25 Awesome Upcycled DIY Projects

The word for the day…Upcycle!  You guessed it…today’s post is all about taking an ordinary item and giving it new purpose.  There are so many amazing ideas out there so I am going to share some of my favorites with you.  It’s a very varied collection but that makes it even more interesting.  Let’s take a peek at some fun and useful UPCYCLED DIY PROJECTS and find out how easy it is to breathe new life into old and ordinary items.

Warning:  You might find that these ideas below will cause you to have to think more before you get rid of somethings and for that I apologize in advance : )
Ordinary vintage key plates that no longer have the knob…what could they be used for???
How about this quick and easy set of house numbers.
Melissa from the Inspired room
shows you how to get that anthropologie look in minutes…
here is another one of her brilliant ideas…
 check out her blog for even more…this project is simple…can be customized with your favorite color …they would make an awesome gift for that vintage lover in your life or of course you!
You know when you are driving down a side road and there is an old beat up dresser out there on the curb with all of the drawers stacked up randomly beside it?  Do you wish you could have snatched up that piece of furniture because you had a great idea for a paint treatment or a total redo but there was no room in the car?  Well think about those drawers…don’t leave them behind…there is a WORLD of WONDER waiting for them…just take a look at this artistic organizing sculpture…are your wheels turning…colors…shapes…sizes…the creative potential is UNLIMITED!!!!  So as you drive by…check your rear view mirror…slow down and go in reverse and snatch some up before they get crushed in that big truck…that would be tragic!!!  Let them know you are about to “open up” a new world for them!
Have an old bed frame and headboard?  Is it no longer your style?  Maybe you saw one at the thrift store for an incredible price but you just didn’t know what you would use it for?  Take a peek at this bed turned bench over at Mak & Jill.
Get the step by step and maybe that new bench you wanted is in your near future!
Do you have some time on your hands?  Well you just might have some old watches that are missing a few pieces and steampunk jewelry isn’t your thing…maybe creating a new time piece would be a cool addition to the family room…studio or any place you can think of.  A real conversation piece for sure.  You don’t even need 12…you can do one with the 4 main numbers…tons of possibilities right?
You might have some books around that are headed for recycle or Good Will…maybe think twice about that…there are some awesome things that can be made from them…here is a little
pinspiration” for you!
 This doesn’t come with a diy…but as you can see…these beauties were cut on a ban saw (I know…it hurts…but it is for a good cause) and then glued with an industrial strength glue (E-6000 is a good one) …after gluing…the box or drawer should be placed with the books facing up or down and weighted to apply pressure for an even dry.
 A chippy vintage colander…why not make a planter!
You can use it the way it is…or of course there is always the power of paint!  Add some chains and you are good to go.  If you love the look but don’t have one…maybe just snatch up a cheap one …sometimes you can find one in the dollar store…spray it with your favorite color and you will still have an awesome little piece!
Of course an old colander has many other uses…but that’s for another post.
 Do you collect random things?  You know who you are!  Well maybe there is new life for them…check out these cool vintage trophies…they are awesome containers for kitchen utensils… they would also be fabulous in a studio with paint brushes…pencils, markers and so on!  They are FIRST place pieces for sure!
Speaking of a winning use for vintage trophies…check out what
Kelly from Eclectically Vintage is using some of her beauties for! 
 Do you have an old door?  Did you find one and are saving it for a project in the future?  Well if you answered yes to either question…maybe a version of this might be the perfect project.  Just take the idea and run with it…put your spin…style and color palette on it and I bet you will have a new treasure!
 via pinterest
Another idea for an old door…a swinging table…maybe for an out door wedding or just a great imaginative addition to your back yard.  Add a little bit of whimsy to your decor.
 The opportunities for old door creations just keep coming…maybe this one is knocking at your old door.
With a simple paint treatment or original and a mirror cut to fit into the door panel…you will have an awesome piece!
 There’s that drawer again!  A little paint…wallpaper and viola!
Here’s one from BHG that offers so much potential…great for any style of decor from modern to vintage to boho…taking a bottom part of an old stool and adding a favorite tray with industrial glue…you instantly have an amazing side table.  This is one that everyone can do!  If you don’t have a stool base…I bet you can think of other bases that might work just as well!  Imagination time…ENJOY!
A simple decorative bottle and a paint treatment…check out how turnstyle Vogue
creates something with vintage glam!
An old discarded suitcase…oh the sights that it has seen…the places that it has gone to.  Well it’s time to spend some time at home now…I love how they used random pairs of legs which were most probably recycled…the possibilities are endless with suitcases.
I have 25 more suggestions here.
 Need a new vanity?  Want a one of a kind?  One that is totally you and you alone…well take a look at this beauty…it will give you so many ideas you won’t know what to do with them!  Search for that special piece…vintage…modern…traditional…whatever fits your style…in the end your final creation will be all you!
 Check out the House of Turquoise for more fabulous ideas!
We are hitting the books again!  Gina from
takes a stack of books and creates an amazing book lamp.  This is a look that will shine with any style…I simply love it and she shares the DIY…check it out and shine a new light on recycling those pages!

A cool vintage tool box…all chippy with tons of character can have an upgrade that is simply fabulous!  BHG tells you exactly how to give this old guy an upgrade…the perfect place to charge up all those modern commodities!  Check it out!

We all have them…filing cabinets!  Steel ones…wooden ones…laminate and every other variety out there…if you don’t have one they are so easy to find and so inexpensive (ok…some of them are not cheap) but they are accessible!  Why not turn one into a rolling cart for the kitchen or a rolling cart for the patio or deck?  The skies the limit…check out
for inspiration and a diy and then apply your style and color and one thing is for sure…you will have brand new storage…an extra space for prep or serving…a wonderful area to hang utensils…potholders, barbecue tools and more!  Talk about Upcycle!
 Have an old piano?  Found one?  Not in the mood for lessons but would enjoy a cocktail : )  Well here is an idea to make some new music!  So retro…and so cool!  Would be great for a soda bar or even coffee bar…that would make me happy!
Just a little pinspiration for you!
Old lamps? Broken shades?  Light fixtures that no longer work?  But you have a back yard…love birds?  Why not turn one of those forgotten pieces into a great bird bath…quick and easy and here is some inspiration from the TipJunkie!
I bet you will make one that is perfect for your style!
By tying twine on an old oven rack…you can have a new message board with so much character!  It doesn’t get easier than this!
is pulling out the drawer projects again!
A classy place to put your feet up…and it has storage…check out her step by step tutorial!

So many of you collect birdhouses…well Ivy & Elephants
shares how she uses one of her beauties to display her charming china…getting some ideas?  I knew you were ; )

This sled may not be speeding down those slippery snowy slopes any more…but it is sure looking fabulous displaying the pots and pans!  Snatch up those Fearless Flyers and add some fun to the kitchen or I think it would look great suspended in a playroom loaded with stuffed animals!  What a great idea this is.

I am kind of sad to see this post come to an end…there are literally 1,000’s of incredible ideas out there on how to upcycle!   Maybe I don’t feel that bad… because I do think there will be many more posts sharing all of my favorite upcycle/recycle finds with you!  There is a whole world of wonderment out there…I have to share one more before I go…Miss KariAnne over at Thistlewood Farms
created this…upcycling with total flair…This burlap tassel is fabulous…do you know what the secret ingredient is??? Hop on over there and you will find out and also get the DIY!

Hope you had fun!  See you later!






  1. Some people are just so smart! Some very interesting ideas!

  2. I love the creativity of people! thanks for these! ♥

  3. Once again – a great collection. Thanks for the intro to some new blogs.

  4. Awesome round up, Andrea!! Thanks for sharing — I now need to go hunt for drawers. 🙂
    xo Heidi

  5. Awesome round up, Andrea!! Thanks for sharing — I now need to go hunt for drawers. 🙂
    xo Heidi

  6. Awesome round up, Andrea!! Thanks for sharing — I now need to go hunt for drawers. 🙂
    xo Heidi

  7. Awesome round up, Andrea!! Thanks for sharing — I now need to go hunt for drawers. 🙂
    xo Heidi

  8. So great to see you Heidi! I will be over to visit soon! Life has just been a bit crazy! I hear you on the drawers…I want some and now my son is bugging me to do one in his room! There are so many things to do with them it is amazing. Good luck and can’t wait to see what you create…I am sure it will be fabulous! hugs…

  9. upcycle, recycle, reuse, that’s me. Love this post my friend. Big hugs and ear scratches for the doxies. Thank you for sharing at the hop, your participation makes the hop extra special. Big Hugs P.S. the new giveaway posted today!

  10. Thanks for including my drawer ottoman!

  11. Hi, Just a litte FYI, I’m VeRy flattered that you have featured MY lamp birdbaths in your list of awesome upcycled DIY projects, but credit has been given to tipjunkie!. When I click on the link, it takes me to my picture, then when I click on that, it takes me to a page that is no longer in use or something like that. If you don’t mind, could you link the birdbaths to my blogspot (that I no longer keep up, but hey, the photo is mine and the birdbaths were mine until I sold them all) or at least mention that they came from my blogspot?

    Thanks again for including my “art” on your website!


    • I’m so sorry about that, it is all fixed now! Thank you for pointing that out! Have a wonderful night! Take Care!

  12. Love it Love it Love it! Love the clock so much and the “book light”! All great projects!

  13. Are you trying to kill me???? My mind is completely blown with these amazing ideas! Do I have doors? Yes! 5 of them! Why? I don’t know, but now I know what I can do with them. Lamp bases? Yes, have them! Drawers? YES YES YES! Not enough time, so many neat ideas. Gotta go get started now! Thank you, thank you, thank you – I think. My house will NEVER get cleaned now, and it’s all your fault!

  14. I absolutely love all your ideas you have my brain spinning with ideas


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