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It’s Sunday morning and yes…it is time for the
Cottage of the Week

I am so happy to introduce you to 
she is a wonderful lady and the creative force behind
a wonderful blog that is filled with the love of home…family…faith and crafting!  Jaime is always busy nesting for her hubby and her 2 precious little daughters.  She has invited us in today to take a peek at her home.  So grab your cup of tea (that is Jaime‘s favorite) shhhh…don’t tell her that I have my 2nd cup of coffee next to me…and let’s go inside…

I am going to start with my favorite room in the house…the Craft Room which was featured in Better Homes and Gardens and soooooo deserved that honor!
 This is such an amazing space.  Jaime strives to make her home adorable and at the same time functional…SPOILER ALERT… SHE DOES!!!
 This room puts a capital in the word Functional and Fabulous!  This incredible island was hand made by her talented husband.  Here at this table she spends tons of time with her girls…creating…exploring…chatting and sharing in their lives.  God has been blessed her with much and she enjoys and appreciates every moment. 
 What a great place to be!
  By the way…no space goes wasted… beautiful big baskets are filled with treasures and labeled in the perfect fashion.
 This wall of beauty is an example on how inexpensive shelves from Target can be transformed into works of art…cute and functional…Jaime gets and A+
 I love that Jaime puts herself into every little detail…her personality blossoms in each nook…cranny and shelf!
 There is no doubt that the ladies of the house rule the decor of this room…I don’t think it is possible for it to get prettier!  This table skirt was made by Jaime using a shower curtain!  Love it!
 I could not resist showing you the top of this table…just take a peek…how innovative is this…I LOVE itwhat would a crafter do without Mod Podge… a few coats of polyurethane and a swirling imagination! Think twice when you see some vintage pattern packets! : )
 Even random stacks of yummy fabric take on the form of a giant layer cake!
 Details are every whereIsn’t this dress garland precious!
 Love is all around in this room…drop by to visit Jaime for all the other details that make this wonderland so special and may I say there are tons to see!
Let’s move on to the Master Bedroom where Jaime creates beauty…coziness…and glam.
 Jamie took this large room from this…
 to this!
 Every inch of her entire home says love…and sometimes it actually says LOVE!  By the way…I LOVE this! : )
 As you can see…GLAM comes in to play once and awhile too!
 oh and the pillows…the pillows are simply perfectly pretty!
You must take a trip over here…there is so much more to see in this unique…creative and beautiful room…Jaime follows her heart when she decorates…what she loves shows and her personality just shines through. 
Now let me show you a little piece of how Jaime works her magic…this was the kitchen before
 A very nice space…but let’s take a peek at what she did  : )…
amazing right! Oh the power of paint!
 Let’s zoom in a little closer and take a peek at this cabinet…someone very organized and also very imaginative lives here!
 Welcome to command central
 and the special little touches just say HOME…Jaime has a mix of modern and vintage with bits of this and that…that is who she is.  Her rule of thumb in decorating is follow your heart and that she does.
There is so much more to see…but you can see that over at 
there you will find tons more details and also enter a world of adorable crafting…here’s a sneak peek…

By the way…her fridge looks like this!!!  My family would think they were in the wrong house if these saw this in mine!  You MUST see how she did this!
 There is so much to see and so much to say but if I were going to sum it up…I adore Jaime because she decorates her and her families life with 

 Are you still here?  Love having you but take a little walk over to raising up rubies 
and extend your visit with the special lady and her family! 
Remember to grab a cup of tea!




  1. Very beautiful, such a great job featuring her. Di@Cottage-wishes

  2. I tell ya… Your cottage of the week is like getting my People Magazine each week.I can’t wait to see who’s on the cover and read it from cover to cover. Jamie is so creative with the use of her spaces particularly in that craft room.

  3. I tell ya- your Cottage of the Week is like waiting for my People Magazine to show up each week. Can’t wait to see who’s on the cover and I love reading it from cover to cover. I love Jamies creativity particularly in her craft space.

  4. I’m in love. Totally, completely, in love. You really do have the BEST posts…this girl takes the cake! I agree with Laura Janning (fellow commenter here), it’s a MUST READ. Thank you so much, and have a lovely day!

  5. oh, my, what a beautiful home!! LOVE her bedroom chandy and her craft room table! tfs, andrea!

  6. what a gorgeous home! I would love to have a craft room large enough to seat more then just myself at the table! thanks for sharing.

  7. wow, what amazing stuff she has done! I did see her featured in the mag…..and now I am going right over to her blog to take a more detailed look…thanks for featuring her amazing home:)

  8. Wow now that’s super organised !!!!
    That fridge makes me shudder at how tidy it is……lol
    Very deserving of being featured in Better Homes and Gardens and very inspirational.

    Hope you and yours are happy and well xoxoxo

  9. Wow, your feature post is beautiful, thank you for the introduction. I am off to visit her blog xoxoxox P.S. Izzy sends ♥

  10. I have tons of Jaime’s craft room pinned on Pinterest. Just that room, alone, is so inspirational. There are a few pins from her kitchen too that would work in mine….some day. Thanks for sharing!

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