Junkin Joe Vintage and Thrifty Finds…features and a LINKY Party

It’s Friday…so it must be Junkin Joe…

You know how were were talking about how high the prices are lately in the Thrift Shops?  Well everyone has agreed that they are finding that all over the country…but this week I was really shocked…JJ found an incredible batch of goodies for you and for the price of $5.25 (we allow overage : )…sometimes!
I was totally perplexed…so you NEVER know…there is hope!
 I do have to say he was happy with himself because he knows how much you all love to see some pink.
Let’s take a peek at what he found …then some features and then of course it is time to party!
Crystal has not come in the house in a LONG time…
    she is very nicely cut…
 guess what?  She’s waterford…amazing right…$2.00!
 Here’s where the $.25 comes in…
 this was just lying on a shelf…
Joe actually had never seen one before but by it’s obvious construction he knew that it was a matchbook  cover and since  matches are basically obsolete…he knew it was a piece of vintage…so he asked…”how much”?  The man said…$.25…deal right!  Question…to clean or not to clean???
  Now for a bit of pink…
 iridescent…pearl like finish on this vintage gem…
 trimmed in gold…
all shiny and bright…
 looks like this set should be serving Marie Antionette …price tag…$3.00
Confused?  So are we?  But it does say that there is still a bargain out there somewhere and you never know when you will stumble upon it!
Now…let’s see a few of last weeks treasures!
has some fabulous finds to show us!
Drop by and take a peek…by the way…at real bargain prices!
Here’s a sneek peek…
has a story for us…follow the travels of this chippy piece…
Silver Pennies created this great bunting …thrifty idea with major personality!!! I have one in my future…a NJ bunting : )  thanks Danielle!
 Drop by Marias Antoinette and check out this amazing
collection of Vintage Clothing
What’s Anne been up to????
Check it out!
 Can you believe this is a cheapo plastic door mirror???
Watch Anne work her magic!
Decorating Chaos has a MAJOR haul to show you…here’s a little bit of what she found…check it out…she SCORED!
 There is so much more to see over there…check out her other new posts…you are going to love it!
 Speaking of Vintage Finds…Distressed Donna Down Home
has some goodies to share with us…love this piece…I think there is some beautiful music in store for this cool piece!  Check out this post…it’s filled with fun!
For a breath of fresh air…take a walk over to
Where you will find the most amazing Natural Masterpiece!!!
 Now for some brilliant vintage… Aquella has something to share this is seeeeeew awesome!
get’s a trophy this week…check out her other finds too!
A bit of vintage fun at Bell Jar Vintage!
dazzles us with her haul this week…here’s a peek…
If you are looking to do a little upcycling…check out
Speaking of Upcycling…check out this Thrift Shop Purse Revamp
over at Emmie Loves!
A quick fix from Crunchy Diva
share bedside tables on the cheap with us!
Whooooooo do you love…a little owl of course and some other vintage finds from Woman in Real Life!
You are going to love this Card Catalog that Denise on a Whim
shares with us!
Twigg Studios has been creating once again!  Did you know that Daffodils are the flower of March…so what better note to close on before the party but a great little tutorial on how to make the flower of the month…soooooo pretty!
 There we have it…a little bit from everyone that came to the party today!  Everyone with pin buttons have been pinned and we are ready to PARTY!!!!
see you later for your free graphic of the day!



  1. thanks for hosting, andrea! great features this week! have a great weekend!

  2. Andres – thank you for featuring the piano bench. I linked the update on that pesky thing this week. Loved that sweet pink tea set JJ found! Have a happy weekend.

  3. Darling Andrea, you are so good to me!! Thank you for the party and the feature!!


  4. Hi andrea thankyou so much for the feature xxxx

  5. Thank you for featuring my frame make-over! I’m so glad you liked it and thought it would be worth sharing with your readers. Thanks for hosting! – Maggie

  6. Thank you for including us with such great features! I’m thrilled! 🙂

  7. I love the pink tea set and for $3.00 dollars you really got a bargain. take care, Darlene

  8. What fun features! Thanks for including my map bunting! Can’t wait to see how your NJ one comes out! 🙂

  9. I’m glad to see that Junkin’ Joe found some bargains. I hope I have his luck at the auction this weekend! Thanks once again for hosting!!!

  10. I’ve never seen a match cover – neat!

  11. I would definately clean the matchbox cover, but that’s me.
    Love the pretty tea set Joe but LOVE the crystal vase. I love crystal, you can never have enough vases. Now all you need to do is buy your beautiful wife a nice big bunch of fresh flowers to put in it !…….come on, girls love flowers Joe !
    Thanks so much for the feature Andrea, lots of love xoxo

  12. Ooo-la-la, that pink is so perfect for spring! It just makes me smile and feel happy 🙂 Great find!!!

  13. The pink tea set is smashing! Beautiful. I actually have been going to yard sales and thrift shops and finding treasure…but I keep forgetting to take pictures!

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