15 Delicious Irish Soda Bread Recipes and a Free Graphic

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner and maybe you have Irish Soda Bread on your list of things to make.  If so…here are some Irish Soda Bread recipes that you just can’t go wrong with and the best part of it all is they are EASY!!!

First…a fun Vintage Style St. Patrick’s Day Graphic!
  Take a ride on the Shamrock!
Just click on the image…right click and then “save as” then add it to your collection of images and enjoy!
Now it is time for some nice hot Irish Soda Bread out of the oven with some scrumptious butter…maybe cinnamon butter…lemon curd…homemade jam or…whatever your heart desires!
Whip up a loaf or two in no time at all and enjoy!
is serving up this yummy bread and I know that this is one of the ones that I will be baking…I can taste it now!
Grab your Irish Coffee and a warm piece of this beauty!
has made it just for you and now you can make it for your family and friends!
 Such a great crust…mmmmm…looks yummy…
shares this great recipe with us!  Hope you try it. 
has baked up this scrumptious bread and serving it up with
honey cinnamon butter…yum!
bakes up some mini loaves!
has something scrumptious for us!
Paula Deen so there must be butter…but not too much : )  This one has the rich goodness of buttermilk!
Smitten Kitchen is baking up som
Irish Soda Bread Scones!
 The New York Times has a version of this Irish favorite that has no raisins…butter or eggs…so those of you that have some allergies or sensitive to dairy…here’s one for you.
 The Barefoot Contessa always has something wonderful baking and her Soda bread is not exception…it is FABULOUS!  Oh this one is soooooo on the bake list!
Now take a trip over to
They have a fabulous Buttermilk Quick Bread Base that has 10 different variations (and I am sure more than that when you get a hold of the recipe) One of those recipes is for Irish Soda Bread…a great one.
Bagel Spice Seeded Irish Soad Bread
.and interesting touch!  
 It’s a bread that is great with a meal…how about this hearty breakfast from the Outlander Kitchen
(historical and character-inspired food from the fictional world of Diana Gabaldon)
This dish…The Scottish Prisoner…
 Have some left over bread?  What to do…what to do…how about this amazing 
Works for me : )
by:  Gabby’s Gluten-Free
Oh and here is one from
this one is on this Italian’s menu!
 Is there one here for you?  Would love to know what recipe you go with!  ENJOY and have fun!
See you tomorrow and don’t forget this mornings post…




  1. I have never tried Irish Soda bread but it looks so good I think I will!

  2. Those all sound yummy! I haven’t made it for years but I am going to look at Ina’s recipe….everything she makes is wonderful! Thanks!

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