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 It’s Friday…so it must be time for Junkin Joe…

well…have to tell you my friends…the pickins were SLIM this week but JJ didn’t want to come home empty handed and disappoint…so he came in with some…hmm…let’s say different items!  Get this…he only spent $3.50!  $1.50 under budget.  
 This interesting little pyramid was in the bag…

it’s a really cool little paperweight…
 I am an art history major…
 and always enjoyed studying Egyptian Art…
so Joe thought that it was a good choice for my desk (thoughtful rights : ) and for $.50…pretty cool!
 This silly little guy was in there too…
 JJ just can’t pass up a dog!
 Then there was this little vintage guy
looking a little bit worn…
 but Joe couldn’t resist the laugh…
  he found it very funny!
 To top off the odd mixed bag…can you guess who this is?…
 here’s a clue…
 yep…a very happy little guy!
Well…not exactly his best finds…but interesting nonetheless!
Joe said that he went 3 different places and no one had anything very good at all…something else he said he has been noticing is that many of the places are redoing the store…changing it around…prices are going UP UP UP and the variety and selection has been going down : (  Anyone else seeing that happen around you?  Would love to hear from you!
Can’t wait for the garage sales to start again but not for a bit yet…he will keep trying!
    Let’s check out a few of our friends finds from last week!
has a cool vintage find and also has a great story
about her Gran’s sewing box that I think you would all enjoy!
has something really AWESOME!!! Really…check out this coffee table tutorial…so cool!
If you are looking for a cool technique to transform your vintage finds into something over the top…take a peek at
and get the How To!

Well…here is someone that had a big SCORE at the thrift store…
She has one heck of a haul that I know you would love to check out!

Need a Vintage Read?  Check out…

 Distressed Donna has some great books too…
Then we have one more for you…in honor of Valentine‘s Day
created the perfect label of love!  
I will be mixing up the features each week… but starting this week…I will be creating a pin board for each episode of Junkin Joe and everyone will be featured there : )  I want to give everyone as much exposure as possible!  Hope you like that idea.
Please know that we appreciate you ALL and love everything you bring to the party! 
Now…without further ado it’s time to Party!

 Let’s see what you have today
and thanks for dropping by…Junkin Joe and I love seeing you each and every week and are so blessed to have you all as friends!





  1. Love that pyramid! Sounds like it was meant for you!

  2. I am finding the same thing at our thrifts – I wondered if the lack of merchandise is the time of year (everyone’s nesting in the winter?) or the economy (everyone’s holding on to what they have?). Well, either way it’s saving me money 😉 Pray for our boy Casper, he’s not doing too well, can barely walk on his hind legs, he’s nearly 12 now, but you know we love him with all our hearts.

    Love ya,

  3. Andrea, thanks so much for featuring my mirror tutorial. All the features are so fun! x

  4. Thank you so much for featuring my bottle! The pickins’ are slim around here too. Maybe people will start Spring cleaning and there will be an abundance of good “stuff” soon! Have a great weekend!!!

  5. Andrea, thanks for the feature. This week one of my posts explains how I aged those black wire baskets! Thanks for hosting!

  6. I don’t know where my comment went the first time around so hope I’m not posting this twice. lol. The Egyptian paperweight was a great find and the dogs are cute too. My daughter collects Egyptian items and books. I haven’t been to the flea market because its outside and its cold but at my favorite yard sale prices have gone up and I don’t like it because I like a bargain. I know they have to make back the cost of buying the storage unit but sometimes they go overboard. Like why would I pay 5.00 dollars for a bath set when I can go to the store and get a new one. I see though with the higher prices they have to pack a lot more back with them. take care, Darlene

  7. The thrift store prices here on the East Coast are getting to be ridiculous. I used to be able to have a great time thrifting with a twenty in my purse. Not these days.

  8. Love all the finds! I need some, too! You’ve inspired me to go thrift shopping this weekend!


  9. Happy Friday to you my friend! And thank you so much for the feature… Gan will be smiling down 🙂

    I was just out yesterday, and noticed exactly what you did. The selection felt picked over, and the prices waaay up! We came across beautiful vintage blue Ball mason jars in a 2nd hand store, but they were priced like an equisite antique boutique. The boutique piece was missing in the scheme of this pricing strategy, and other than a Google search, the owner had no background knowledge to share 🙁 So my day was also slim in the pickings!

    I love your little wooden dog, and the ceramic guy just made me laugh! Now that’s the fun in the treasure hunt 🙂

    xoxo Sheila

  10. Thanks for featuring my coffee table tutorial!

    We have something like twelve large thrift stores and several smaller ones so I’m not noticing a lack of inventory here yet. I will say, though, that St. Vincent dePaul’s has wacked out prices on used furniture at all their local stores. I kid you not: I saw a particle board + cheap plastic veneer nightstand at St. Vinny’s two days ago for $39.99, and it wasn’t even vintage, unless you count mid-nineties Kmart as vintage.

  11. I love your pyramid and I love, love, love your party picture.

  12. Love the funny dogs!! Have a wonderful weekend! xo Heather

  13. i love the dogs, andrea! thanks for hosting us, and i love the pin board idea:)

  14. Loving all your finds this week, especially the pyramid! Prices here are crazy, too. I saw a set of two dressers and a headboard at a Goodwill here for 1,499.00 a few weeks ago. No, that’s not a typo. 😉

    Thanks for hosting, Andrea!

  15. I love the little dog that looks wooden. I’ve noticed that the person pricing the glassware in our thrift store must love glass because it is dearly priced, antique shop prices. I heard other “thrifters” complaining of the same thing. The shop does have a lot of glass because no one is buying it.

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