25 Upcycled School Furniture and Card Catalogs It’s SCHOOL TIME!

Lockers and card catalogs are not just things that you see in school any more..they have hit the home decor scene with a big splash. According to Better Home and Gardens it is a trend of 2014 and a great one at that!  I took a little trip to ebay to check out the price on some of the coveted card catalogs as they have basically hit extinction and wow…pretty hefty price tags…so if you see one that says take me…take it…the possibilities are amazing!  Lockers can pop up any where at any time…they are being replaced in schools with new ones and they are a fabulous addition to home decor too!
So let’s study these two fun elements for a bit!
Upcycled Lockers and Card Catalogs…GREAT Home Decor Projects!
Upcycled School Furniture gets an A+
When you take locker triplets…give them a fabulous coat of paint…alter them a bit by removing half of the door…add some of your special touches…you have something wonderful and a real conversation piece!
This card catalog is simply amazing and what an incredible piece of furniture it is!  Get the full DIY and much more over at
What a great idea
 a work table with storage!
What a fabulous paint job…this card catalog is simply amazing and oh the storage…I can have it filled in 2 seconds!
Via pinterest
 Such a great look and oh the power of paint!
This top row of vintage lockershave their original paint job and still look great…add some casters and voila…instant center on wheels!
 Now this beauty is simply sensational with it’s original wood and perfectly aged handles…with the addition of casters that were spray painted black to give a wrought iron look it looks more amazing than ever!  Who wouldn’t want one of these beauties in their home. The Painted Chive
gives us a full diy!
Urban Grace has a pair of lockers that are really awesome…they are being used in her pantry …heads up…take a peek at her kitchen…you are going to LOVE IT!
This Vintage Library Card Catalog gone bedroom dresser
leaves me breathless!  The paint treatment is as dreamy as the day is long and the amount of storage that it supplies is amazing!
I would love one of these in my craft room…oh the problems it would solve : )
Sweet Hot Mess takes a top level of lockers and adds a beautiful over sized wooden top and has an incredible center island/table with great storage.
The pin legs on this beauty are stunning!

Over at House to Home you will find a simply incredible
card cataglog…a vintage show stopper!


 Even a few sets of card catalog drawers creates some magic…this beauty was added to a vintage sewing machine base and it turned into an incredible piece of furniture for any room…any style!
 Paint and the addition of stylish legs transforms this card catalog into s stunning beauty!
 With the right color…lockers are lovely anywhere you place them!
 All gorgeous in it’s natural beauty over at
Blackboard paint just works EVERYWHERE!!!! Coating these vintage beauties with it is a great idea and how appropriate!
 How does the song go…I love you just the way you are!
has a special beauty with this one!
shares the THREE lives of her card catalog…I think number 3 is the winner!
What child’s room is not crying out for a set of lockers…new or old…they work oh so wonderfully as you can see here at
Now this is really clever…you can turn your card catalog into a bar…I don’t think the inventor EVER thought of that when creating this inventive creation!  CHEERS!
With some special typography touches…this is even more fantastic than it was and that is hard to do!
Oh what a great piece this is! Vintage…chippy and FABULOUS!  The addition of vintage globes just highlights its beauty even more.  Seabold Vintage sure rocks the Old School-House look with this one!
Poetic Home shares her card catalog creation which in a word is

Who knew the items that we took for granted every day would become a hot ticket in the world of home decor!   Just shows you that everything can have fresh new life given to it with a bit of love and imagination!

Happy searching!
We will be revisiting this subject matter again! : )






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  2. Superb collections!!! I like this post ..Thanks for sharing…

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