a pretty little recipe card anthropologie inspired

When someone asks you for your recipe…do you have to hunt around the house for a recipe card?  Well if your answer is yes…I have something for you today…a pretty little recipe card
that is just waiting to have a scrumptious and delicious dessert or dish scripted upon it…

Aren’t they sweet.
A great way to share your favorite recipes with family and friends. Why not print a stack of them… that way when you need a little gift…just tie a piece of pretty bakers twine around them and they will make someone smile.  It’s really nice if you add a handwritten recipe of your own too…in this digital age sometimes receiving something hand penned is a refreshing treat.
So take out your card stock and print a page of 100.
Hope you enjoy them…they were inspired by anthropolgie’s recipe card that I love.
You will find two 4″X6″ cards on a page
and here is your link to down load your
and a preview…
Here are a few recipes you might like to share…
or maybe my favorite invention…
Take Five will be back tonight…my little doggie Pops was feeling a bit under the weather last night and needed the whole families attention.



  1. Thank you, they are lovely and always needed.

  2. So pretty! x

  3. I have several recipe cards, in my mother’s handwriting. She passed away at age 67 and these cards are my lifeline to her legacy. I can’t under estimate the value of the written word to the next generation. These cards are precious. XOXO

  4. I love the many recipe cards but have a HUGE file…..all in 3 X 5’s. Is there the option for the smaller size (this was more popular in the “olden days”.

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