A Paris Apartment and a Paris Graphic

 Are you looking for a little ooo la la in your day today? Well

you have come to the right place.
  I have a list of fabulous ladies and their homes waiting to be featured as the Cottage of the Week…but they needed a little bit more time to do some last minute tidying up.
I didn’t want you to be disappointed so I took a trip over to the Parisian shores (via pinterest…the flight was such a bargain) and compiled a little Paris Apartment tour for you today.
Sit back and sip something yummy, maybe snack on a croissant… it’s time to open the door and enjoy.  Oh I must tell you that this is not one apartment…I just put together what I thought would be a space with a bit of old world charm.
 This must be the place
It’s like you are transported in time
instant magic.
Sparkling light flows in and there is a perfect seat waiting for us.
The guest bedroom is fit for a Queen.

You will find your linens here.


The bathroom that you will be enjoying takes you away to a time gone by but has all the modern conveniences.
For a little break…you can sit here and enjoy the view for a bit.
There is a bit of glitz that sparkles throughout.
Another bedroom…can’t have too many.
And a splash of vintage color in a little library that looks as though Marie herself might have used.
Charm and personality is everywhere.
Old world meets new world in the kitchen … a perfect place to cook.
It’s almost time to enjoy a meal but first…let’s take a run to the bakery for some fresh bread
Time to prepare a little snack of bread, brie and nuts
and enjoy an evening of fun and food with family and friends and since the weather is picture perfect…we will eat in the courtyard…
If you want to take home a little souvenir …here is a little free graphic that you might have missed that is perfect for today.
click on image…right click… “save as” viloa!
The Cottage of the Week will be back and we can also look forward to a Cottage of the Week UPDATE from our previous features… a lot of goodness happening!



  1. I think it should be a requirement for every women to stay in this apartment with no phone, lap top or kids for one week in there life. Spouses are optional.

  2. It makes me SO nostalgic!!! That building with the flowers all over looks JUST like the buildings I saw on ile St Louis….I’ve always heard it said that once you go to Paris you’ll go back…well it’s true for me…I AM going back again …unfortunately the market for teens is WAY down…must be the economy….sigh…guess I’ll just have to sell furniture!

  3. How Divine-
    Thanks so much for the little virtual vacation!- swoon- love love love the little balcony- C’est si belle!

  4. just gorgeous! love the image, too, andrea:) thanks!

  5. Believe it or not I’ve never had Paris on my wish list, until now … so fresh, light, lovely and totally different from my little world. I feel more feminine and glamourous just seeing those pics! Pinned the idea of hanging necklaces over my mirror, even I can do that today to bring a little of Paris into my life 🙂

  6. beautiful! You always have the most awesome photographs.

    Happy Sunday!


  7. Love your cottage of the week series! These images of Paris were breath taking. Now in the mood for a pan au chocolat! 🙂

  8. What a great and inventive post! I love all the Paris themed design elements; they are just gorgeous. Thanks for the first graphic you posted! I am planning on making my kitchen Paris themed, and this collage will fit right in 🙂

  9. a beautiful post!merci pour ceci mon ami xo P.S. did you get your entry in for my new giveaway?

  10. Lovely!

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