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Feels like a good day to check out some upcycled creations.  This collection is filled with a vast variety of simply brilliant ideas. You will even find some great upcycle treats for our furry friends! So let’s explore this amazing world and have some more
Upcycled Fun!
What do you do with some old doors and a daybed frame?  Well make a fabulous new upcycled daybed of course.  Get the DIY over at Design Sponge who always has such incredible and fascinating DIY’s to share!
BHG shows us that there is a lot of POWER in the saw horse!
What a great way to add an industrial look into a room…just paint in the color of choice add a top and voila!
Have you been looking for some new creative shelving?
Did you ever consider benches?
How fabulous do they look all stacked up…now this should get your creative juices flowing…I know it has mine spinning!
Oh the wonderful things you can use a headboard for!  Why not add one above a bench …your space will be stylin!
This little project is quick and easy!  You know all of those books that you have collected or snatched up from garage sales and flea markets?  Why not make a few floating shelves out of them…it’s a fabulous touch in any room!
You know when you see a chair for $2 sitting at a flea market and you don’t really need it for anything but it looks cool?  Well chairs are not just for sitting…they can be the base to an amazing poster bed for your pup…I am sure someone would love to curl up in this little beauty for an afternoon nap don’t you!
Bowls! Bowls! Bowls!  They can add a ton of personality and style to your lighting…especially in a kitchen!  Instead of serving your favorite pasta in one…turn it upside down and add bulb…it just might be what you have been looking for.
Speaking of light fixtures…have you ever thought of converting a chicken feeder into a light?  Country Living did and wow…talk about an industrial look for less!  Get the DIY!
 No matter if you find a lampshade at Good Will for $1.00 or you purchase one at Home Goods…you can take it a step further with this Easy No-Sew Ribbon Project over at
Midwest Living.  This is such an easy…inexpensive way to customize the look of your lamp!
Now for those of you that have a beachy or nautical theme happening…did you ever consider and Oar as a curtain rod?
Country Living sure did and it looks fabulous…hmm…I wonder if a hockey stick would work?
If you happen to see a rake at a garage sale…flea market…or in the garage…maybe you should look at it as something other than a tool that helps you collect your leaves or level the soil!  How about a Stemware Holder? 
How adorable is this idea?  If the kids grow out of their little chairs and you want to give them new birth…upcycle them for another member of your family who will love them just as much as the children did but in a different way…ok…not a great idea for low riders like my doxies…but great for the bigger doggies!
This is such a cute idea.  If you happen to have or find a vintage ladle that has seen it’s day scooping soup…give it a new purpose in life…it holds can hold something new now and look fabulous doing it!
Over at The Blissful Bee a kitty has major privacy and Mom has some major style in her kitchen!  Watch how a simple piece of inexpensive furniture gets upcycled into a private place for kitty…this is such an excellent idea!
Here is one elaborate Rabbit House…it is amazing how many different things can be made from an antique chest and I have to admit…this is one that I never thought of! This is one stylin little Bugs…don’t you think!
a brilliant Husband & Wife DIY Team
Takes and vintage Coca-Cola Crate and turns it into an amazing
Dog Bowl Holder!
Ok…now this one is dachshund friendly : )  Now you didn’t think I would forget all the low riders out there did you!
You know how much I love old drawers…here is yet another reason why…so easy…so cool!
When I saw this adorable piece…I had to share it with you.  I am so sorry that I could not find the actually DIY…but if you use a little bit of imagination I think you can do some incredible creating!
has some really wonderful upcycled creations …here is just one and yes…it is another upcycled drawer that will add a little ooo la la to a room for sure!
What to do with an antique stove that doesn’t work but looks amazing?  Use it as a base to a kitchen island!
What an imaginative way to repurpose and upcycle a vintage vice!
made a fabulous bench from by upcycling a crib…awesome!
Get the complete DIY!
Here is a major dose of inspiration from
So if you have some distressed reclaimed wood and you are not sure what to do with it…collect more and build a wall!
Well my friends…this post can go on and on…but we will save some more sensational upcycling ideas for another chapter in our exploration of upcycled creations…so stay tuned!
Have fun and remember to think twice about discarding something and use your imagination when you find something at Good Will or the Flea Market…you just NEVER know what it might turn into!



  1. LOVE all the ideas in the BHG photo! ♥

  2. Wow- Andrea- There are some amazing ideas here. LOVE that little “kitchen”..would be so cute for the littles. And the floating books, etc. Fabulous ideas all the way around- xo Diana

  3. Thanks for sharing all these great recycling ideas. They are amazing!

  4. So many great ideas! Thanks for more inspiration!

  5. I’m pinning your post! So many great ideas in one place! 🙂


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