Take Five: Flea Market Gems to watch for

What is Take 5 you ask…well it is a collection of 5 things that I think you will all enjoy! It can be themed…random…food…crafts…home decor and everything in between. Hopefully you will love them enough to take 5 minutes out of your busy day… relax and enjoy! Today it’s all about
 Flea Market Gems you should watch for!

Are you a Flea Market lover?  Do you love to hit the Good Will shops?  Does your car automatically slow down when it sees a Garage Sale sign?  If you answered yes to any of these questions…I think you will like this post!  There will be many more to follow on this subject…I promise!

This little vignette has been pulled together with many items that you can find at a Flea Market or some other favorite places.  If you see an old distressed window you should probably snatch it up if it is a reasonable price…there are just so many things that you can do with it.  You might find a wicker piece that doesn’t fit your decor exactly…but if it has a low price tag on it…think about the piece in your favorite color…or white?  The power of paint makes a BIG difference and it is a quick…easy…inexpensive way to transform something in a snap!   Ah…vintage books…you simply can’t go wrong…there is always a place for them…simply stacked or tied in a bundle.  A Chair that might look like it is on its last legs at the market…may just need a paint treatment and a new upholstered seat.  If by chance you are lucky enough to find some old trophy’s and hubby asks….what are you going to do with them…just say…they are the perfect vase…or maybe I will make a topiary out of one!  Look at all those goodies at the Flea Market with
upcyling eyes!
Sometimes you will fall upon a vintage architectural piece..think about places in your home that you can use them such as a coat hanger…a headboard …maybe an amazing shelf…you get the picture…they are a FABULOUS FIND….oh the possibilities!
Salt and Pepper Shakers are collectibles to start with…but they take on many other forms…so if you see just one and you love it…snatch it up and create a little floral arrangement in it…it is guaranteed to brighten everyone’s day! They are also fabulous for glitter…a little shake and voila!
Wooden crates…ones that are plain are fabulous…the ones that have vintage advertising on them are over the top fabulous!  They are great items to upcycle or use them just the way they are!  Make an ottoman…attach casters to the bottom so it instantly becomes a storage chest that can be on the move…terrific for toy boxes…incredible in a mud room…holding everyone’s special stuff…one of those Coca Cola crates would be awesome filled with vintage bottles with some fresh blooms scattered about…the list of uses does not end…I sure hope some come your way!
Ok…once again…there are many cool items here…milk glass…tins…corked bottles…vintage furniture and oh those incredible metal ice cream parlor chairs!!!!  They go with EVERYTHING…you will always find a place for them…as is or after you work your personal magic to them!
I just gave you even more excuses to bring home stuff…but come on…all of this stuff is cool!!!!  Justified 100 percent in my book : )
Have fun searching around and even more fun creating and upcycling!



  1. First time here…love it all!! Pinning now!!
    Kelly@ mysoulfulhome.com

  2. love the daisies in the s&p’s! love the crates too, i have a bunch on my wall as shelves 🙂

  3. …(O:

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