25 No-Bake Desserts

Do You LOVE to hear the words NO-Bake?  I know that I do especially when I am in need of a dessert in a hurry.  You are going to love this assortment of scrumptious…delicious and gorgeous No-Bake Desserts.

If you are like me…you don’t love turning that oven on in the Summer…even though the air conditioning is running non-stop…I avoid it when possible.

So what to do when you need a treat…or when company is coming and you want to set a dessert table they will love…or when the kids just want something tasty?  Well here are 25 scrumptious
NO-BAKE Desserts!
That way the kitchen stays cool and everyone will still get the desserts that they dream of!
created a blog birthday cake
and it is awesome!
Buttermilk Pancake Layer-Cake
This is such a great idea and just think of the ways you can put your own spin on it…it’s brilliant!
Laura’s Sweet Spot is serving up a cool and creamy
I can taste it now!
love & olive oil
has captured my heart and taste buds with this sinful
Cafe Chocolada
has made a
that is just layers of pure deliciousness!!!
how gorgeous does this look and I bet it tastes even better!!!
has some yummy
These are looking amazing to me right now!
Bakers Royale
is serving up a tasty combo of flavors…
can you say YUM!!!
has a
for us…blueberries are everywhere right now…I think you owe it to them to make this in their honor : )
Kitchen Confidante
is lining up some gorgeous
how amazing do these look!
cannelle et vanille
tantalizes our taste buds with this unique
Cozy Classy
has something so yummy and get this…it takes 60 seconds and 2 ingredients…do I have your attention!
Lil’ Luna
takes yummy chocolate chip mint ice cream and some other yummies and magically transforms them into
offers us a decadent
frozen delight made with Campari!
Adults Only!
tracey’s culinary adventures
has a little slice of heaven
Toasted Marshmallow Ice Cream
how fabulous do these look!
This one is so exciting…going to try it this weekend…I had fried ice cream a long time ago…always talked about it but didn’t make it…I am going to make this easy peasy recipe and I have a feeling that it is going to have the same taste!
The Galley Gourmet
and a healthy but scrumptious
Another classic from
Kitchen Confidante
These are real beauties!
Oh BE STILL my heart…did someone say
Lady Behind the Curtain
you are my hero!
How about
I think these would be a WINNER with all the kids!
is whipping up some
butterscotch pudding with toffee crumbles!
can you say mmmmmm good!
What’s happening at
Mocha Cream Torte
looking mochalicious!
Mason Jar Crafts ove
has whipped up a
and does it look AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!
The Recipe Critic goes Tropical with this recipe for
Well this beauty is from
so you know it has to be AMAZING!
Do you have 5 minutes and it is true…5 minutes…if you do you will always remember those 5 minutes as well spent when you whip up a batch of this
from the kitchen of
Cafe Fernando
Well there you have it…25 easy no-back desserts…I know that there are a few in there that you must be dying to make your family and friends!
See you tomorrow …I have something fun for you!





  1. …(O:

  2. Oh me oh my….I told myself I was going to be good today and not eat anything FATTENING! Hummmmmmm… way too many yummy PRETTY treats here today…off to bookmark some right now…Thank you! Hugs to you my dear friend. xo

  3. Oh my gosh, Andrea! These are all gorgeous!

  4. Somehow I missed this one — but thank you so much for including my Nutella recipe!!!

    🙂 Linda

  5. The no bake lemon cheesecake bar link doesn’t work 🙁 I would love that recipe, they look delicious.

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