Office Spaces to Inspire

Need a little bit of inspiration for that home office that you have

been planning to do for some time now?  If you are thinking of a total redo or just a little bit of primping, there is something here for all kinds of tastes and styles.  So sit back, have a cup of something yummy and take 5 to check out some offices spaces.  If just one little element inspires you…that would make me so very happy.

 With some shelves…baskets and a great desk…the magic begins.
I just think this is brilliant…I thought that I had used every single place in the world for things…but with the exception of a piece of fruit…storage did not come to mind for those deep sills…love this idea.
Mixing and Matching never looked so wonderful…loving the sawhorse legs and the glass top that also provides storage.  A blend of vintage and new and a pop of fresh flowers just makes you want to spend the day here.
All you need is a wall…a desk…a chair and a display of your favorite art or pictures and you havea special spot where paying bills just doesn’t seem as bad.
Something so feminine can also be fabulously professional and efficient!
Here is a space that can double duty…by day a great place to do your computer and paper work and then by night it becomes the perfect place to gather for a meal.  This table was a great choice for a desk because you can utilize the drawer and never have to move your desk items.  Love this look…once again…mix…match and WOW!
Choosing the perfect desk for your needs is so important.  This arrangement works perfect for regular use and for the crafter.
Have you been wanting a special space but simply do not have the room for one?  Well this might be the inspiration that you needed.  A space really could not get much smaller but with some shelves and the right size desk and chair this arrangement has everything you need without taking up any space at all. Hmmmmm…does this one have you thinking???
Maybe you have a wall of shelves in place… add a desk?
Using one that has an open bottom allows for additional seating for meetings and guests.
I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you to truly make the trip over to this office creation by Emily A. Clark…you will enjoy it so very much!
If Shabby oh so Chic is your style…I think you are going to enjoy this one!
Is there a landing space by the stairwell?  It can become a perfect place for you or for the kids to do homework!
You don’t need and entire room…mapping out just a piece of a room is very efficient also.
Each office space should be a place where your personality shines!
If the statement you want to make is bold…DO IT!!!
You own personal space is your chance to let the inner you out…
If you need to share a space…there is always an answer that will make both of you happy!  Art and photography…a great way to express yourself!
No room in the budget for a new desk…maybe add a skirt to an ordinary table or even folding table and you just can create something fabulous!
There are so many options out there…when you are in need of a large surface…think about purchasing a table…one with a drawer is even better.  Also, simple placement just make all the difference in using your space!
In some cases you just might have all the elements you need at your finger tips to create your space.  Take a peek around and with a bit of imagination…transform a small space into something special that says YOU!
There are so many desks out there waiting for you to add your flair!


Maybe it is breakfast at Tiffany’s that you would like.
Something classic?
How about a space that is multi-functional .
A touch of Paris Apartment may be in order.
Maybe a roll top is what you need…
Maybe it is color that you are craving?
 Feeling a little Boho…you can make it happen!
Something simple and modern may be your wish!
So many options…so many styles…one will have your name on it!
Be inspired to make your space your own!
Just to show you how fabulous your space can be…take a peek at what Laura from Top This Top That has created…it is a MUST SEE and I hope you take a trip over to visit this incredible transformation!
She made her office her own and it is AMAZING!
Inspired?  Sure hope so : )
Have a great one and create!



  1. I was loving them all until I got to the last one. THANK YOU for are to sweet to me….but thats okay I like sweet.

  2. lovely inspiration Andrea! I think I pinned half of these!!

  3. Love all these spaces….and I LOVE what Laura has done! She is amazing!

    Have a wonderful and blessed day!

  4. I love them. I pinned a bunch of the spaces for ideas.

  5. So much fabulous inspiration, Andrea! I may need to reclaim the finished basement and carve out an office space all my own!

    🙂 Linda

  6. Great post! This gives me so many decorating ideas.

  7. I was going crazy pinning from your collection in this post. I got a new idea too and thought I’d seen everything. I’m almost ready to redo my space. Yeah! I’ve been “working” on it for years now. Have you ever posted what your creative space looks like?


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