Cinco De Mayo Fabulous Fiesta Foods

Cinco De Mayo is right around the corner! I thought it was a good idea to give you some fun and fabulous fiesta foods to look at so you can get the ingredients and try a few!  There are 50 scrumptious and yummy culinary delights just waiting to be made. Later today I will be posting Margarita Madness!
Cindo De Mayo Fabulous Fiesta Foods!

Here is a random array of Mexican delights…I am sure some of them have you and your families name on them!
Okay…let’s start with some basics!
Homemade Flour Totillas
easy to make and oh so delicious! Use them in a million and one ways.
shows us how!
While you are on this great blog…check out how to make your own taco shells…easy…quick and delicious!
Lavender and Lovage
Shares the Secrete Recipe Clubs
with us…a fabulous basic that you will use day in and day out…it’s easy and great to always have on hand.
 is a must and here is a wonderful recipe for you from
Desiree over at The 36th Avenue
is soooooo delicious…
Celebrating Family
shares a recipe with us that is perfect for vegetarians like me…no lard…but all the taste and none of the fat…I can speak for this blend first hand…try it…it’s scrumptious.  Use it as a side dish…stuff it into a burrito with rice…cheese and veggies…the uses are endless.
How about trying your hand at making your own
Tree Hugger
shares 9 Fiery Recipes!
Malia over at
Yesterday on Tuesday
has another great seasoning for you and it is perfect
for Mexican Food…
it’s easy and fun!
Add a little kiss of sunshine to your food.
they are serving up
FRESH Salsa…3 different ways…all three are yummy yummy…pick one that is perfect for you and your family.
Pineapple Salsa…Tomato Tomatillo Salsa…
Avocado Green Tomato Salsa…YUM!
Oh and here is another basic with some extra yumminess…
from The 36th Avenue
Now…a list of yumminess…there is something waiting for you…
Bon Appetit!
Cookie Monster
Girl Makes Food
(this one is on my list! : )
Oh I could eat a million of these…
created by
girl Versus Dough
How about some
by Utry
This dish is perfect for ANY MEAL!!!!
Oh I could soooooo go for this right now and it is only 5am…never too early for creamy cheesy yummy in my tummy
Thank you
 Amuse your Busche
for this outstanding recipe
Roasted Sweet Potato Tacos
We eat with our eyes also and this is a work of art!
How about some
Tyler Florence has a great recipe
WOW…that is some title but are they FABULOUS…YES!!!!
Jilly Inspired
How about preparing some
…have it on hand if someone drops by and serve it as a treat on the
festive day…the kids will love it.
 Liv life shows us how.
Stuffed Shells are not just Italian…why not make a big tray of these Yummy
Noreen Cooks
It’s a wrap…why not surprise your family and pack them a
 for lunch!
Tali’s Tomatoes
shares this yummy recipe with us
Culinary Adventures in the Kitchen says that there is always time for
Pizza…make mine
30 Minute Meal:
count me in…you had me a 30 minutes : )
Hop on over to
Anggies Kitchen…so many recipes, not enough time.
How about some
I think all hands will go up for this creamy cheesy creation
Quick Dish
a little bit of heaven on a plate
Life and Kitchen
make me and my family Happy
for those of you that are a little hesitant…trust me…it is delicious and yes…so so healthy…oh and did I mention economical?
Thank you Culinary Adventures in the Kitchen
these are just so incredibly delicious…they literally melt in your mouth.  Give them a try…you will be so happy that you did!
MJ’s Kitchen shows you how.
Quick…Easy and Yummy!
Cookin’ Skinny
Healthy. Happy. Life
presents her
Fresh and Fabulous!
Food Fitness presents…
if you have asparagus available to you…make this for yourself and the family…it is wonderful.  Don’t forget…you can mix it up with your favorite bean and a little bit of Queso!
Hot Pot Cooking
Highlights the
Oh soooooo yummy!
How about some
Fine Dining Lovers
How about a touch of sweetness
with these yummy
baked in!
Prepare for a Culinary Delight!
Eats Well With Others
a burst of Summer Flavor!
Love this one…a little bit out of the box and delicious
Sreelu’s Tasty Travels
 There is NO WAY I could share Mexican Recipes without taking a visit to my favorite food site…
The Chubby Vegetairan…let’s start with…
How about some
my answer is YES!!!
(if you have never tried Sweet and Sour Radishes…you should 🙂
Oh and then there is the Chubby Vegetarians
(this chorizo is made with chipotle’s : )
Then there are these
Thank you The Chubby Vegetarians…YOU ROCK!!!
 Buns in my Oven
is serving up
I bet you would love these on your plate.
Can’t go wrong with
The Curvy Carrot
Edible Perspecitive
has something fabulous on the menu…
 How about some refreshing
two peas & their pod
I even serve up some
 here at my blog that I think you will enjoy!
Now here is a treat without the calories…
Skinnytaste presents
It truly is yummy!
you don’t have to ask me twice!
I give this recipe a WOW rating!!!
Three Generations
Muy Bueno
A Couple Cooks
Try these… they are amazing and you can make he ahead of time and pop them into the oven!
A perfect dish from
God Life eats
Veggie Terrain
shares a light and fresh recipe for
Black Bean Tostadas with Corn relish 

Here is a great idea for any night of the week…
Baked Sweet Potato with Black Beans and Salsa
it’s fun…easy…and you can have all the trimmings ready to put on the table and just pop the potatoes (sweet or white) in the oven and you are ready to serve!
A Couple Cooks
sure knows their way around the kitchen.

One more thing…a little touch of sweetness…
Mexican Hot Chocolate Chippers
Never Home Maker


Wow!  There you have today’s menu selection…just some tasty treats you might want to celebrate with on Cinco De Mayo or any day of the week.  There is a ton to choose from and there are so many other amazing recipes out there.  Hope you try one…two…three or more and enjoy with family and friends.

Do you need something to wash all of this yumminess down?
I will be serving up
Margarita Madness

See you later for
Take 5
a busy day here at The Cottage Market.






  1. Yum- like the beans and taco seasoning- nice to have veggie options!

  2. WOW! What a feast!!! I’m going to go through this list and plan my menus for the next three weeks at least!!! There are so many delicious looking Mexican treats here that it’s going to be hard to choose which one to start with. Thanks so much for including my tamales. From the way you described them, it sounds like you’ve made them because they are “melt in your mouth” delicious! 🙂 Thanks for putting this list together. It’s a keeper!

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