Outrageous OREO Treats

Time for a little something sweet today and all of treats have one scrumptious common denominator…OREO’s!  Let’s see what is on the menu!

Our parents ate them…we eat them…our kids love them and their kids will adore them and I do believe their legacy will continue on and on.  The big question though is…how do you eat them?  Do you eat them whole?  Do you split them…eat the cream and then the cookie or maybe split them and share??? Inquiring minds want to know.  Here’s a few other ways to use them : )…

They say that we also eat with our eyes…well what I am seeing before me is tasting AMAZING.  Hmmmm…who do you think will enjoy these more…the kids or YOU!
sure knows here way around an oreo!
How about some Oreo Cookies & Cream Spread…check this one out…comes with Mason Jar Gift labels and more!
Aren’t these adorable…the perfect size when you need just a bit of sweetness and a great treat at a kids birthday party…individual servings and how cute do they look!
OREO-Mini Ice Cream Tartlets
Here’s another spin on an OREO brownie by
Smiles are guaranteed if this is on the table tonight after dinner!
Over at Real Simple
OREO’s steal the show in this scrumptious
Ice Cream Cake…I think it would be fabulous at that
Labor Day Picnic which is right around the corner.
STACK them UP!!!
Check this out…
OREO Pancakes
Ok…this is not an every day breakfast…but once and awhile can you imagine your families face at the Sunday breakfast table when you are flipping short and tall stacks of these!!!
Oh that
Chef in Training
is an OREO master…take a peek at these
a little drop of heaven!
is dishing up a layers of yummy goodness with her
OREO and Peanut Butter Layered Baby Lattice Pies…come on…how cute are these.
I have heard about these but I have never experienced any of the deep friend sweet treats out there…but I do have to say these look pretty amazing!
Fried OREO’s
This Cookies & Cream Puppy Chow
is not for the Pup…no way…chocolate is on the NO NO LIST…
but it sure looks like a tasty treat for the humans in the house!
Created by…Your Cup of Cake 
serves up and old favorite with a new twist!
OREO Banana Pudding
How cute are these…little
Tuxedo and Pearls OREO Cookies
How adorable would these look at a bridal shower!!!
brought her A game with this creation.
is serving up some oooey goooey goodness in the form of an
OREO Icebox Cake
with extra goooey fun!
Here is yet another amazing and scrumptious OREO delicacy from
has whipped up some
Mini OREO Cheesecakes
that are looking sooooooooo creamy GOOD!
Speaking of Cheesecake…
has another version…Strawberry Cheesecake with an OREO Crust
 Question?…does the strawberry part make this healthy???
is serving up a layers of fun with this
Who wouldn’t want a slice of this?
Double the Deliciousness with this
Double Decker OREO Cheesecake
is serving up
Cookies and Cream OREO Bark
a great twist that looks like it is filled with crunchy goodness.
Here is one that I really love…it’s classic…makes a great presentation…easy to serve and stays fresh for a nice amount of time (not that it is going to last) plus it freezes perfectly and who doesn’t love Pound Cake?
has created the
OREO Cookie Pound Cake
shares her take on
OREO Truffles
and it looks like they are screaming with chocolate decadence…these have my name all over them.
Now I do believe we need something to wash all of this
deliciousness down don’t you?
How about
OREO Milkshakes & Homemade Chocolate Syrup from
I vote YES!!!
 That’s what is on the OREO Menu today…did you see something that made your tummy growl?  I sure did…my avocado and toast breakfast isn’t going to taste as good this morning  : )
By the way…this is not a sponsored post…it is just for fun! For those of you that have their kids in school all ready…maybe you can whip up one of these for when they come home.  I know they are not an every day treat…but still fun once and awhile!
 If you are still looking for some more dessert yumminess…how about our post on
 Plus a ton more under recipes!



  1. You outdid yourself today. Yummy! Linda @ Wetcreek Blog

  2. Simply Suzannes at Home

    Seriously! My mouth is watering!!
    Can’t wait to try some of these!
    Thanks for sharing,

  3. Crap…now I have to visit the supermarket ASAP!

  4. OMG this list is amazing! Here it is – 1:00AM – and I want OREOs! Just wanted to add a few of my own if that’s ok…. Oreo Cheesecake cake (http://amongtheyoung.com/chocolate-oreo-cheesecake-cake/) and Oreo Pasta (http://amongtheyoung.com/black-white-blog-hop-oreo-pasta/) Thanks for the list! You are delicious! 😀

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