pull out of the Sistine Chapel in it and all of my massively oversized art books…no need for the HUGE bookshelf…this works GREAT! 
Better Homes and Gardens reminds us what a touch of wallpaper not on the wall can do…add your favorite color of paint and you have a new piece that rocks!
Speaking of wallpaper…you can take it to all different levels
A simple bookshelf can be transformed into a work of art or it could be a shabby chic delight…or…there are so many exciting possibilities and it is such a doable project.  Create and add that powerful WOW factor into a room! Inspired?
In the tradition of 
 Simply change up your shelves for a new look…maybe add a special trinket you found while you were thrifting…combine some of your favorite cookbooks…a vintage scale…the list is endless and you will have so much fun doing and it doesn’t cost a thing…use what you have in a new way…you will be pleasantly surprised!
Show case your favorite treasures!
 Another way to create a different mood each day in a child‘s room is to use their favorite books as art!  It doesn’t get easier than this…love how they used the beautiful Giving Tree and accented it with a wonderful green pillow! This is fun and easy and your child can pick themso easy to create a great visual and promote reading all at the same time. Drop by and visit 
Pick a color…any color and then paint your curtain rod!!! Instant transformation at no cost because I know you have paint just begging to be used or of course you can pick up a special color (try the sample section of the paint store or Home Depot) you don’t need a lot so why not take advantage of the low price of a sample…the world is your rainbow.
This is SOOOO easy and changes things up in a snap!
 For a bit more traditional look…a wall of photos is always a great idea!  Can’t go wrong by adding some deep molding…maybe even some awesome crown molding and just add your favorite pictures in a variety of frames…all different colors…shapes and sizes…it works…there is no right or wrong!
You can use the same method with artwork…how about a gallery of your children‘s creations…once again…the possibilities are endless!
Well there you have it for today… some quick…easy…fun and inexpensive ways to mix it up!  My wish is that something inspired you and you make your own magic for your home which equals…family and friends!
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  1. I am seriously thinking of a wall paper project but don’t know if stenciling can be just as effective. Hmmm….

  2. i really like the idea of using wallpaper on furniture projects:) tfs, andrea!

  3. Lots of inspirational ideas! Thanks, Andrea! ♥

  4. Wonderful pics Andrea! Lots of good ideas!

  5. Wonderful collection Andrea! <3

  6. Loved all the ideas! I was thinking of using a small shelf next to a reading chair (that I want to get) for my bedroom. Pretty brackets make all the difference. By the way, The Giving Tree is by Shel Silverstein. I Googled it when I was thinking it was another author. I am aware of the book since I used to teach 2nd grade. The Giving Tree is usually read in 3rd grade though. Thanks for sharing!

  7. So many great ideas, Andrea! Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

  8. Lovely tips! I love all the images. x

  9. I just have to say I never write a coment on any THING (prob because I can’t spell)!! BUT EVERYTHING ON THIS PAGE IS JUST…… Amazingly awesome!!!!

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