Free Fonts Somthing for every project

Hi there, guess what time it is?  It’s time for
The Cottage Market’s Free Fonts of the Month Picks.
An interesting blend of fonts for all kinds of projects. Take a peek…you could find the one that is perfect for you!
(to pin…just hover in the left hand corner : )
Let’s see if we can make this easy for you…here are all the links

…just click and the link will bring you straight to the download. There are a ton of FUN type faces here…enjoy and create!


If you need to know how to install your fonts…hop on over to my friend Gina’s blog and she will fill you in!
For more great fonts…check out my other picks…
Wishing you all a FABULOUS day and I will see you later this evening with your Free Graphic : )





  1. Thank you so much for these! Love Limeade but it won’t work!

  2. Ooops, it does work! I thought limeade was separate from Strawberry! LOL

  3. Fabulous Fonts! Thank you!

  4. Wonderful fonts! Thanks for sharing.

  5. What is the font that “The Cottage Market’s Free Fonts of the Month” is written in for this edition as well as February’s? TIA 🙂

  6. Andrea Geronimo says:

    beautiful! may i ask if the font for the header ‘The cottage market’ is also available? i mean is it free, too and what font is it? thanks so much for sharing.

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