Take Five: Country Cottage French

What is Take 5 you ask…well it is a collection of 5 things that I think you will all enjoy! It can be themed…random…food…crafts…home decor and everything in between. Hopefully you will love them enough to take 5 minutes out of your busy day… relax and enjoy! Today’s it is all about a
little bit of Country Cottage French
Well it happened again my friends…I wanted to explore a little bit of Country Cottage French and I started on
Better Homes and Gardens
and after 2 hours of clicking and searching I got my five on BHG!
I sure hope you have fun taking a peek at these 5 wonderful rooms…all with a Cottage French feel…but totally different from each other.
 Let’s start in this lovely room…it has a little touch of European french Flair…Tapestry chairs with black legs and throw pillows…a burlapeque rug…cushy couch…sheer curtains…cloches, candles, vintage books, greenery and fresh flowers.  I adore the basket filled with random items and the neutral palette will welcome any color under the sun if you want to change things up a little bit.  This room is just incredibly welcoming and filled with decorating inspiration every where you look!  One other little thing that I really enjoy is that the artwork on the mantle is not hung but is leaning ever so slightly…for some reason it just adds such a special touch!


 Black…White and Neutral are 3 of the big elements in a Country Cottage French Kitchen.  This kitchen has it all plus wonderful copper pots…open shelving…farmhouse sink and that floor!
I feel like some brie and wine right about now!
 This kitchen island is fit for the likes of Julia Child and Jacque Pepin!  A beautiful marble top….perfect for preparing marvelous meals… sensational blue china transfer in all shapes…sizes and patterns…there is ever a touch of vintage crockery.  The cabinetry  is an amazing creamy green and then that touch of sparkle with the chandelier…magnifique!
 Oh this is such a cheery kitchen…the only thing it is missing is a Rooster (always seems to be a rooster in a yellow cottage French kitchen : ) Love the cabinets…the open shelving…the stark black counter tops…what wonderful contrast.  The perfect place to prepare a meal…I give it an ooo…la la rating!
The furniture here is classic Country French style…the hardwood floors are amazing…the layers of baskets in the weathered cabinet add such charm and allure. The attention to detail about the room opening.  Then there is the exposed brick which  brings the country side in. A touch of lovely lavender accents the entire room and carried even further with the lavender pillow on the chair at the end of the room…love it!  I am crushing on exposed brick at the moment so this one really caught my eye.
So there we have for this evening my friends…a little bit of
French Flair Inspiration.
See you tomorrow.!!!



  1. I am such a big fan of exposed brick and wood.

  2. What a fun post- I LOVE that first kitchen- xo Diana

  3. I see so many elements that I have incorporated in my home, and I see some that I have never thought of. I am feeling inspired 🙂
    Thanks for sharing.
    Going back for a second and maybe a 3rd peek at them all.
    Happy 4th Andrea.
    Hugs, Gee

  4. I love! I have a few of these rooms pinned. They belong to Donna Talley. She is a stylist for BHG and other mags. I also follow her on Pinterest. Thanks for sharing!

  5. …(O:

  6. Swoon! Great spaces Andrea, I love the last dining space 🙂

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