4th of July Red White and Blue Desserts

Summer…Memorial Day…Barbecues…Picnics…Graduations…Parties and The Fourth of July are rapidly approaching! Celebrations are being planned as we speak…do you know what you are making for dessert?   Well here are a few ideas…no matter if you are partying with a group or  your wonderful family…these sweet treats will bring smiles to everyone’s face
So it’s time to wave that Red, White and Blue…aka…
Strawberries, Whipped Cream and Blueberries : ) and some icing
 in between!
Check out this collection of 4th of July Red White and Blue Desserts!

Here is a fun selection of delicious

sweet treats that not only color coordinate with our
Nations Big Day but taste fabulous any time of year!
They are Firecrackers for the tastebuds!
Triple YUM!
kicks off our dessert collections today with a BANG!
Simple yummy ingredients all layered in a Mason Jar…how perfect is this and what a presentation!
By the way…KariAnne just opened a NEW blog…check it out…
by the way…it’s awesome…but isn’t that what you always get from Kari!
Fourth of July Dessert
Oh I do believe that these scrumptious
from BHG
are waiting to be served on that Picnic Table…gorgeous…delicious and easy!
BHG has another tart that would LIGHT the SKIES with its
awesomeness…how great does this look and I am sure the taste is
out of this world!
Who doesn’t love cupcakes?  How about this fabulous little flag ensemble…no cutting  necessary…just pull!
Berry Flag Pull-Apart Cake by
Mini Strawberry Short Cakes
created by Bakers Royale
are absolutely fabulous!
How great do they look and you know what I love…this recipe and technique can be used for so many different creations…it is simple…and fun and WOW does it look great…check it out and tuck the info in your files…you will want to revisit it for other special occasions for sure!
Lauren’s Latest
has a
on the party menu…how incredible does this look and taste????
You will be pleasantly surprised that it is not as complicated as you might think!  Now tell me…how WOW would this look at the party!
Did someone say Trifle?
Well you have my attention!
It even gets better…it’s a healthy version and it looks amazing…that’s because it is a
Skinny Taste creation!  169 calories and you get a scoop of this…pretty awesome right!
I know that there are many of you that can not have gluten in your diet and I don’t want to leave you out…so with one little trip over to one of my favorite cooking blogs…
Yummy Mummy Kitchen
and found this
and it is GLUTEN FREE!!!!
What ever way you slice this pie it is YUMMY YUMMY!!!!
We can’t have a celebration of any kind without
bringing something to the table right!
As always…she doesn’t disappoint
here is her no bake
just makesure you have some nilla wafers in the pantry.
Betty Crocker
has an easy scrumptious 5 star rated dessert that young and older will flip for with NO DOUBT…who doesn’t love a
LOVE this! It’s another go to recipe to change up for any occasion!
How about some Fun Fruit Sticks!
Well drop by
for tons of great ideas…I know you are going to love this one…how great do these
serves up a
 and it sure looks sensational!
(you can also cheat with this one…you can snatch up 3 scrumptious pound cakes at Costco for $6 lol!!!! and no I have NO affiliation with them…but I am just saying…it is JULY…it’s HOT and those pound cakes are yummy…how easy does this recipe now become???
BHG is offering up an EASY PEASY
Quick and Easy
You will be done in a snap!
catch my party
Tons of FUN!
You can’t go wrong with
Cake Pops
Drop by
and get the recipes for these
Red, White & Blue Cake Pops!  What a show stopper!!!!
You can use your own recipe for pops too and just deck them out in the red white and blue!!! These are great for all ages and they look amazing!
If you want to capture the spirit of 76 I think this is the one that will do it…nothing say Americana like a home made baked pie…
Woman’s Day sure shares an incredibly creation here…one that
George Washington would have been proud of!
Well this one is all about the BLUE and White…
be different act normal
has a GREAT idea for
but how cute would these look on the holiday table as fun snacks.
 A dessert collection wouldn’t be complete without a show stopper from
Simply Divine!
Here’s another spin on TRIFLE by
that will light the celebration on fire or at least add a bit of
Well this post can go on forever and ever…but I hope there might be something here that will make your taste buds happy!  I don’t think you can loose with any of them…but remember…if you don’t feel like baking…some fresh fruit and maybe some ice cream would be a perfect end to your delicious meal!




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