50+ Ideas for Graduation

Graduation is right around the corner…no matter if it is for Nursery School…Grammar School…High School or College and everything else in between…the time is near!  So here is a random collection of 50+ ideas for Graduation…one just might be what you are looking for! For more Fabulous Food Bar Ideas…click here!

 I have to reiterate…this is RANDOM : )
You know when you see something and you just think it is a brilliant idea…well that is what I thought when I saw this idea!  You can set it up any way you would like…but over at
they give you all kinds of ideas! It is FUN…easy and an inexpensive project that is tasty tasty tasty and who doesn’t love POP CORN!  A Popcorn Bar…Brilliant and a great party feature for any Graduation and for that matter…any gathering!
How about this for a centerpiece or decoration on the big day…quick and easy and really looks fabulous.
Grab yourself some old books…a stamp pad…some stamps and some ribbon and viola!
Check it out over at
has a lot of wonderful ideas…how fabulous does this look and your guests will adore it.
 What party isn’t a bit more fun or festive with SPARKLERS!!!
Once again…a brilliant idea from
Perfect for any age…I just LOVE this picture idea…it is
“picture perfect”
in every way.  String yourself a clothesline and hang up those pictures and create a time line for the Grad…everyone is going to love it.
 Instead of a vegetable platter…why not create a stunning table display with all your favorite veggies!  I have to tell you I saw alot of cylinder glass vases in the Dollar Store the other day…all different sizes…you can snatch them up and create with them on any budget and then put them away for the next event or holiday.  Ok…you can also fill them up with candy : )  This is an inspirational pin that you can run with any way you would like and it is guaranteed to make your friends smile!
They dip in the martini glasses is a brilliant idea!
 Wish I could include a link…but the pin was not good:(
Here’s another BRILLIANT photo idea from
This was for a 30th birthday but it is perfect for the grad.  Hop on over to get more info.
Over at Apartment Therapy…they remind us of the PERFECT
gift for the Grad and that it is…well of course of course…it’s
Dr. Seuss and
Oh, the Places You’ll Go!
Now if you are looking for an idea that will WOW the crowd no matter how big or small…here’s the answer…
If you take a visit over to Smarty has a Party they will give you the how to for Strawberry Shortcake in a glass…Tiramisu Dessert Shooter…Banana Pudding Dessert Shooter…Coconut Cream Pie Dessert Shooter…and Chocolate Kiss Goodnight…simple…fun and FABULOUS…and of course you can make up your own!  One thing for sure…it will be a hit for ALL AGES!
 Another idea is…you can have a dessert party…add some cappuccino and WOW!!!
If you are looking to make a memory have you ever thought of sending off Sky Lanterns in the evening of the graduation?  They are eco safe and a wonderful way to celebrate the special grad on their special day.  I have no affiliation…just think they are wonderful!
A photobooth is the perfect addition to a big party…the kids…any age will love this…memories…memories…memories!!!
Over at
there are many ideas for amazing Graduation Dessert Tables!
Take a peek…I know there is one perfect for your grad!
Over at tinyprints
you will find amazing Graduation Inspiration boards…here are just a few…
You will also find tons of invitation ideas over at tinyprints
that will give you tons of inspiration!
Looking for another decoration that will be a lasting memory? Take a peek at what
has made…how much fun to make and to give!
you will find a GIANT photo wall party…check it out!
has the solution for what to give the grad when in doubt..a
JAR of money is a good thing!
has a simply brilliant idea for a party…this one is fabulous for the younger group of grads…it’s an
Art Gallery Party
and a lasting memory…I can’t tell you how much I LOVE this idea…you have to take a trip over to this amazing blog to see all the pictures and ideas!
everyone at the party gets to create!…and there is just so much more…artistic food…decorations and more! Once again…LOVE IT!
Here’s another great idea to add to the special day…
How adorable are these little milk and cookie shooters!  They are great at the party and how fabulous for a small gathering of little ones graduating to Kindergarten…a perfect little celebration for after the ceremony…you can set it up right at school only I would suggest plastic : )  but who am I kidding…this idea is great for any age and any party…once again Style Me Pretty hits a homerun!
Brilliant for any party…Nursery School to PhD!!!
we all have Dr. Seuss in our hearts!
Add a chalkboard to the picture…hop on over to the
 For an array of Graduation ideas and FREE Graduation Printables…take a peek at
has some incredible ideas for a dessert table including…get this…Chocolate “Diploma” Rolls!!!
Check out all of the incredible ideas here.
 …Chocolate “Diploma” Rolls… : )
Now here is another GREAT dessert idea that will be a hit with ALL ages…a great party activity actually!
Make your Own Banana Pop!
 Another GENIUS idea
Look at this wonderful Cupcake Tower…
shows you how!
Over at
there is a lot of sweetness happening! Idea after idea for
Dessert Bar Delights…here is just a little preview of what kind of wonderful ideas you will find…

and so much more!!! Check it out!
Here is a great way to display a dessert bar or any buffet…this is really a cool idea and what a show stopper!  You can actually do this with your own existing hutch…of course you will have to box up its regular contents…but I think it is worth it!  Just a thought : )
Stop by indulgy for some more cool ideas!
Even MORE Graduation Ideas from
Tip Junkie… and there are tons more…just click and explore!
Over at C.R.A.F.T
creating really awesome Free Things
has a group of 16 Party FoodBars
You are going to love them…I will give you a sneak peek at my favorite one…
 a Root Beer Float Station!
This can be the perfect PARTY answer for the whole party!
You will get tons more ideas so take a trip over!
Food on sticks are a great idea!!!  Over at eHow Spark…they have a lot of Graduation Party Food & Drink Ideas…bet you can find something that is easy and fun for you and your family and friends!
offers some really fabulous party food ideas…how great are these…with a nice sugar cookie…a sweet cream spread and fresh fruit you have a tower of scrumptious fruit tarts that will amaze your family and friends and doubles as a centerpiece!
shares some major
“Candy Bar”
Here is just a little sample…she really has a feast for the eyes!
 Maybe a candy bar in school colors???

Angie over at
has some great ideas for
backyard Graduation Party…it’s tons of fun and you will get a lot of inspiration and ideas…check it out!
Like this yummy Chai Punch…check out their other ideas…they are yummy and fun!
Over at Country Living…they have a great selection of
Gift Ideas for the grad…15 Fabulous and Fun suggestions like this
Chevron Stripe Camera Strap!
Still need some more gift ideas for the Grad?  Well take a trip over to Real Simple
29 Unique Graduation Gift Ideas are waiting for you!
Need a few hints for a High School Graduation…check out this post from ideal Home Garden
 How about some more Graduation Party Recipes like
Lemony Zucchini Bruschetta!  Martha has 57 ideas for you!
Now with this post…it will put us waaaaay over 50 great ideas…almost 100…here is my first
 Post that is filled with more fun and fabulous ideas!  Check these out too…I have a feeling you are going to find something that you like from this selection…I sure hope so!
  I promise…if I find more…I will be back and add them for you!
Hope your Graduation Party is simply AMAZING and sending love and hugs to all the GRADS out there…you ROCK!!!!
See you later for Take 5!!!




  1. Andrea,

    So many, many amazing ideas here! I must share with my sister and niece (who graduates this year!).

    Thanks for the amazing inspiration my friend!

    :) Linda

  2. You know, what you really provide us such great information about food for graduation party. Thanks for with us such great information. I have bookmarked your webpage so that I can know more about it.

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  4. Lots of great ideas for graduation parties from the popcorn bar to the sparklers! Our fans have been loving our graduation party ideas, too. Take a peek at these new graduation decorating ideas: http://www.peartreegreetings.com/blog/2015/03/new-graduation-decorating-ideas/ Thanks for sharing these 50 ideas! -Dani


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