Junkin Joe Vintage and Thrifty Finds…Features and a Linky Party…Everyone is WELCOME!

Hi there friends!  It’s time for another episode of Junkin Joe and of course some features and a Linky Party!

I am so sorry…we could not take pictures for the last 2 days because of yucky weather and nothing was working…just no light to work with…so…we are just taking a little look back at some of 

Junkin Joe’s special finds of the year…then we will have some features and Party!
Next week…Junkin Joe will be getting a New Look so stay tuned!
I think this was everyone’s favorite find of the year…this sweet
vintage sewing machine that still works!
This sweet iridescent pink tea set was a very interesting find!
How about this anniversary clock!
Then there was the little smiling Buda! 

This mixology set was an amazing find!
This little cabinet that is half way to a new look was one of my favorites for sure!
This backgammon game was in pristine condition and a great find.
Everyone loved this vintage tin picnic basket filled with crocheted squares!
So “tune” in next week and we will have a new look and new finds to share with you!!!
It’s time to see what everyone has been up to!!!
Let’s start with so 
Kirby found what she is calling a
Wheeled thingy : )
it’s really cool…and has a great story…drop by and knock on her door…tons of fun is happening over at her blog!
Check out the
Candy Kitchen over at
tons of eye candy is waiting for you!

 Holly over at
has some AWESOME
Auction Finds to share with us!
She snatched up these great lockers and more more more! Check it all out…you will enjoy!

shares some cool finds so 
have a glass of orange juice and check them out : )
Look like
Denise…on a whim
has been upcycling again : )
Check out her
Vintage Crate Turned Desktop Paper Organizer!
What to do when your family takes your paint brush away?
has the answer!!!
Let‘s take a moment for a snack!
has baked us a 
Citrus Cake and made a pinapple flower…YUM!
is creating some FABULOUS creations!
Oh Oh Dominoe
is on the agenda today!
You have to go check out her upcycled…refurbished…altered art
dominoe jewelry…they are AWESOME!    
Robin over at 
share a chapter from 
The Kitchen Chronicles!
Tiny Details Matter…
Check out her recycle genius and her no cost upcycle creation!
A Must see!
Lot’s of cool finds over at
Drop by and have a SCOOBY SNACK!!!!
Looks like it is snack time once again!
How about some
Healthy Strawberry and Banana Nut Bread
baked fresh by
is sharing some vintage beauties with us…a MUST SEE!
Ashely from
is serving up a fabulous salad…perfect for this vegetarian girl!
Very Berry Spinach Salad!
YUM and another YUM!!!!
For tons of smiles
take a trip over to 
Come and see this wonderful tea cart upcycled transformation
You are going to love it!!!
shares a great Organized Pantry Makeover with us!

Check out 
and this GIANT WALL art DIY!
Tons of fun!
Let’s join
and her
Roosters and Hens!!!
Nothing makes me happier than to share this beautiful bouquet
with you!
It symbolized the success my wonderful friend 
Melanie is having with her 
own Florist business!
 She is a floral artist extraordinare!
 Check out all of her beautiful creations on
Looks like 
has some incredible finds!
another painted beauty!!!

 The Pin Junkie
has a great
recipe for us…oh I can hear the crunch!!!!
Need a little BLING!!!!
has just what you were looking for!
Check out this DIY for a
Hand Embroidered Bling Necklace!   
is sharing some great ideas for Mother’s Day!
Check them out!!!
Come and see what it is all about!
Open the windows and it is time to smell the beautiful
Springtime Needlework Flowers!
You will find tons of beautiful blooms over at
shared some
Cinco de Mayo FUN!…bookmark for next year…OLE!!!! 
Well there you have it…a bit of flavor from all of our friends here at Junkin Joe!
Now…it’s time to party!
See you later for Take 5!





  1. You certainly do it up right here, Andrea! I love all the featured items. Thanks so much for including my console. I’m also all over that radio under your finds of the year! Wow! Love it!

  2. Hi Andrea! Great Features! Off to check them out! hugs…

  3. You’re such a sweet party hostess Andrea. Joe had some great finds this week, the backgammon set is identical all the way down to the corduroy cover to the one I lost in college … also “lost” sooooo many hours playing that game in lieu of studying … oops 😉 Buried deep in the post I’m sharing this week is my grandma’s vintage 1940’s bistro table, and I’m so happy to have it in my home.

  4. Thank you so much for the feature and for hosting a great party every week!


  5. Hi andrea Thankyou so much for featuring my citrus cake. Have a great weekend and thanks for hosting xxx

  6. Thanks for featuring my dominoes! Looking forward to JJ’s new look. Have a great weekend!

  7. Thanks so much for the feature Andrea!! Hope you have a fabulous day and wonderful weekend!! :) xox Hugs, Holly

  8. i always love your pictures, andrea! thanks for hosting, and have a wonderful weekend!

  9. I love that you featured Joe’s oldies but goodies. My favorites were the sewing machine (that was lust on my part!) and the picnic tin of crochet. I am off to do a little treasure hunting. Thank you for the party!

  10. Thank you Andrea! And, as always, it’s a pleasure partying with you. :)

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