Herb Gardens 30 great Herb Garden Ideas

Well Spring has sprung…the sun is shining…the birds are singing…the sky is blue…do you know what this is a sign of? 
The season is telling you to start your Herb Garden! Herb Gardens are FABULOUS!!!!
Your pasta is crying for fresh basil…that focaccia bread needs it’s rosemary and what dish doesn’t want a touch of some fresh chives!
30 Herb Garden Ideas!

So gather your soil…your seedlings…planters…mason jars…toasters (yes toasters : ) and all the good stuff you will need to create a herbilicious garden that will reward you with sensational seasonings…heavenly aromas and by the way…save you tons at the store…fresh herbs don’t come cheap but they do when you can just snip what you need from your garden.

So here are some ideas for you…doesn’t matter if you are planting inside or out…one of these will inspire you.
The amazing mason jar just seems to have endless uses.  
shows us how to make a wonderful little herb garden that we can have right by the kitchen window…how convenient is that.
apartment therapy always shows us how to make the most of a little...they have the perfect little one pot Herb Garden for you that features basil, thyme and sage.
What do you get when you mix pallets…chalkboard paint…some nails and plants?  You get an AWESOME garden that fits just about any where…what a great addition to your deck and it is even compact enough for a terrace in an apartment. 
Great job Oc’burbs
 Talk about repurposing!  Over at Brooklyn Limestone
they use a good dose of chalkboard paint and transform an old door…a planter and some pots into an amazing herb garden.
Here is something that I personally found adorable and who wouldn’t want a hand made gift like this.  I bet you the kids would jump at the chance to make this for someone special.  A great idea
and execution from 
 It’s an Herb Garden in a gift box!
I’ll let you go check out what’s inside!  
you will be inspired to create a wonderful planter with wine crates.  If you are lucky enough to find these beauties…add a bit of drainage by simply drilling some holes in the bottom…add a bit of gravel and then a thick bed of soil…plant those little seedlings and not only will you have a nice contained herb garden…it will look fabulous!  You can use this idea inside or out.
Here’s an interesting approach…I think that the kids would get a kick out of this project…Home Dzine
plants a vertical garden for pennies…recycling at its finest.
I can hear those ideas rattling in your brain…thinking of all the ways you can decorate this to make it your own…enjoy.
By the way…what a great science project…one that you can use when it comes back home!
A little herbalicious art from Illustrated Bites 
had to share this site…the illustrations are amazing…fresh and fabulous.  Take a visit to this blog…you will so enjoy it…so much to learn and it comes with pictures : )
 The artwork is by Diane Hardison
Leave it to Kari over at Thistlewood farms 
to come up with an herb garden with her special spin on it…
A Living Herb Wreath
 Kari gives you step by step directions to make your own.
should be called…everything you wanted to know about herbs but were afraid to ask!!!
Their premise is…
For the broke college student, the frugal fellow who refuses to pay seven dollars for a garnish, and the artsy individual who wants to decorate in a practical, sustainable manner.
That is what they do…you must take a visit…all of your questions will be answered!
has a unique idea by creating a woolly pocket and then turning it into an herb garden. 
Inside or out…it works
Shelving…horizontal containers…no limit on what can be created right in your own kitchen
Favething gives you the how to.  
Now a little visit to one of my fav places…Design*Sponge 
After the party…they create Bottle Gardens!
This is a must see.
By the way…the whole concept is brilliant.
she shows us a big reason not to throw away those tin cans…repurposing is just so much more fun!  There are some other cool ideas for herb gardens there too...enjoy.
shares some great ideas for your herb garden design…
 Vertical gardens are hot!
along with repurposing just about anything…like old boots!
 more ideas over at home to life.
This window sill herb garden is outstanding…if you have a place for this…you will love it!
 via pinterest
This piece of inspiration just shows us that we can create a garden just about anywhere and mix and match is very fashionable.  Repurpose those old pots…create a hanging garden and so much more.
Leave it to BHG to show some real herbal style…a rosemary topiary…how great is that.  The answer to my focaccia breads prayers!
 A simple line of teacups and herbs…picture perfect
 Love the clean look of all white…but I am sure that a vintage selection of teacups and saucers would look amazing…even if the saucers don’t match the cups…that will give it even more charm!
Over at Country Living…the give you the complete plans for an Herb Garden Box…for those of you that love a challenge…this one’s for you.
If you are looking to add some extra beauty with blooms to your herb garden…then take a trip over to Country Living 
and see all the special herbs that blossom…like
Thai Basil and so much more.
 Art & Appetite give us the inside on Desert Gardening…like I said…you can grow these little ones everywhere.
A great insight on how to plant and what plants do well in different climates.  Very informative.  
This idea is awesome…a strawberry jar turned planter lamp?   Well BHG shows you how. 
Now here is my favorite…it’s just too cool and quirky…what to do with an old toaster that you might have found thrifting or one that has seen better days…plant some herbs in it!
 Never know what is going POP up!
This one is too cute!  Do you have a kitty?  Is catnip and cat grass one of their favorite treats?  Why not take a water bowl and turn it into a planter and have fresh cat herbs available all year round.
has some BIG ideas on how to create an herb garden!  She gives you step by step on this beauty…
An old canister hanging about?  See one at the thrift shop for $.50 but you really didn’t have a use for it?  Why not plant some parsley…why not find a set and plant more…
Plant by the BUSHELS!!!!
shows you how!
 Love this idea…it shows that there is always room somewhere!
So…are you inspired!  Do you have your little shovel and planter all ready to start your new Herb Garden?  Sure hope that one of these great ideas is picture perfect for you.
Vegetable Gardening might be on your list of things to do also so
you might be asking when to plant?
 Here’s a little list from Farming & Agriculture to help you out with that…
and did you know 
 that the following foods regrow…find out more over at
 what a great bit of info for the kids with Earth Day right around the corner!
I will actually be making my herb garden soon…one inside and one out…well the outside focuses on one extremely important herb…BASIL…lots and lots of basil…but more on that and some pesto moments later!
See you tonight for Take 5!




  1. I love this. I have been planting herb and herbs like crazy from seeds but they just haven’t took.:(
    I really like the tea cup idea.

  2. love the rosemary topiary, esp! great post–full of info:)

  3. Great post, love the horizontal one and the canister one.

  4. Gardening is my hobby so these really are awesome ideas to make a indoor garden that may helpful to provide fresh herbs with good look of our home. thanks

  5. I would just like to ask how do I make a rosemary topiary tree?

    Thank you so very muc…

    Love all your wonderful ideas…..

  6. It’s always a good idea to have fresh herbs on hand. Еither for cooking or for cocktails herbs and spices are always useful and so beautiful. I remember my grandmother’s window boxes full of different spices and herbs, not of flowers, and the dishes that tasted so different because of the freshly picked spices. Now it’s my turn to arrange my little kitchen garden. Thank you for the ideas!


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